Leisa Ebere: the UK’s four years of transition

‘Dear Richard, This is a dream about the UK the Lord gave me over the weekend. The Lord showed me that the UK is in tremendous transition and that we need to be declaring and praying for the next four years, so that the Prophetic horseman can emerge, and ride across the nation, and rally the people to rise up and take their positions of authority, so that the UK can fulfill its God-given destiny!


given to Leisa Ebere on 18th January 2020

‘I had a dream and I was standing on the stone steps of the fortress of the Lord, and I looked a far distance and saw an iced-over body of water, and I saw that the UK was trapped under the ice. Then Jesus walked out of the door of the fortress and He took my hand, and I said to Him, “Jesus, can you not free the UK from that dark, cold place?” He then looked at me with compassion in His eyes, and said:

“Dear daughter of Zion, we must wait for spring before the ice can thaw, for it is not yet time for the bringing forth of that nation.”

‘We then walked closer to the iced-over body of water, hand in hand, and I was able to see that there were cracks in the ice and that fisherman were sitting and fishing through holes in the ice, and that some were able to catch some fish from the ice holes there. And then Jesus said:

“Be not distressed little one, for there are men and women of our Kingdom who are able to bring those struggling in that dark place to safety, despite the harsh conditions. And four years of transition shall come to pass by My Spirit and will impact the government of the UK, before fire will start to melt the ice and this nation starts to rise to assume its God-given destiny. And nations directly connected to the UK will also be reached from underneath the ice,” said the Lord. “Angelic hosts, who are my faithful watchers work with appointed saints during this time to keep these nations alive, My Child. The mighty voices of those chosen, will need to be heard these four years as prophetic messengers on fast horses emerge from the ice and rally My People to come into My Presence without hindrance. Then, there shall be a shaping of the nation of the UK, as a transitional apostolic positioning takes place,” declared the Lord.

Bless you,

Leisa Ebere, Torchlighters International Ministry

Leisa Ebere: an anointing for prophetic code-breaking

Those who are familiar with this blog and my awareness of and occasional reporting on biblical numbers and codes will appreciate this email of Friday from Leisa. She writes,

‘The Lord has shown me that He is raising up Prophets with mighty seer anointings to unlock mysteries, as revealed by the power of the Holy Spirit from the Heavenly Realm, and here is the Word He gave me:


given to Leisa Ebere, 13th January 2020

‘I had a dream and the Lord took me back in time, to the year 1948, and He showed me a man called, William Branham. And I asked the Lord, “What are you showing me about this man, Lord?” And He said:

“I used this man to help to lead people into a new depth of understanding for healing, deliverance and restoration: which caused a new architectural design to be released into My Kingdom upon the Earth, and the minds of My sons and daughters were renewed as a ‘Latter Rain Movement’ was released across America.”

‘And then the Lord showed me a room full of telephone operators, connecting party lines through different parts of the country in many nations: as happened back in the post World War 2 era. Then I heard the Lord say:

“I am about to release another great move of My Spirit, where hearts and minds will be illuminated by My truth. But there is a ‘disconnect’ to the things of My Spirit at this present time as people want to come into My Presence; yet they are trying to bring in watchers, listeners and influences of the world with them through an inclusion of party line influences, which I cannot permit. These man-pleasers wish to keep the peace by agreeing with sin, and this compromise brings in the legal right of the enemy to block their destiny. Voices from these party lines both curse and distract My people from standing in their places of authority, My Daughter. But fear not,” said the Lord, “For I am bringing in a new supernatural data protection anointing by My Spirit, and My Words shall be encrypted, as My Prophetic peoples around the Earth are then called by My mandate to be My prophetic ‘Code Breakers.’ For the spoilers sent from the enemy shall rush around in confusion as a new day is birthed,” said the Lord, ‘And I shall release a power of the Prophetic like none that has ever been known before.”

Leisa Ebere, Torchlighters International Ministry

RB Note:

Interesting that the Lord took Leisa back to the time of my first year and showing her a preacher whom many misunderstood and accused of promoting ‘New Age’ ideas!  Yet I recall renowned prophet Bobby Conner telling about a vision in which he was shocked to see William Branham alongside the Lord Jesus. Bobby protested about his presence but the Lord rebuked Bobby by saying, “He’s My faithful servant!”

Also, having repented of, laid down and died to my ‘old-life’ then it is for the Lord to use and resurrect if He desires what I’ve forgotten. One of those aspects was a fascination with the history of ciphers and codes, as outlined in my personal Bio.

