Upon seeing today’s Sports supplement, Exodus 20.3 sprang straight to mind – ie. 1st of the Ten Commandments the Lord gave to Moses for His people. In my humble opinion it’s the consequence of councils and clergy cursing our cities in closing venues to the Gospel, as foreseen a fortnight ago.

Leisa Ebere: the Fire Boundary Prophecy

Leisa emails last Saturday:

‘The setting apart and protection of God’s people is becoming more and more evident each day, as the Lord readies the earth for a great harvest in the next years ahead.  Please find this powerful vision and prophecy the Lord has given me today:


given to Leisa Ebere on 7th March 2020

‘I saw a writing instrument marking with fire, and I saw it draw a boundary line around God’s people, and those inhabiting His Presence upon Mount Zion.  And I saw there was a special place of fierce heat that they stood, as the smoke drove away all enemy attacks. Then the Lord reminded me of Zechariah 2, and I heard the Lord say

“I am sending angels to all those who inhabit villages without walls, across the nations of the earth, and I will put a wall of fire all around them,” says the Lord, and I will be as Glory in their midst.  For you who have had to live with the daughter of Babylon, and endure hardships because of her, shall sing and rejoice, for I shall dwell in your midst,” says the Lord, “and many nations shall join themselves with Me in this hour. I will reside in your midst and they will know that the Lord of Hosts secures with His power all those that choose holiness and the Spirit Led life.  Be still, all flesh before Me, for I Am stirred from My holy habitation, and I Am stretching forth My arm of transition in this hour, and the four winds of heaven that have spread you this way and that, throughout the earth, shall now begin to release a roll-call, as the glorious saints stand up and are empowered by My Spirit to bring in a harvest.”

Blessings, Leisa Ebere

Leisa Ebere: the Splintering Fence Prophecy

Smoke, clouds and the Hand of God over Brazil (click for link)

In processing this week’s material I’d slotted two words from Leisa for publication this week but she asked that on the dream of fireflies of pestilence be given precedence in view of its urgency. The first of those arrived as I was closing for a very long weekend Last Friday Leisa writes,

‘Father God, has been sharing with me a lot lately, about how people are trapped by their own mindsets due to erroneous teaching and lack of knowledge of the Lord’s true nature and good will towards mankind, and He gave me this Vision and Word last night. Please share it with your readers.


given to Leisa Ebere, 6th March 2020

‘I saw a large hand come down from heaven and crash down upon a fence, and I saw it split asunder.  And I saw it splinter and some of the splinters and flying debris hit some of the people who were watching things happen, but they refused to move, as they felt their duty was only to watch and endure the pain.  Then I heard the Lord say,

“I have not called them to endure the pain but to overcome it. For I am breaking down walls to help them, not to hurt them. If My People only took the Time to Know Me, they would realise every good and perfect thing comes from above. I will awaken them from slumber and deliver them from a bitterness against Me, that has brought them no comfort. The burden is not theirs to carry and so, I will remove it from their shoulders. This deception is being exposed by My Spirit and will be dealt with, as these poisonous darts of the enemy are removed from the hearts of men. And so, I shall cause tender shoots to come up green and lush, through the rough hewn stones,” said the Lord of Hosts.’

Leisa Ebere: global preparation-time

Again we consider the imminent manifestation of the harvest of the wheat and tares, with its direct relevance to my calling to write on End-times (as herein), as well as our taking a Stand upon the Rock of Christ emerging in Britain (2004 open vision).  Revival? Not yet!

As for all prophetical postings, this is to be weighed with the Lord and against His Word.

Leisa’s email arrived soon after booting up my pc today, and wherein she writes:  ‘Early this morning, the Lord gave me clarification in regards to the international issues that are presently challenging the Earth, and I wanted to share His Words with you and the readers:


given to Leisa Ebere on 27/02/20

“Pride goes before destruction,” says the Lord, “and I am allowing a scattering of seeds of disease and calamity to come upon the proud and the haughty, across the nations of the earth who torment and scoff at the innocent and those that call upon My Name. For my Sovereign Hand shall bring protection to My Faithful Ones, and shall block the actions of the evil one as I sweep many of this wicked generation away in this next season. For the 2020’s shall not be a global outpouring of My Spirit, as many suppose, but rather a clearing out of evil and a making room for the positioning of My Remnant, with lightening bursts of My Spirit reflecting My Power released to those who want to serve me with their whole hearts. I am sifting the wheat from the chaff,” says the Lord, “and it is time to stand up and be counted in these last days, and become ready for the harvest. I have released angels with mighty sickles and they are digging deep into the Earth. For the time of preparation is at hand,” says The Lord of Hosts. “Heed My Voice!”

