A dream about November’s presidential election — Tony Puccio

I had a dream on June 20th. In the dream I saw a huge elephant. The elephant was sitting on a donkey’s lower back so that its hind legs were flattened and its front legs were out in front of it. In the dream the donkey was screaming out in pain but it could not get out […]

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Note: in US politics the Donkey represents Democrats and Elephant is Republicans.

Also: an earthquake hit northern Oklahoma on Saturday night and rattled the entire state, soon after President Trump had addressed his supporters in Tulsa. (Tony Puccio lives in Tucson, Arizona)

3 thoughts on “A dream about November’s presidential election — Tony Puccio

  1. Margaret H comments by email on 23rd June:
    “Thank you very much indeed for sharing Yinka’s word arising from the Reading attack – I knew about Veronika’s word and they complement each other so wonderfully that I’ve no excuse for any wobbles in faith!

    “Thank you also for Tony’s word about the elephant and donkey, which reminded me of the fact that Veronika saw the same thing quite a while ago. I’m pasting in the link.”


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