Leisa Ebere: vision of Golden Rods in the shaking-separation-anointing

Leisa emails me Friday, ‘I had a mighty vision from the Lord early this morning. And I believe that now the measuring of people groups.churches, cities and nations is transitioning into a separation of the remnant and the innocent for our own protection. God is truly at work in this hour, to bring His Glory into the Earthly Realm. Please find the vision following.


given to Leisa Ebere at 3am, 15th November 2019

I was praying and a great vision came upon me and an angel appeared before me with so much light emanating from him that I could not see his face. He had a navy blue garment on and seemed to be able to fly through the air, and he took me by the hand and brought me immediately to a city called Mogadishu, Somalia, and the angel took me underneath the city, down some stone steps, and he pointed out that the foundations of the city were not strong, because of the idolatry and witchcraft within it.

He then showed me that the city was about to collapse, and I saw the angel take a long golden rod and he said, “The golden rods mentioned in Revelation 21:15 were meant to measure this city, but now they will be used to divide and support the remnant of the Lord.” He then proceeded to prise some parts of the city away from the main city where children and christians lived, and their parts of the city flew up into the sky, and I knew somehow that they were protected by the heavenly realm. Then I saw the angel lodge several of these golden rods underneath the children and the remnant to uphold them and keep them safe. The angel then took me by the hand again and suddenly we were in Sydney, Australia, and the angel did exactly the same thing with that city, as well. I then asked the angel, “But what about the large charismatic ministry that abides here?” And the angel said simply, “The evils of homosexuality and blasphemy have entered its doors and the innocent must be protected.”

Then I heard a voice from the heavens proclaim, “I am launching strategic winds by My Spirit, and these winds shall be blown upon by My angelic hosts and they shall pinpoint strategic places that will need the anointing that these appointed winds shall carry. For these anointed winds shall carry thousands upon thousands of jars of oil, and they shall burst forth in mighty displays of My Glory, and they shall be time-released to cause people across the nations of the Earth to experience a greater dimension of revelation in their lives. For I am imparting a higher level of knowing upon My Remnant, that will supersede all giftings of prophecy and discernment that has gone on before,” said the Lord, “For the days are growing darker and, as nightfall comes, eyes must be opened to perceive both My truth and My knowledge in the coming days. Blessed are the humble, for they shall see their God in all His might,” said the Lord of Hosts.

Blessings, Leisa Ebere 🙏

Leisa Ebere: prayer alert over warning of LA earthquake

Although not averse to the occasional controversial blog, I’m always wary of ‘doom and gloom’ soothsaying. So I held the following for a couple of days, especially in view of urgent demands upon me – but upon reviewing to acknowledge her, am responding to how Leisa reacted too… 

She writes, ‘I am sending a prophetic vision the Lord has been showing me this last few days, which saddens me greatly, because I spent my childhood growing up in California. But nevertheless, the Lord has instructed me to share it and here it is:


given to Leisa Ebere, November 10-12th, 2019

‘The Lord has been giving me a prophetic vision over several days, warning that a mighty and terrible Earthquake shall be coming upon Los Angeles, California – and IMMINENTLY.  And I saw buildings and bridges crashing down and cars being crushed and people being killed and injured as they were trapped in the rubble, and I saw a large yellow and brown-tinged haze of dust covering the city as some people (the survivors) rose from the city with that same dust upon their faces and clothes. And they were walking towards their appointed places of authority within that city.

Then I heard the Lord say: “My Terrible Shaking Must Come for the Dead to Rise and Heed My Voice. For I Will No Longer Tolerate the Abominations Widespread Across the City of Los Angeles. My Mercy has held back the hands of My Angels, as mentioned in Revelation 7, far too long. Selah, My Heart Grieves For What Must Come, My Child,” says the Lord of Hosts.’

Fulfilled Prophecy #38.1: ‘seeing’ God’s Numbers (2018 onwards)

As a result of lots more insights from brothers and sisters in the Lord upon the ‘Triple Twelve’ significance of the upcoming general election, this is first of three republished blogs posted nearly a year ago (Nov 2018) for reader’s information as an introduction to the next series of postings:

Towards the close of October last year (2017) Leisa Ebere started receiving a series of UK Nationwide Prophetic Circuit Messages, the first of which is for 2018 and for 2019. It begins:

“2018, I will impart to My Prophets the ability to see clearly ‘My Numbers’, such as dates, times and even denominations of money as I loose significant detail and even finance, which will be diverted into the hands and hearts of the men and women, who will use this information and resource to bring about the freedom of the captives of the human race.”

