Comes the Hour, Comes the (New) Party — observation from way over the ‘Pond’

Pertinent points on Brexit news received at the top of a power pylon somewhere out in Nebraska!  Also note, the ST’s political editor’s informative interview with Nigel Farage

One of the things I’ve been doing while taking some time off here, has been talking with and encouraging my British friends, as they watch their government and the Westmonster version of the swamp attempt to deprive Britain of nothing less than their sovereignty. It is, truthfully, far more than what prompted our founders to […]

…continued in Comes the Hour, Comes the (New) Party — nebraskaenergyobserver

PS>> Be sure to read next post about how this video fulfills a prophecy.

6 thoughts on “Comes the Hour, Comes the (New) Party — observation from way over the ‘Pond’

  1. Was it on your blog Richard that there was a prophecy quite some time ago where the prophet asked God “how is Brexit going to happen now then?” and they heard God reply “I haven’t finished with Nigel Farage yet” – and that at a time when Mr F had almost disappeared from public life?

    I was having a conversation with my mother at the weekend, and she was saying that she thinks people saying they have heard from God is just some kind of mental illness. Your blog is excellent evidence against that, evidence that she will hopefully be susceptible to if I can convince her to read any of it!

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