US presidential election: “Justice is Mine” says the Lord (GPS #52.3)

Whilst writing the previous two posts on prophecies brought by Charlie Shamp in the USA on justice and the law in connection to the presidential election after I was hit by them last night – and then realising they relate to getting America back to its Bible-based foundations – a word heard in Australia by Lana Vawser dropped into my in-tray by way of confirmation – Oh what a ‘God-incidence’!   Just one more example of the Lord’s Global Prophecy Signals!


As I sat this morning with the Lord this morning and seeing the incredible battle that’s taking place over the United States I heard Psalm 2:4 resounding loudly in my spirit:

“He who sits in the heavens laughs, The Lord scoffs at them.” – (NASB)

I then heard the Lord say “JUSTICE IS MINE says the Lord. There is going to be a divine demonstration of the justice of God that is going to be seen in the United States of America. The demonstration of the Lord’s power and His justice to “OVERTURN” is upon the United States of America.

“With My mighty hand, I shall overturn the plans of the wicked”

I then heard the words thundering…

“My people, you are about to see a major demonstration of the POWER OF MY PROPHETIC VOICE in the earth”

I was surrounded by such a strong sense of the voice of God being manifested in the earth like never before and it came in explosive ways. I began to see a united Church that had arisen like never before and they REFUSED to move from the Word of God and what the Lord has spoken and I heard the collection of voices thundering into the United States. The Word of the Lord was shaking the nation and it was thundering upon the land like a hammer.

I then heard the Lord say,

“These are the days of My Majesty. These are the days where I am revealed as the King of Glory. I am stepping in to reveal My Majesty and that I am the One who laughs at the plans of the enemy. When the nations conspire against Me (Psalm 2:1-5) and My ways, I am about to demonstrate My JUSTICE and there will be a major RIPPLE-EFFECT of My JUSTICE in the United States of America. I am BRANDING the United States of America with My JUSTICE. Let the DAYS OF JUSTICE roll on in. Let the days of My DIVINE JUSTICE being manifested ROLL on in THICK and FAST. I am coming! For the words of mere man, the pride and wickedness of man to come against My plan, is going to come tumbling down. The winds of My justice are blowing. I will not only bring justice now in this moment, but also I am moving to overturn ERAS OF INJUSTICE!


As I continued to seek the Lord I heard the Lord say “MY VOICE WINS”.

The sense surrounded me so strongly of other narratives being spoken that are not in line with the narrative of God and what the Lord has spoken, and the invitation upon the Church now to be FEROCIOUS in FAITH and FOCUS upon what the Lord has spoken and the decree of God in the United States.

Again, the words thundered around me:


Isaiah 55:11 surrounded me:
“So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth;it shall not return to me empty,but it shall accomplish that which I purpose,and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.”

“I AM RESTORING THE ROAR TO MY PEOPLE” – within My people I am raising up a ROAR within them of faith and conviction in what I speak and the demonstration of My power that will be seen as My people PARTNER with My VOICE and decree some of the greatest injustices, hidden agendas and evil will be overturned. The overturning will come with great shaking, but My SUDDEN demonstrations of JUSTICE will be seen and seen SWIFTLY! Do not be afraid of the battle, do not be discouraged by the rumbling and the onslaught of the enemy, greater acceleration and increase of the TIDAL WAVE OF MY JUSTICE is being RELEASED into the United States. My people LIFT UP YOUR VOICE and continue to intercede and decree that which I have spoken, for the greatest days of MY JUSTICE PREVAILING and the revealing of My Majesty and that I am the One who sits in the heavens and laughs, have ONLY JUST BEGUN! “

Keep standing and decreeing what HE has spoken. The POWER of the PROPHETIC VOICE of God is about to be seen.

Lana Vawser, 5th November 2020

PS 1. A comment to the previous by Moira Jones reminds me of another connection I’d thought of but not mentioned, is that the active root of the Declaration of Independence is in the arrival of The Mayflower and its band of deeply Christian pilgrims. Moira writes,

“The one thing that came into my mind is “Amazing Grace” My hope and prayers are for a victory for The Lord whose heart is aching for the USA to return to HIM with the Wind of The Spirit to blow across the Nation bringing people back to their Christian Roots. On 11th November it will be 400 years since The Pilgrim Fathers’ ship ‘The Mayflower’ arrived on the shores of America. A New Nation was born and His Name would become known across this “New World.” Dear Lord, please blow the Wind of Your Spirit across the land again.!

PS 2. Maureen Osborne reminds me of 400 years significance in adding to Moira’s:

“I found this on a Christian website. The Bible is clear that God considers 400 years a spiritually significant time period. Whenever God wanted to prepare a nation for His purposes, He took 400 years:

“Abraham, the Father of Jews, Christians, and Muslims, lived 4,000 years ago.
The Israelites were in bondage in Egypt for 400 years (Gen 15:13, Acts 7:6).
The time span for the seven Judges of Israel was roughly 400 years (Judges 1-21).
The “Divided Kingdom” lasted 400 years (1 Kings 12 – 2 Kings 25).
The ministry of the prophets spans roughly 400 years.
There were 400 years of silence from Malachi until Jesus was born.”

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2 thoughts on “US presidential election: “Justice is Mine” says the Lord (GPS #52.3)

  1. Pomarie (evening)
    Praise the Lord, he laughs in the heavens.
    I’ve been getting for a couple of weeks now that the American election would be a cliffhanger. I can’t say I understood that, I thought Trump would win outright.
    The foreign editor in the “herald” NZ here has just used that headline.
    Praise the I AM.

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