Britain, Back to Basics: 1 – cartoon visions of wheels off the nation’s ‘wagon’

“Many a true word is spoken in jest”, so the hoary adage goes. Some months ago we noted how political cartoonists can unwittingly capture the essence of prophetic words. So, let me share two amusing visions that popped up during the first video conference discussing a gathering of UK prophets in Reading next February, as announced here.

Being a blogging Thursday, I was busy on 2nd May and had to munch lunch during the session, thus wanted simply to sit in on the proceedings with little involvement.

Pastor Yinka Oyekan outlined his vision for the event of bringing the Word of the Lord through the voice of the Ekklesia. The apostolic and prophetic would convene together to hear from God for the purpose of speaking his Word into all spheres, including Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, government departments and agencies, education, arts, businesses and churches and other influential spheres. In his new role as VP of the Baptist Union, Yinka would be able to convey this information in an official capacity.

In the light of our very recent history this sounded a most sensible and welcome project, and we were asked for our reactions and thoughts…

BUT I just couldn’t answer because I was watching an open-topped, wooden wagon, not stagecoach of the Old West, careering along as I heard the very popular song of the 1960’s, Three Wheels on My Wagon!!

“Three wheels on my wagon
And I’m still rolling along…
“Two wheels on my wagon
And I’m still rolling along
“One wheel… 
NO wheels on my wagon, so I’m not rolling along!
[Source: LyricFind]


I told the group what I was watching and understand this mental image of a wheel-less wagon represents Britain in its political and social upheaval, which is purely the result of our deliberately breaking the wheels of our Christian faith off every aspect of our lives, society and culture.

THEN I chuckled loudly because I saw the popular (to my generation anyway) cartoon characters Fred Flintstone and his side-kick Barny Rubble suddenly pop up in the back of the wagon with a large, upright stone wheel between them, as though we need to replace our modern, but broken, wooden wheels with our ancestors’ discovery of the wheel – thus, here’s the answer to all our problems!!

This vision’s meaning is quite clear: God is calling Britain ‘back to basics’ – and in unison one of the group said this out aloud with me.

Almost two months later a sister in the Lord receives a much fuller prophetic vision and word on ‘Back to Basics’, which you can read in part 2.

[Later, reading a review of Mrs May’s EU negotiations upon her announcing retirement as PM, I noted the author says ‘the Chequers deal brought the wheels off her wagon’.]

1 thought on “Britain, Back to Basics: 1 – cartoon visions of wheels off the nation’s ‘wagon’

  1. Excellent Richard. Present leadership has pretty well come to a halt. Time for those with real vision and belief to step up. So need Gods hand to bring us back to Him. Blessings, Dave.

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