I’d like to share what’s come to my personal attention on the underlined elements of this promise in a few guest posts, with the expectation of further developments.


In 2016 I began a series of overviews on the growing rapprochement between science and scripture and noted a most amazing ‘coincidence’ between my Summer reading and a physicist’s blog on Pure, Breathtaking Mathematical Beauty. Both focused upon ‘The Euler Identity’, and I’d read about how that formula lies hidden within the Hebrew and Greek of the first verses of the first chapters of Genesis and of the Gospel written by John!  Therefore, I blogged on this news in Astonishing Mathematics; the conjunction between Creation, Gospel and Science?

That last post introduced Unlocking The Sign Miracles of John by Jonathan Hill, with a continuation posted last April, soon after having re-blogged Joanne Rolston’s Number 153, Signs & Symbols (in Jonathan’s book) and my more detailed coverage in A Post-Resurrection Miracle as a ‘Mystery’ Now Revealed.

Mulling over this one night, I now realise that this mathematical ‘jewel’ also has its own Hebrew/Greek relationship buried within itself!

In fact, it’s shown within a power to the natural logarithmic growth of all living things, expressed by base ‘e’.

The ‘Euler Identity’ features Greek letter ‘pi’, which is the ratio of all circles’ circumference to diameter, which can be expressed as ‘vulgar fraction’ 22 / 7.

This speaks to me of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and of the Biblically significant number 7

UPDATE (2018): Continue reading

Leisa Ebere: End-days are here but the Lord is raising us like Enoch and Elijah

Leisa emails, “I have been travelling to three separate nations recently releasing the Word of the Lord and I am sensing a New Transformational Anointing is being released upon the People of God, to not only see and understand things within the spirit realm more clearly, but also to be able to use this anointing to Break the Yokes of the enemy upon the Earth.

“These are exciting times we are living in. Please find following the Prophetic Word the Lord gave me early this morning. Bless you, Leisa” 🙏


given to Leisa Ebere on 30th October 2019

I hear the Lord say:

“A day is as a thousand years and the dispensation of the End-days is upon you My People. Cling not to temporal things for such things shall pass away, but My mercy endures forever. The slaughter of the next generation shall be abated, for no longer will infants and young people be sacrificed to idols of pride. I am restoring the lost generations of the last 40 years and the pendulum of the clock is now ticking for those that have taken matters of creation into their own hands. I am causing an Army of Prophetic Seers to rise up and root out those that would defile and destroy that which I have named pure and holy. For the billows of smoke which have arisen due to deceptions caused by Leviathan has been made worse still by the self-idolatry of humankind and their perceived needs. A new ability which will enable sharpness and clarity within spiritual thought lives shall be poured out upon My People and shall cause the great divide between the natural and spiritual realms to be greatly lessened.

“This transformational anointing is being loosed upon the cities and nations of the Earth and shall cause such a likemindedness amongst My People that has never been experienced before, and My people shall understand that it has only come about by the interworkings My Spirit. I declare to you, My People, I am gathering a collective of Spirit-led fire starters who have come out of the frailties of their bodies and natural mindsets to a place far deeper and far richer than they have ever imagined, as My Sovereign hand sweeps all distractions from their midst.

“I am raising up an Enoch and Elijah collective that shall be taken up into the heavenlies and will be able to dispel darkness. Such men I took in such a way, for they like the angels go to and fro, to the 4 corners of the Earth and release the winds of My heavenly forces to block the onslaught of evil that seeks to consume My creation. For I have ordained a path of destiny for My sons and daughters to walk in My Glory, and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against them,” says the Lord of Hosts, “and they shall walk in My Glory and My Might.”

