PM Theresa May: the way ahead is blocked…the door is locked (GPS#25.3)

Further to the intriguing ‘chess-pieces’ vision Veronika West had on 12th December upon seeing the PM’s car arrival for her visiting German Chancellor Merkel, Mark Maddock emailed me on the 16th from somewhere in the Middle-East as follows:

‘I’m busy over here in…but still enjoying your regular collating of key words from Jesus into the UK scene.

‘During the amazing last week in politics (from Dec 10, 2018) two incidents caught my attention:

1. Theresa May was in Europe for one of her crucial meetings with a European leader.

Her car pulls up… the official goes to open her door. Nothing. The door is locked; frantic twiddling of various knobs and switches follows… nothing. She’s still hemmed in, unable to get out. After an agonising wait, with the cameras still rolling, the lock is released
and out she comes!

2. Back in Westminster a few days later:  She’s survived the vote of confidence. She’s still like a dog with a bone with her ‘best deal, only deal’ approach continuing. Her cavalcade swoops towards Downing Street but, oh dear, the same problem! Someone’s lost the key… they can’t open the gate for her. Rather than staying still, exposed and at risk, off they whoosh. But, sadly for her, the cameras are rolling there as well to record her embarrassment.

‘What is God saying? I sense the following:

“I’m blocking your way, Mrs May. No matter how hard you try to do the ‘right thing’, because you are dealing with people of an opposing spirit they will not give you the slackening that you need. I have locked the gates ahead of you; I have constrained you into a tight place where you have to lead this nation into a No Deal situation. You have tried your best.

“But because of the spirit over the people you are dealing with, your reasonableness will not be enough to change their hearts. They want to be in control of this process. I am in control and it is My plan that will succeed. The gates are barred ahead of you; I will block your efforts. I am calling this nation into a No Deal with Europe.

“When the way ahead is blocked you should do what your driver did…you drive off and find another way. You don’t sit and wait for a European to open the way for you. You make No Deal with the E.U. and you return to Me as a nation and make your deal with Me.

“Britain… return to me; find the joy of repentance… return to your God who you have rejected.  I will discipline you through the pain of No Deal but, as you return to Me, I will raise you up spiritually to finish the task I called you to millennia ago… and blessing will then flow socially, economically and in other ways.”

I asked Mark for the source of item 2 and he replied:

‘Good practice to always go back to sources for evidence. I’m fairly certain I saw it on Sky News 24 on their International Service. I’ve emailed Sky News if that clip is still available and, if not, if they can post a link on their website. I think it was when she returned from Europe after her unfruitful pleas to EU leaders for reassurances and concessions on December 14th.

‘It’s quite common for the news coverage to be filtered in the UK. When I was in Egypt some years ago I was amazed at how much interesting stuff was in the public domain which we just don’t get at home. The news editors and other senior staff are key people… and who is pulling their strings? Let’s pray for a revival amongst the media!’

NB (RB): the PM has since decided to ignore the EU’s intransigence and to steer the UK towards that other option for getting Britain out of the E.U.!

[Game of Chess by Zole4 is courtesy of]

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