Blessings, Leisa Ebere

Torchlighters International Ministry

Leisa Ebere: the rushing tide of the Holy Spirit

On Saturday Leisa emails, “I received a very encouraging Word from the Lord today about the ‘Rushing Tide of God’s Spirit,’ and Praise Him, He is on the Move!  Here it is:


given to Leisa Ebere on 22/02/20

“Wait for Me,” declares the Lord, “and I shall recover the plunder that the enemy has stolen and kept hidden for so long.  For a gathering of the nations and an assembling of kingdoms is at hand, as I form and shape battalions of mighty men and women for My Glory. And surely I will not be mocked, as My Indignation is poured out upon those that oppose Me and My Plans.  And My Prophets shall have pure speech, as they declare My plans and strategies with pure motives. 

“Yes,” says the Lord, “a humble people submitted to My Purposes, not their own, shall be the only ones moving in deep revelation and My mighty glorious power.  Others will be counterfeits and only shadows of what their destinies were meant to be,” says the Lord. “I Am, even now, raising up those profiled and prepared by My Spirit. Be not afraid, People of God, for neither cultures, nor kingdoms, nor fame nor fortunes, will change the rushing tide of My Spirit.  For the harvest is coming and My Sons and Daughters shall be victorious!”

Blessings, Leisa Ebere

Leisa Ebere: a vision of dry bones rising

Leisa emails me yesterday, ‘The Lord took me into a powerful vision in the early hours of the morning, which speaks about His discontent with those who are not living in the fullness of His Spirit. His heart’s desire is that we rise up and embrace the Glory, Power and Grace that His Precious Son, Jesus, died for, so that we can live victorious lives. Here it is:


given to Leisa Ebere on 18th February 2020

‘The Lord took me into a vision, to a very desolate place, and it was extremely quiet there, as if it had been forgotten and forsaken entirely. And then as I looked in the distance I saw the valley of the dry bones, as is spoken of in Ezekiel 37, and I saw that there were snake pits throughout the valley and that certain bones were being blown into the snake pits over and over again. Then I heard the Lord say,

“Those who will not rise when My Prophets extend Words from My Throne Room shall fall into deeper deception. But those who rise and walk towards the Brightness of My Rising shall be connected and empowered for a glorious purpose.”

‘Then I saw an angel fly with what looked like weights and measures and that he had positioned himself on a high hill above the valley, and I saw there was a legion of angels standing with him and some were blowing shofars and others were singing in a mighty assembly on that hill. Then the Lord proclaimed in a loud thunderous voice,

“The gathering of My People shall not be stopped by Unbelief or Deceptions. For the testimony of humanism and traditions of men shall pass away and be labelled as foolishness, as My Sovereign hand moves upon the Nations of the earth. For My Glory shall be released to free the captives and to protect the innocent and My forbearance of this present Age is coming to end,” said the Lord of Hosts.’


Leisa Ebere,

Leisa Ebere: Whirlwinds of the Spirit

Leisa emails me today, ‘The Lord is at work preparing His Bride for His purposes, as His Glory stands knocking at our doors. Please find below, the powerful Word the Lord gave me early this morning:


given to Leisa Ebere on 13th February 2020

“In the next five years ‘Whirlwinds of My Spirit’ shall touch down and cause nations and whole people-groups to experience holiness and power in such a life-changing way, that eternal heavenly portals will be established, as heaven relates to earth in a deep and favourable dimension, not previously known or understood by mankind. A new vernacular of heavenly revelation and understanding will abide within My People, as My true and humble apostles and prophets arise to raise up a people ready and willing to walk into the fires of revival, casting off all fears as they go. For though I am already releasing supernatural signs and wonders to begin wedging open the doors of true harvest, a transitioning must occur first so that My People can access higher revelation and understanding and My Power. Press into Me with all humility,” says the Lord, “for My Glory stands at your doors knocking, and yea, you must unlock the door and stand with expectancy and courage, as this current season of night turns into day.”