RB Footnote: One of the participants in a lengthy thread at Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival noted a blog of mine referring to this part of PM Johnson’s speech after visiting the Queen “…every corner of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – the awesome foursome – that are incarnated in that red, white and blue flag, who together are so much more than the sum of their parts…”.  That person refers to that number in  posting this image on Fbk:

GPS #41.2: Leisa Ebere – discord within brethren over Brexit

It is especially interesting in the light of what Veronika West was given last night about the map of the UK for intercession, that Leisa Ebere emails me this morning:

“I received this Warning Prophecy from the Lord today, concerning Brexit and the state of our Nation. I believe it is a mighty call to repentance and intercession for the UK. May His Name forever be Glorified.


given to Leisa Ebere on 22nd October 2019

I saw the sovereign hands of God kneading dough and shaping it into the formation of a UK map, and I heard the Lord say,

“The eagerness of My People to be set apart is to their credit, but I am waiting for the dough to prove itself and just as there must be a leavening in bread to cause the yeast to settle and the bread to rise, so also, must such a thing happen within the UK. For the striving to prove points concerning Brexit has caused division in My Body, and a sower of discord amongst the brethren has caused delays. Look to me for My master plan,” says the Lord. “for most assuredly such a thing shall come to pass, but it shall not be as you suppose.”

Then I saw a giant air balloon lifting off the ground and I saw Jesus in the air balloon surveying the city of London and the government buildings and He lifted His hand and it looked as if everything started moving in very slow motion, and I asked the Lord,”What does this mean Lord?”

Then I heard His Voice thunder across the skies and He said: “No man shall dictate the hour of My Choosing for change. For I am the Alpha and the Omega and I hold the keys to unlock the mysteries that hold the nations of the Earth captive.”

Then I saw the air balloon land on top of the houses of Parliament and Jesus floated out of the balloon and He stood on the top of these buildings and He said:

“I am treading on serpents and scorpions for there is an infestation within these houses, and I am asking ‘Where are the intercessors?’ to clear the way before the separation comes. For there must be holiness and unity in My Body before such a thing can be released in these government houses,” declared the Lord. “Heed My Words.”

Image Credits:
  • Digital Globe by Cooldesign, courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net
  • Big Ben and balloon: thank you to unknown photographer

Leisa Ebere: North America’s turning point – Canada

The following from Leisa was received too late for publication last week in view of my long weekend break:

The Lord gave me an amazing vision concerning the nation of Canada today, in which the Lord showed me that North America has reached a real turning point in the Spirit Realm, Hallelujah! God will have His Way…:


given to Leisa Ebere on 17th October 2019

I saw five flags waving on Parliament Hill in Canada and saw dragons flying around the flags, as fire from the dragons’ mouths shot out and they attempted to burn the flags. And I saw Angels holding shields to cause the fire to ricochet and go another direction. I then heard the voice of the Lord thundering down and He said:

“The enemy seeks through the chants and declarations of satanists to darken the light I planted there through the Toronto Blessing. But I shall cause an even greater expansion of that region and across Canada by My Spirit as America, too, is swept up in the Brightness of My Rising.”

Then I saw cities surrounded by darkness and I saw that the darkness was washed away by golden raindrops from heaven, and I saw several large angels guarding the cities of Ottawa and Toronto, as the darkness was washed away and I saw that the angels used their hands to scoop up the golden raindrops and that the raindrops turned into mighty shofars and I heard the Lord say:

“What has been before is nothing compared to what shall be, for the seasons of My mighty power are yet to come,”

And then I saw the angels blow their shofars loudly, and somehow… I knew that they were declaring the true spiritual awakening of North America and that the beginning of the End-time harvest had begun. And then the Lord showed me a waterfall and I saw how the water was spilling out and flooded across the land with golden liquid and then I heard women’s voices singing loudly in the Spirit. Then the Lord said:

“This time man will not try to control the deluge of My Spirit for they shall be swept away and receive a purifying and transforming anointing…where tears and national repentances shall release expansive life changes, as people are renewed by My Spirit.’ And I heard the Lord say, “And as a sign to you, I shall cause the voices of the satanists to be silenced in Ottawa, as a great deception is exposed and an evil leader is deposed.”

Bless you

Leisa Ebere
Torchlighters International Ministry

GPS #39: Serpent-cleansing prophecy – vision of snake on newscaster

Catching up online just before lunchtime, after a morning’s ‘refresh’ at church, I espied on Facebook’s Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival (private group) that a member had not long beforehand remarked on what they’d seen on the TV news:

“I don’t watch much news but happened to have it on no volume and saw a journalist who covers Brexit news (but) as I looked I saw a rattle-snake. I found myself decreeing that this rattle shall fall onto deaf ears. I’m believing a rattle-snake spirit is about that is different, in that the rattle is hypnotic! It seduces and sends out vibrations of fear…”

Consequently, intercessors joined in prayer supporting that member’s subsequent declaration against the demonic.