Leisa Ebere: Nigeria-Medusa prophecy

Leisa emails, ‘The Lord gave me a vision and I saw in detail by the Spirit, what is happening to Nigeria and what the Lord wants amended in the next three years, in order for Nigeria to be righteous before God, and for it to be in a place of blessing:

given to Leisa Ebere on 7th January 2020

I was praying for Nigeria one day, and the Lord took me into a huge panoramic vision, and I saw the head of Medusa, the Greek goddess, which seemed quite strange to me, as I had never had this type of vision before.  Medusa in Greek mythology is a monster, a Gorgon, generally described as a winged human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair, and those who gazed upon her face would turn to stone.  And then the Lord started speaking to me as to why He was likening Nigeria to Medusa and said:

“The eight snakes upon the head of Medusa are representations of the many abominations that Nigeria is committing, that are causing that nation to remain under a national generational curse.”  He went onto explain: “The abominations are: Greed, Covetousness, Pride, Witchcraft, Sexual Perversion, Murder, Idolatry, and Deception.” 

He further said that many Nigerians in the Body of Christ are offensive to Him, as they are lying in a bed with sorcery and false gods; and mixing the profane with the holy, and that also, due to a lust for power and the ungodly mindsets of many of the so-called men and women of God there, that persecution is happening to many people, who are being accused of being involved in witchcraft or in having demons, and that they are physically attacking and ostracising or even killing these accused people, which is highly offensive in the courts of heaven, and is causing terrible judgements to be rendered upon that country.  One of which is the terrible murders and kidnappings of innocent Christians happening at the hands of the terrorist group, Boko Haram.

The last thing that the Lord said, is that He is giving Nigeria a three-year window to repent and correct these actions; and then the judgement will be lifted, if they come into a place of obedience and repentance before Him.

Leisa Ebere, Torchlighters International Ministry


Leisa Ebere: Britain’s repentance needed to free Hong Kong into its destiny


given to Leisa Ebere on 10th January 2020

I was asked recently by a dear saint from Hong Kong to seek God for his homeland, and I entered into a deep place of revelation and it felt as if I was suspended in air, hovering over the land, as the Lord showed me what is happening in Hong Kong, and what is holding that place under a curse of the enemy.

In the vision, the Lord showed me poisonous tea leaves, soldiers, and a woman giving birth to a child named hope and good fortune. And I saw that the destiny of Hong Kong hangs in the balance, and that the tea leaves signify that the old ways of magic and superstition are still heavily in force there, and is poisoning the minds of its inhabitants.

Also, I saw that soldiers were marching over the top of crowds of protesters. And I saw that the underground Christian church within Hong Kong is trying to birth a new destiny for their land…. but that there is a curse upon the land, due to mass murders and addictions caused by the opium trade which was perpetrated around the earth, due to the greed of British government officials over Hong Kong in the mid-19th century.

God revealed to me then, “That this must be rectified by the British people by repenting before Him of the great sin that was committed against the land of Hong Kong.”

I also saw that God is aligning Himself with the prayers and petitions of His people, but that the curse must be broken in order for the land to be in a position of blessing and also, for it to fulfill its God-given destiny. The Lord showed me by the Spirit that His heart is for Hong Kong, but that steps must be taken by the remnant church to set it free.

Leisa Ebere: the plagues of Australia prophecy

Just after my closing down for the weekend Leisa emailed this Thursday evening:

‘I was asked recently by someone close to the Prime Minister of Australia for a Word concerning the terrible fires raging in that country and this what the Lord gave me:


given to Leisa Ebere on 2nd January 2020

‘I had a vision a few nights ago, of millions of diseased rabbits across the country of Australia. And as I prayed, I heard the Lord say:

“The locust plague has come, the infestation of rabbits has come, the drought has come and now, the fires have come, as judgement across the land of Australia has been allowed by My Sovereign Hand. What will it take to root out the child abuse there that has caused such pain and such torment? The institutions are rife with the Spirit of Molech capturing whole generations with the abominations of the enemy. National Repentance and laws actioned in righteousness are the only solutions to halt this carnage,” declared the Lord of Hosts. “This is the Word of the Lord.”

‘Let us Pray that this Word is acted upon for the sake of that dear country and its people.’

Blessings, Leisa Ebere

Also, see this which refers to the sins of Sydney >Vision of Golden Rods Prophecy

Leisa Ebere: Thailand freedom prophecy

Leisa emailed me on New Year’s Eve as follows: ‘

The Lord gave me a vast, revelatory vision about Thailand today, and I was shocked by the intensity of the vision, as the Lord expressed His intentions so powerfully. And I believe that 2020 shall be a huge cleansing time for that beleaguered nation, as it is clear to me, that God has a real heart for Thailand. Here is the vision:


given to Leisa Ebere on 31st December 2019

‘I saw a field of green grass and the beautiful Nong Nooch Botanical gardens, and then I
saw the earth open up and I saw a teeming city of child traffickers spanning from Nong Nooch Village to Bangkok, Thailand. And I heard the Lord say:

“My judgement shall cut these evildoers off at the very heart of their operations, for I shall send floods continually, and drive them out of that land. And just as the Thai government has purchased harpoon missiles to target their enemies, so I am targeting the evil that has contaminated that land through human misery. For I have listened to those crying out on behalf of Thailand and their loved ones, and so, I shall cleanse the land and set the captives free forever. Selah!” says the Lord of Hosts.