Prophecies for Scotland: 3 – Scotland arise, your time has come!

Leisa emailed last night that ‘The last two days I have been shown visions of Scotland on fire with Revival fires and this is what the Lord spoke to me last night:


given to Leisa Ebere on 10th February 2020

‘I heard the Lord say, “I am stirring up fires of My Spirit in strategic places throughout Scotland. And I have heard the heart cries of intercessors in Peterhead,” says the Lord, “and so My Sovereign Hand shall choose bulwarks which shall stand as defensive walls around those that are hungry for the fires of revival in that place. And though spilled blood upon the ground of that land has long caused it to be as an orphan and outcast under a curse, I am in this present day gathering her to Myself, so that she will weep no more. Yea, and I shall raise up one from the house of Fargus that shall have My mark upon their breastplate, and this one shall raise the battle cry, as an awakening causes a harvest and breaks the curse of the enemy. Yea, I say to you, Scotland your time has come!”, says the Living God, “and the armies of the Lord are ready for your battle cry.”

This was soon followed by, ‘I researched the House of Fargus after the Lord gave me the Vision and Word, and found that King David and King Fergus who lived in the 1100s and who were forefathers of the House of Fargus were great patrons and revivalists of the Christian faith of that day in Scotland, and now the Lord spoke to me, He is raising up another leader from that family line to lead in the revival fires there for the future. God remembers the faithful and will bless our family lines as we are obedient to Him. Hallelujah!’

Blessings, Leisa

For previous prophecies on Scotland click here

Leisa Ebere: a vision concerning coronavirus

Leisa emails me yesterday: ‘The Lord took me into an open vision and has shown me specifically what has been happening concerning the Coronavirus in China.  It is a sobering vision, but also gives us hope that His Sovereign Will is at work.  Praise God!  Here is the vision below:


‘The Lord took me into an open vision and I found myself looking down at a map of China, and I saw a hand from the heavenly realm draw a trajectory from Wuhan to Nanjing, and then to Taiwan, and I saw a cheribim with four wings carrying looked like powder, as black as coal dust, and fly across these regions and sprinkle the black dust over them. Then I saw the Lord place a plumb-line into the ground of these regions of China and Taiwan, and I knew somehow that this was the carrying out of Amos 7:7-8. And then the Lord spoke in a clear voice and said:

“I have allowed the enemy by divine legal right to clear out the abominations that are being carried out by evil people through practices of black magic and entrapments of the innocent. For they shall no longer be allowed to release evil in this way, as I am stirring up these places to rise up and embrace harvest as My Sovereign Hand brings cleansing and a New Day by My Spirit. But be assured My People, that My Remnant will be preserved and prosper, as these lands transition from defilement to ‘holiness and righteousness’. Yea, My Sovereign Will is at work,” said the Lord of Hosts.’

Bless You, Leisa Ebere

Leisa Ebere: The Time of Separation is at hand

Leisa emails yesterday afternoon; ‘Here is the Word the Lord gave me today in an Open Vision. God is calling His People, who have a heart to hear…’ (Formatting added.)  As for the numbers, my footnote refers:


given to Leisa Ebere on 02/02/20

The Lord took me into an open vision and I saw fighter jet planes touch down outside many nations around the earth, and they were landing beside the entrances of churches stuck in the traditions of men. And then I saw soldiers, both men and women, running out of the churches and they were shouting: “We have orders to disembark from these places, from the Lord God Almighty!”

Then I saw people on stretchers being carried out to the plane and I heard one soldier say: “Not even one of our wounded shall be left behind, for they shall be restored from the fiery darts of religion and unbelief.”

Then I looked, and the jet planes shut their doors and took off into the sky… and there was a jet-stream of fire that trailed across the sky from each fighter plane, which made a huge impact, as the fire rained down from the heavenly realm and caused great upheaval upon the earth. And I saw a separation of mankind, good and evil, was being loosed upon the earth and I saw the time-frame of 32 months. I also somehow knew that the navigators of the jet planes were prophets, as they determined the destinations of each plane by listening to the Lord’s Direction. After that, I heard a trumpet sound and an Angel declared:

“The season of separation is at hand, for time and the voice of the Most High God shall take on new dimensions as the People of God rise up to proclaim their destiny. Lo, let the Body of Christ Awake and hear the Word of the Lord!”