Next, upon turning to my email in-tray, I found Leisa Ebere had 4 hours earlier written along similar lines!! It is strikingly, directly relevant to the above vision – yet another instance of God’s GPS (Global Prophecy Signals) system:

She writes, ‘The Lord gave me this vision last week, which I believe is very vital; as I believe that God’s great delivering power is going to cause people to be free of oppression and the enemy’s deceptions in the next seasons to come and this will enable the Body of Christ to be strengthened like never before. Hallelujah!


given to Leisa Ebere 4th October 2019

‘The Lord took me into the Sky and I looked down upon many fertile fields and saw before me men and women, who were meant to be soldiers for the Lord, standing with only partial armour on their bodies, and I saw that their breastplate of righteousness and belt of truth were not being worn at all, and then I saw that serpents of deception had crawled inside them and that these serpents were nested within the rib cages of these people affecting their vital organs.

‘I saw that their heart and lungs were particularly affected, as their minds and emotions had been poisoned by these serpents: and that they had lost the ability to breath in the Holy Spirit. These people I knew were Christians patterned after the world, with little or no victory in their lives.

‘And then I saw large numbers of mighty, prophet intercessors clapping their hands and singing high praises to God, and making declarations in loud voices with the divine purpose of driving these serpents out into the open, so that they could be utterly destroyed. Then the nesting of the snakes began unravelling themselves and leaving the people as these infestations were cleared away entirely, and then I heard the Lord say:.

“The habitation of Leviathan amongst My people is coming to an end. For I am gifting My Remnant with a particular ability to drive this affliction away from the elect, so that they will no longer be deprived of My truth and the fullness of My Spirit.

“This empowerment given to Prophetic Intercessors shall impact whole cities as the awakening comes” says the Lord, “and legalism and man’s control and tolerance of evil shall no longer rule and reign in My Body. For I am arraying My People with the full armament of My Habitation, and places like Manchester and Leicester, Lincolnshire, Coventry and Kent; and many cities and nations of the Earth, shall be irrevocably changed by My Spirit during this cleansing,” says the Living God. “For I shall cause My People to be a purified and be made a powerful habitation of My Spirit to abide, as Leviathan no longer is able to enter into their hearts.

“Rise up My Prophets and Apostles and declare War, as the season of deception and infiltration which has kept My People blinded and powerless will be no more,” says the Lord of Hosts.

Leisa Ebere
Torchlighters International Ministry

RB Footnote:

Leisa’s reference to changes taking place during high praise and declarations explains the ‘before and after’ visions I was blessed to perceive of St Mary’s Church, adjoining Bletchley Park, during Saturday’s PRUKR gathering.

3 prophecies in last week September for the UK, nations and USA – GPS #38.3: Leisa Ebere, white stallion & orchestra

Leisa writes, ‘The Lord woke me up at 4:00 am this morning, 29/09/19, and gave me this powerful message for America; as I conversed with Him. And my heart cried out for the land I was born in, though I have lived in the UK for more than 18 years. God let your mercy pour out upon America., Amen.


given to Leisa Ebere 29th September 2019

I received a vision from the Lord concerning America and I saw a horse, a beautiful white stallion, who had gone lame because the rider had carelessly ridden the horse hard over rocky mountains and muddy valleys and harsh deserts; and had not taken care to give its hooves the proper protection they needed.

Then I saw a farrier pounding out metal horseshoes with an anvil and I saw the shoes the horse had been wearing were bent and worn, and I knew the horse had suffered much pain and damage to its hooves and tendons, as a result.  “For My Body have walked in a place of presumption and many of the leaders I have appointed have not sought My advice nor My Presence during their decision making,” said the Lord.

‘But what of President Trump and the Ukrainian dilemma he now finds himself in Lord?’ I asked.

“I appointed him as a maestro in My orchestra,” said the Lord, “but he has left out the wind instruments of My Spirit, and his lack of compassion and carelessness have opened the door for the enemy to come in, despite the magnificent music that has been played for My Kingdom’s advancement, and now the music has stopped and the horse has gone lame.” 

What can be done then Lord? I asked and He answered, “There must be repentance  and a filtering out of pride and hardheartedness; for people are dying in the towns and the cities, as many would rather allow weapons to be taken up, rather than lift their prayers and voices unto me.  My heart is sorrowful,” said the Lord “for a favoured nation has allowed the horse to go lame and now the music has stopped.”

