US Election’s NOT over: 5 – prophetic insights from Veronika West

Many well-known prophets have foretold President Trump having two terms in office. One could easily think they’ve jumped on the bandwagon by repeating one another.

Yet it’s unwise to impugn their integrity because they know they’re directly accountable to the Lord as a prophet. If the recent election clearly shows them to have been wrong then it’s all to easy to claim they’re false prophets in lying about the Lord’s intent. Yet, what the Lord says of their regard for reputation is stressed by Veronika West, as below.

Moreover, we must consider an alternative explanation!  Mere mortals’ ambitions and schemes are attempting to thwart God’s plans and purposes – perhaps unwittingly acting as satan’s stooges in their devising to steal the election from its proper winner by rigging votes!  The Democrats under Obama have a history of falsifying votes cast –  even electronically – read Bill Koenig’s Eye-view from the White House of last Friday.


Click/tap to play video (note: over-rides this window)

Chris Moyler provides this helpful summary:
‘Dear Friends
‘Please do not doubt that President Trump will be reelected. He will, but the Supreme Court will have to give their ruling first.
‘And if any have doubts that the LORD is raising up prophets who are trustworthy and reliable, then I recommend that the record of prophets like dear Veronika West is carefully examined
‘Here, once again, she shares vivid imagery from the LORD, which will greatly settle any doubts, and which will enable us all to continue to stand firm for President Trump’s reelection, in order that JUSTICE might return to the USA, and from there to the world.
‘THE BIRTHRIGHT of the USA is being warned over at this time. And the American people need our loving prayers and declarations.
‘In this post (at minutes)
06:00. A poker game
11.30 A race in a Stadium
17:30 “You may have run the race, but you are disqualified!
26:45 “Veronika, are you worried about your credibility as a prophet?”
27:10. “My prophets should be of NO REPUTATION”
‘A half hour, very passionate and profoundly insightful video
‘WELL WORTH your time!
‘Please, please, do not miss this!!
Chris xx
‘ps please also be sure to reread Veronika’s very powerful word about
and also her word about
‘Both are v insightful indeed, and they quickly calm any doubts in our hearts that the LORD is v firmly in the driving seat in the midst of this turbulence. God bless you all.’

7 thoughts on “US Election’s NOT over: 5 – prophetic insights from Veronika West

  1. Remember we have been praying and reminding the Lord of His promise to heal our land. As we know I begins with ‘if’. ‘If my People….’. I believe we are in the gap between ‘if my people…’ and ‘I will!’.

    Hold on, pray on, don’t give up and don’t let go. As I experienced through a period of caring for a daughter who was not expected to survive. I knew she would because God had promised. The doctors disagreed as it was impossible. I prayed and it got worse. I prayed and it got worse. Until it drove them to drastic surgery that they said was hopeless but they needed to do all they could. Did she die as he doctors predicted? No. Why? Because His people prayed. Did it make any logical sense? No. But. He said to me ‘I know what I am doing and they don’t. They don’t understand Divine logic. She is now at Cambridge studying and totally well!

    In the same way He will defy political and logical sense in he Nations. Once we pray… he has drawn all the poison out….He will!

    Just hold on in the gap between praying and receiving his glorious promises to His people in the US, and everywhere else.

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  2. I am struggling a bit with VW’s claims. It is some time since she prophesied of a royal death and – separately – the demise of Soros. Given the age of the Queen and her husband, and of Soros himself, they were almost “safe” prophesies. Yet …

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  3. I recall times when it seemed impossible that the UK would actually leave the EU but prophetic voices said it was going to happen. The Twists and turns there would be unbelievable if you read it in a book. Prophetic voices saying at this point Trump is going to win the election I can imagine would take some courage to stand up and proclaim.

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