10 years on and freedom of speech is now in handcuffs

The previous post included the opening part of my email dated 10 years ago today, but omitted the following after the reference to nurses forbidden to pray for patients:

‘However, this is just one instance of the growing persecution of believers, principally through a policy supposedly promoting toleration but that’s now a tyrannical tool of intolerance – Equality & Diversity. There are other powers of suppression. Even the previous director of MI5 warns about UK sleep-walking into a police state (“Abject nonsense” responded a government minister who lives on another planet). Rampant lawlessness now exists not only in society but also within legal authorities….’ [emphasis added]

Religio-political blogger Cranmer compares brief videos of the very disturbing difference in treatment meted out by the police to a quiet Christian street preacher and then to an extremely abusive Muslim preacher.

After verbally abusing him the police take away the Christian’s Bible and accuse him of being racist, but are in breach of the law in arresting and handcuffing him! But others do absolutely nothing to the Muslim as he accuses them of racism and he gets away with it!!

In Christophobia: Met Police arrest street preacher and confiscate his Bible we read ‘What is interesting here is not only the arresting officers’ ignorance of the law (unless the street preacher is using “threatening or abusive” language [Public Order Act 1986, Section 5], it is entirely lawful), but the rudeness and unreasonableness of their response. They didn’t de-escalate; they provoked and worsened the situation…

‘Both preachers have a right to freedom of speech, though it may be observed that the Muslim preacher was rather more aggressive (if not threatening) with it. Yet it was the Christian who was arrested for allegedly causing a breach of the peace…’

Cranmer concludes, with emphases mine:

‘The UK Government also has a role and a responsibility to protect the rights of Christians in this country. If a street preacher may no longer proclaim the gospel without being arrested for ‘Islamophobia’ or ‘homophobia’ or causing a breach of the peace, then we no longer have freedom of religion.

‘Well, Christians don’t.’

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