Leisa Ebere

  1. Again we have yesterday’s date 02.02.2020 which Eli Villanueva in Texas notes on my personal Facebook, ‘It was also the 33rd day, leaving 333 more days left in the year (someone posted)’. I replied, ‘It relates to what I’m learning from Jonathan Hill’s book ‘Unlocking The Biblical Watch’ on that ‘high’ number’s holy meaning of ‘living witness’!
  2. 32 months takes us to 02.10.2022, which brings another instance of my personal numbers. That is, ignoring zeros as they’re of no value (‘no-thing’), my childhood home address 212 (which featured in and later validated my encounter with the Lord in Sept ‘89) a week before my birthday on 22nd.

Leisa Ebere: White horse dispatch prophecy

Leisa’s email of last night reads: ‘I had been seeing the face of a shaggy, white horse for two nights in my dreams, then the Lord took me into an open vision and showed me what He is doing in this hour. Wow and Hallelujah!


given to Leisa Ebere on 28th January 2020

I saw a white horse with tufts of hair all over it, and I knew that it had been in the wild a very long time and that this horse knew how to survive. Then I saw the horse rounding up his herd, even though several dark demons were trying to oppose him as much as possible. The horse was not beautiful, but I saw that he was protective and faithful towards those that had been entrusted to his care, and then suddenly I saw the horse and his herd stampede towards the demons and chase them away. After that, I heard the Lord say:

“I am raising up ordinary people and giving them extraordinary abilities, and these I am dispatching with specific missions to stir up My body to clear out the blockage that currently stands in the way of My People walking into their destiny. These anointed ones shall be free of all religious mindsets and be fast and efficient as My Words and My Power flows out from their mouths and their fingertips. These are My rapid-fire prophets that I am launching initially into Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK, and then into the uttermost parts of the earth. And the hands of time shall be expedited as a result of their influence. I am Moving amongst My People,” says the Lord, “and releasing My Power. Get ready for upheaval and get ready for change!”

Leisa Ebere: the UK’s four years of transition

‘Dear Richard, This is a dream about the UK the Lord gave me over the weekend. The Lord showed me that the UK is in tremendous transition and that we need to be declaring and praying for the next four years, so that the Prophetic horseman can emerge, and ride across the nation, and rally the people to rise up and take their positions of authority, so that the UK can fulfill its God-given destiny!


given to Leisa Ebere on 18th January 2020

‘I had a dream and I was standing on the stone steps of the fortress of the Lord, and I looked a far distance and saw an iced-over body of water, and I saw that the UK was trapped under the ice. Then Jesus walked out of the door of the fortress and He took my hand, and I said to Him, “Jesus, can you not free the UK from that dark, cold place?” He then looked at me with compassion in His eyes, and said:

“Dear daughter of Zion, we must wait for spring before the ice can thaw, for it is not yet time for the bringing forth of that nation.”

‘We then walked closer to the iced-over body of water, hand in hand, and I was able to see that there were cracks in the ice and that fisherman were sitting and fishing through holes in the ice, and that some were able to catch some fish from the ice holes there. And then Jesus said:

“Be not distressed little one, for there are men and women of our Kingdom who are able to bring those struggling in that dark place to safety, despite the harsh conditions. And four years of transition shall come to pass by My Spirit and will impact the government of the UK, before fire will start to melt the ice and this nation starts to rise to assume its God-given destiny. And nations directly connected to the UK will also be reached from underneath the ice,” said the Lord. “Angelic hosts, who are my faithful watchers work with appointed saints during this time to keep these nations alive, My Child. The mighty voices of those chosen, will need to be heard these four years as prophetic messengers on fast horses emerge from the ice and rally My People to come into My Presence without hindrance. Then, there shall be a shaping of the nation of the UK, as a transitional apostolic positioning takes place,” declared the Lord.

Bless you,

Leisa Ebere, Torchlighters International Ministry