UK Situation Summary #3 – Neil Mackereth on Brexit ‘web’ and call to re-energise prayers

Readers are strongly encouraged to share far and wide this astute overview by Neil Mackereth published below. He’s not only well-versed in Biblical End-times but also one of my first contributors of many articles about the need for Britain to regain its sovereign independence by leaving the Europe’s expanding federation, or Fourth Reich.

A week before submitting his latest, Neil emails me on 2nd April: “Many thanks for the possible May/Merkel collusion bombshell. ‘Tis difficult in these calamitous times to be certain about anything, except our Lord. There is no doubt in my mind that the majority of our MP’s are continuing to pretend that they are working hard to fulfill the will of the people while in reality they are undermining all the principles of democracy…

“I am convinced that God’s hand is controlling the whole revealing process and, as always, His ways are not our ways. I do hope and pray that this is not a Joshua and Caleb moment where the 10 prophets of doom got their way and caused 40 years in the wilderness, rather than immediate entry to the promised land! On balance, I think that is unlikely and pray that we will achieve a clean break.

“Thought this (illustration is) a good summary of the present position:”

Since then, Neil has participated in local prayer meetings whilst drafting and circulating the following and notes “I feel an urgent need to press on with focused, sincere and informed prayer”


The spider’s web of intrigue engulfing Brexit is far greater than most of us appreciate. Keeping abreast of it all is well-nigh impossible: there are political, historical, economic, cultural, sociological, spiritual and nationalistic issues in the melting pot. Even so, for prayer purposes we need to try to understand some of the underlying influences affecting Brexit: what follows is a brief overview:

Under normal political circumstances, MPs often pretend to be at loggerheads, especially when difficult issues need to be addressed and when decisions need to be actioned. Brexit is a bit different. Relatively few in government in the UK and virtually none in the EU (Eurosceptics being the exception) wanted Brexit. However, voters delivered a body blow to the UK “ruling classes” and the result challenges the EU’s undemocratic pursuit of a continent-wide federation. The power and value systems of the EU rely very heavily on German economic strength and ideals. And, as always, “he who pays the piper calls the tune”. Much of the present state in the EU is a result of post WW2 strategy. Konrad Adenauer and others sought ways for German reconciliation and repatriation that would be seen as acceptable and which would also, over time, re-establish German influence and leadership.

Brexit undermines the German dream and is the single most important political event in the history of the EU.  Moreover, it is hugely important to our national heritage.

It also undermines the expansion of modern liberalism and humanism that is an unspoken (well-camouflaged) part of the bedrock of the EU philosophy. Hence the obstructions and obfuscations, the deceit and deviousness that has dogged every step of the Brexit journey. The fear is that Brexit will develop into a continent-wide rejection of Germany’s vision of the future. Dark spiritual forces are marshalled against our nation: intercessors cannot afford a single moment of Brexit fatigue!

Our nation is stronger than various pundits, remainers and our media, would have us believe. There are huge fiscal imbalances within the EU and a massive sovereign debt crisis is on the near horizon. Germany’s ability to buttress and smooth the financial volatility cannot last much longer.

Recent unexpected money market movements actually reveal the EU’s financial instability. The pound strengthened against the euro when Mrs May’s infamous deal was rejected by parliament.

Public opinion appears to be hardening against allowing Brexit to drag on much longer, and a “no-deal” Brexit looks increasingly likely. In the meantime, the FTSE 100 has been outperforming the German stock exchange equivalent. Mervyn King, former head of the Bank of England, said recently that Theresa May’s deal looks like appeasement and the downside fears of a “no-deal” Brexit have been grossly exaggerated. He strongly advocates a hard Brexit and comments that the protestations of impending economic doom are ”fairy stories”. I am sure that the UK market-makers know that a no-deal Brexit is the best outcome, hence the contra-intuitive market movements.

The EU cannot allow a favourable special deal for UK. It has to show others that leaving is bound to incur severe penalties.

Mrs May has not been able to save the deal she was tasked to sell. We are very close to the moment when closet “remainer” MP’s will no longer be able to pretend to be supporting the democratic process while, in reality, they do everything in their power to sabotage the majority will of the people. Inevitably, their revealed contempt for the voting populace will adversely influence democracy.

The EU plan to dismiss the UK but keep us paying through the nose, and bound by EU legislation, is unravelling. On the other hand, if Article 50 were to be revoked we would have to take part in the EU elections in May, which could tip the balance in the EU parliament in favour of the Euroskeptics (sic), ie. against the Merkel-led drive for greater federalisation. In some powerful EU circles increasing Euroskeptic influence will be perceived as much worse than finding a punitive, but acceptable, UK exit deal.

A no-deal Brexit will result in negotiations on a trade agreement to satisfy Article 24 of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT – created well before The Common Market. RB), which would allow trade without any restrictions for up to a year during free-trade negotiation. What is more, many EU countries can ill afford to lose access to British markets.

The failure of the EU project is a real possibility and, as mentioned in an earlier paper could well follow the pattern of the downfall of the former Soviet Union. A number of EU states have suffered long periods of austerity which is fomenting unrest. There is a growing demand for release from the German-inspired fiscal controls which some eurozone countries perceive as being more in German national interests than their own.  The current tensions clearly reveal to member states the limits to the economic power and authority that remains available to them.

Sadly, the UK negotiators have believed the hype of the EU bureaucrats who were, in reality, speaking from weakness rather than the strength they claimed.


I believe we are at a very critical “Joshua and Caleb” moment. God has shown the way but for every 2 no-deal encouragers there are 10 portenders of doom.

I am praising God for the clear signs that His hand has brought us this far. He is shaking and sifting our nation and I am convinced the repositioning and realigning is because He has a special purpose for us in His End-times programme. We must press on: In His will we are assuredly overcomers.

I am praying for a clean break no-deal Brexit. I am praying for all Machiavellian intrigue to be exposed: for light to overcome darkness and for the UK to be set free as a sovereign nation under God. I am praying for a re-establishment of Christian values as part of the democratic decision-making process in our government and parliament.

I am praying for humility, repentance and revival.

[AMEN, and again AMEN]

[Photo Credit: Paul Luckcraft Meet Neil Mackereth, author of ‘SIGNS’]

3 thoughts on “UK Situation Summary #3 – Neil Mackereth on Brexit ‘web’ and call to re-energise prayers

  1. ‘Instead of being pompous with Donald Trump, Theresa May should have taken his many hints on how to negotiate (eg. as ‘ne-plus ultra’ US-Israeli journalist Caroline Glick outlined in 5 lessons at

    ‘Latest is the Guardian’s (even!) coverage of his reaction to her Brexit failings >

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  2. Tony Puccio comments in next post (‘Addendum ‘) about a dream of his last year that I’d noted :

    ‘Will call this a night vision since this occurred whilst I was in bed and not yet back to sleep. What i saw was a huge spiderweb spread out over the country of Europe. In the center was a huge spider. The web upon which it sat was no ordinary web as I saw what I will call electrical pulses passing through each strand of its web. What was interesting is when looking for England I saw that there were strands just dangling and sparking like one would see if a power-line were down. England was not a part of the spider’s web and from the looks of things it had broken free. In the natural an insect, once ensnared, does not break free from the spider’s web but is killed by the spider. I have seen, albeit rarely, an insect escape but with great difficulty. It would seem this is the case with Brexit.’


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