Leisa Ebere, Torchlighters International Ministry

3 prophecies in last week September for the UK, nations and USA – GPS #38.1: Leisa Ebere, demonic manipulation

Early on Wednesday evening 25th September Leisa emailed me on what she’d heard the Lord saying whilst was praying for the UK during that day. I copied it for posting the next day, but in view of other material decided it was better to schedule for Friday for weekend reading. However, very early Friday she asked me to hold publication until she’d written up further insights, all as follows:

Leisa 15-7 Sep19


given to Leisa Ebere during the last week of September 2019

‘The Lord has been waking me up throughout this week (intermittently at night), speaking to me about the Nations of the Earth and the Body of Christ; and I heard the Lord say:

“I am not pleased with this life and death struggle that has arisen between men and women and the UK remaining or leaving the EU, for my heart is for the nations, not just one nation,” said the Lord. “And I am Moving in such a way that a sweeping of my Sovereign Hand shall cause Cleansing and a Great Positioning of the nations of the Earth and the Body of Christ for My Divine Purposes.’ 

‘Then I saw many beautiful women with eloquent voices spewing political rhetoric and their beautiful faces turned into faces of demons with dog-like features, and I heard the Lord say,

“My adversary is using this forum to cause My people to hate each other and separate from My true purposes, which is to bring My Word and My Love to the nations of the Earth. And I say to you that the demonic forces of the enemy are manipulating both sides of this issue, to halt the great commission that I have set before you, My People.

“Understand your divine destinies, My Children, and bring back My faraway sons and daughters and gather the nations of the Earth in My Name,” said the Lord. “And though you cannot see My Sovereign will is at work in this hour across the British Isles, have faith and be comforted that I am in control, My People. And I declare to you that the UK shall be separate; but it shall also still have influence over the nations.”

‘I then asked the Lord, ‘Why are you using ungodly men and women in high political positions to carry out Your will?’ And I heard the Lord say, “Because many men and women in My Kingdom have pharasaical and religious mindsets which are counterproductive to My Will and are, in truth, witchcraft abominations in My sight. For prayers are being prayed without seeking My Will for the Earth and all of its inhabitants. I have come to set the captives free, not to protect the elite. I shall cause the vulnerable chicks to be gathered under My Wings.”

‘The Lord then took me to the book of Zechariah 6 and He said,  “I have released heavenly horses and riders throughout the Earth to release My Power, Revelation, Godly Order and Judgments. And I say to you that, as from the Prophet Zechariah’s time to Nehemiah’s time where four generations came and went, so is the time yet to come for revival harvest to fully occur in the context of this Age. For a great positioning must transpire before the Walls of My Kingdom can be firmly built and for My People to rise up and flourish.”

‘Then I saw that I was suddenly at a meeting of a well-known ministry, and I further saw that the leaders would not let the people attending the meeting take part in any way and that the people could only observe what was happening.  And the leaders were joining hands and walking in a clockwise, circular fashion and I heard the Lord say:

“Many leaders in My Body are trying to control people and they even try to control time to bring about a blockage of My Spirit so that their agendas take precedence.’ 

Then a woman leader approached me in my vision and said to me in a forceful voice:  “Do you not remember that I am meant to Father you, this is the way you should go?” And I saw that this woman was very masculine in all of her ways.

Then I heard the Lord say, “This evil woman, Jezebel, has entered into the politics of nations and into the leadership of many ministries and churches within My Kingdom; but I have released heavenly horses and riders to cast her down and break her power over the Peoples and Nations of the Earth. For My Love for My People is Great and I have decreed that a shaking is coming about to Release transformation and victory into dark places.”

Then the Lord showed me a boat with people on it travelling up a mighty river canal and I saw that at exactly 11am the boat exploded; and I further saw that there were two Christians on the boat.  Then the Lord showed me that one Christian died from the explosion, and one survived; and that the survivor was flung from the boat when the explosion happened into the river and was swimming strongly with the current of the river.

And I heard the Lord say:  “Those that remain after the shaking shall be stronger and more aligned with My Spirit, and these I will entrust to carry out My Will and My Message to the Lost and to the Destitute, in the days ahead, for these are precious in My Sight.’ 

