Leisa Ebere: UK Government Prophecy (GPS#25.2)

Lesia writes, ‘Please receive this powerful prophecy the Lord gave me on 15 Dec. 2018. He has His purposes and We as His People must rise up and embrace the entitlement that His Precious Son, Jesus fought and died for. His purposes shall prevail over the Nation of Great Britain, Amen.

“This the hour of derision where the enemy seeks to mock My People,” says the Lord. “Yet, the responsibility of entitlement My People have not taken up, which is necessary to forestall the enemy. Do you not know you are a royal priesthood with the ability to bind kings and princes whilst bringing liberty to the nations?

“Let not matters of government trouble you, for surely your prayers shall ensure a good end. My Will shall prevail despite the fears and anxieties of man. The enemy seeks to divert your attention with the cares of this world. My People must focus on hearing My Voice and moving by My Spirit for surely the trumpet is sounding and the times and seasons are growing short. You must leap past the things that weigh you down.

“Systems of government will come and go, do not strive so much, that your attention is diverted from me. I will be the One that marks time and decides who rises and falls. The fate of Brexit is in My Hands and I say to you that in this hour, the outcome will not be as you suppose. I am bringing forth a mighty carousel of My Spirit, and bringing about a 360 degree change and such things will cause governmental upheaval, which will be necessary in the days ahead. I have planted My People in strategic places,” says the Lord, “and favour shall be their portion. Look to Me in the days ahead; and know that as you stay in a place of cooperation with me, then the Kingdoms of this world shall be the Kingdoms established according to My Will and Purpose,” says the Lord of Hosts.’

For more delivered by Leisa click here. The first prophetic word brought to our attention is God’s Mandate for the Prophetic Profiling of our Nation, followed by the UK Nationwide Circuit Prophecies; the first of which for 2018 promises the Lord will give His prophets “the ability to see clearly My numbers”Fulfilled Prophecy #38 refers!

16 thoughts on “Leisa Ebere: UK Government Prophecy (GPS#25.2)

    • Understand your point, yet the goal (Brexit) lies in same direction. Imho, it relates to the powerfully dynamic ‘fairground carousel’ action required to implement the Lord’s plans and change how we get to His destination for this nation.


        • Alternatively, the better and preferred assumption is to test the prophetic word and expect the Lord to have His sovereign way in this regardless of people’s plans, as conveyed not only in this message but also as witnessed in a personal surgical schedule being unexpectedly rejigged today to align with prayer requests. Hence, watching can be so fascinating…


      • I guess that is something the Spirit will teach people as they enter into the Body of Christ. I was mightily moved by that sermon at Lee-on-Solent about people flocking to God and the Spirit of Holiness coming in power and the old denominational divisions ending. Perhaps part of the visions people will receive will be like what Daniel saw in Daniel 7 and John in Revelation 4 and 20-21.

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        • Must admit Nicholas to being a tad cynical in my reply, which has traditional communions in mind. In fact, nowadays many groups apply gifts of prophecy in prayer, as occasionally covered in this blog. So the next step must be to realise the direct connection with being trained to rule and reign as Kingdom ambassadors – and thus be equipped for Jesus’ return.

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          • Indeed, I often find myself thinking about how little churches preach on the role of the Saints during the Millennium and on the idea of Jesus as King of kings on an actual throne in Jerusalem.

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          • Certainly you may email me. My general recommendation is to read Dr Heiser’s books and materials on his websites, but with this caveat: he is non-committal on eschatology. I understand his intellectual reasons for that, but I don’t share them. I am futurist, pre-millennial, and pre-wrath in my eschatology – which is worth knowing as these points will colour any advice and recommendations I might give.

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          • Many thanks and had a quick search and pleased to find his was one of the sites I once visited as I’d forgotten his name. I don’t worry about anyone’s colouring as the Lord’s eye-view is best perspective on how the picture gets painted. It’s fascinating that His Word is not crystal clear – presumably because He has the last say!

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          • I would definitely agree with that sentiment. No matter who is closest to “orthodoxy” I think we shall all be surprised at the realities of how the end times play out.


          • He’s an acquaintance of mine via the blog I sometimes write for. He used to work as a missionary but has retired now and lives abroad. He comes from a Pentecostal background, if I remember correctly, and is also familiar with Dr Heiser’s work. He’s had personal experience of demons in his missionary work. There’s no reason why you should know him – he isn’t famous – it’s just sometimes I’ve noticed Christians with similar interests can be connected via social media etc.

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