I then asked the Lord: ‘And what of the Christian that was killed, Father God?’  And He said, “My mercy endures forever and such as these cannot endure the hardships of the things to come. and so I will gather them unto Me.”

Leisa Ebere
Torchlighters International Ministry

Note: As with all prophetical material on this blog, please weigh and test the preceding with the Lord and with scripture.

Leisa Ebere: wet and dry reeds and the Holy Spirit

Leisa writes, ‘I believe the Lord is calling us to immerse ourselves in His Spirit in these troubled times, in order for us to overcome the evil one…’


given to Leisa Ebere on 18/09/19

I sat on the side of a body of water and I saw that there were different sized reeds on the shore, some partially in the water and some not.  And I was aware that there was a boat coming into the shore and that the reeds would be crushed by the boat, if it came there.  Yet, the wet reeds I knew would be less displaced then the dry reeds.  And then I heard the Lord say:

“The time of the total Immersion into My Spirit is now upon My people. For damaging intrusions shall cause havoc if the immersion doesn’t occur. For the immersion of yourselves into My Spirit causes protection,  strength to endure and deep revelation from Me, which will be much needed in the days ahead. Why do you walk in the old and dry ways without breakthrough or favour, when you could have power, healing and provision as you align your paths with My Spirit? For most assuredly, I shall not pattern My Ways unto man. But you must learn to pattern your ways after Me; and then you shall have victory in your cities, in your nations and in your families. Declare that this is a new day,” says God, “and light your dark caves with the lanterns of My Spirit, as I cause light to come into your troubled bodies and souls. I am Jehovah Sabaoth, and I shall command My Armies to assist you in this hour.”

Leisa Ebere: The Edge of Revival Prophecy

Since publishing her ‘no-deal’ Brexit revelation (notably significant in registering 212 direct views at the moment), Leisa advised me to revisit Jarrod Cooper’s prophecy, and I recall a prophet’s recent, risky word that’s open for early confirmation of accuracy.  It speaks of a UK-Eire deal by the New Year. Late last night Leisa writes with more:

‘Sorry to add a bit more Richard, but the Lord has been speaking to me for hours tonight and here is more of what He has said:


given to Leisa Ebere 11/09/19

“I stand at the edge of the landscape of many nations and see transformation,” says God. “Hatred and Division shall be no more as the imprint of My Spirit makes an indelible impression upon My Remnant and they forge ahead with My Presence and My Authority and bring My mercy, patience and love across the nations of the Earth. My trumpet is sounding as my armies are being assembled,” says the Lord. “And My ways shall not be scrutinized by Man, as critical eyes and complaining tongues seek to understand things of the Spirit in natural ways. Align your spirits and minds with My Purposes and all will become clear.”

Leisa Ebere: ‘No-deal’ Brexit Revelation

Upon informing Leisa of my publishing the Declaration of Change Prophecy, she replied immediately as follows and, as usual, readers are to weigh personally with the Lord:

‘Thanks Richard, I had a definite revelation from the Lord on 04/09/19 (before the government vote) concerning Boris Johnson and the No Deal Brexit proposition. But as with all political revelations from the Lord, it will seem controversial to some. So please let me know if you don’t feel you wish to publish it?

‘The Lord showed me with some degree of urgency from the Holy Spirit… that the No Deal Brexit orchestrated by Boris Johnson and his followers, is actually a Sanballat manoeuvre and a distraction from the enemy, and that it has been causing confusion and strife within the Body of Christ and the UK.

‘He further showed me, that He will be providing a way for the UK to leave the EU; but that the time is not yet; and that if this is forced through… it will be damaging to the UK.

‘He also showed me a few days later, that there was pressure being exerted upon Boris Johnson to force the No Deal Brexit through, and I sensed these outside sources had a definite agenda. And I saw by the spirit, money being passed under a table.

‘Furthermore, the Lord showed me that His will was for us to follow the Norway Model in order for the UK to separate themselves from the EU. For this will enable us to keep open means of communication to have an influence on trade, communication and indeed travel, as the UK acts as a springboard country for revival across the Nordic and European nations in the future.’

Bless you,
Leisa Ebere
Torchlighters International Ministry

[My reply: Yes this is v. important for I’m only too aware of that confusion in the faithful. I have no problem with being controversial and have been taken to task for it, but I’m a watcher and disseminator. It’s for readers to weigh and discern and, when able, I check which words have proved accurate, or are on course for being fulfilled.]