‘Then I saw the waters receding and two Thai church leaders using garden hoes to break up the ground and I saw an angel come into view, with a scroll outstretched in his hands, and I knew somehow, that he was reading his announcement in the Thai language, as he declared: “The harvest is coming.”

Bless you,  Leisa Ebere

A New Year 2020 prayer for you – dream of going up a level (GPS #42)

I pray that everyone reading this may be blessed with amazing, fresh revelations that give you 20-20 spiritual vision into what our Lord Jesus Christ has for you personally this year.

Not yet walking with Him? I ask that He bless you with as unexpected life-changing and stunning a revelation He confronted me with just over 30 years ago, as told herein. It’s since been a never-ending adventure!


Today and Monday just before Christmas are the only days I’m on-line during the holy-days fortnight whilst I’m being blessed with studying my present from Nina – Unlocking The Biblical Watch of Messiah’s Return by Jonathan Hill, the publication of which I’d announced herein. It’s a most exceptional book and confirms many things; so I hope to blog about it soon.

What’s more, inspired by a discussion on this blog about the ‘Kingdom Remnant’ and my contemplation of Genesis 1:0 – that’s right, you read right – before ‘The Beginning’, as well as  recent words brought by Leisa, before Christmas I dreamed of an unknown man telling me exactly what I was just about to tell him: “It’s time to ascend to a new spiritual level…” (What followed indicated this was not just any ol’ dream.)

Lo and behold, long-time reader Lynne emails me on New Year’s Day about what she and her husband heard whilst watching the TV broadcast of…’Fireworks going off in London at midnight and the lyrics of a song (haven’t a clue which one or who was singing) were and can’t remember any lyrics after: “I will take you to a place you have never been before…”, and which immediately got my attention. This morning looking at Lion Bites…”I am taking you to a new place.”

SO, if you’ve not already read this from Glasgow Prophetic Centre:

Lion Bites 01.01.2020


It is time for a new level in your life, and I am opening up the doors and floodgates of heaven to start to facilitate your forward movement. Do not partner with worry in these days nor consider that this is a time for pause or delay. I am speaking the words ‘advance, breakthrough, movement, momentum’ over the decade you have crossed into, and it’s time to call your internal beliefs and thought processes to align with this reality.

I am taking you to a new place like I did through David when he went to Baal Perazim. Just as he named this place because he encountered me as the ‘Master of the Breakthrough’, so you will name this season in your life ‘The Days of Advance and Breakthrough’. You will think about yourself differently as a result, you will think about your call differently, you will know what it is to have solutions that break open stuck and stagnant places, you will understand how to occupy financial breakthrough, and courage to step out will be yours!

And so I say to you, “As waters break out, so I will break out against your enemies and I will flood your life with glory solutions, glory ideas and glory encounters!”

2 Samuel 5:20
So David came to Baal-Perazim, and David defeated them there. He said, “The Lord has burst forth against my enemies before me, like a bursting flood.” Therefore, that place is called Baal-Perazim.

Leisa Ebere: the Year of Jubilee Prophecy – 20:20 Revelatory Vision

In view of my previous postings referring to numbers 12 and 22 I’m amused at the dates Leisa quotes in her email received Monday, but scheduled for the lead-in to New Year  and in which she writes,

‘This seems to be the season of declarations and heavenly visions and dreams for God’s People.  And I am very excited about what the Lord has shown me about the Year 2020, being the Year of Jubilee for the People of God.  This is especially significant if you compare what this term meant to the Hebrew people, as it meant that this was the time that ‘the ownership and management of the Land of Israel would be heavily impacted by the Sovereign Hand of God,’ and I believe that this is what the Lord is now declaring over the UK and many nations of the Earth for 2020, Hallelujah! 

‘Here is the vision and word the Lord gave me:

given to Leisa Ebere on 22.12.2019

‘The Lord showed me a vision of a black blanket over the nation of the UK, and said:

“A blanket feels comfortable and warm, but for far too long My People have lain in a bed of compromise allowing darkness and light to mix together, but I shall remove this blanket and all hidden iniquities, and expose and deal with such things, as hidden treasures are then dispensed amongst my people.  For 2020, shall be a year of the distributing of an anointing of realignment, equipping and establishing across the UK and the nations of the earth, as Kingdom revelation, truth and authority is allocated to My People in greater measure.  It is time to stop standing on the outer boundaries and to move into My inner chambers,” says the Lord, “as My People walk in the Light of My Presence and trust Me in every area of their lives. Come out from the dark places and Arise My People, for this is your Year of Jubilee,” declares the Lord Almighty.’

Blessings, Leisa Ebere.

RB’s NoteYes, this is exciting after what the Lord has been leading me to in the scriptures relating to ‘The Kingdom Remnant’ which, as Leisa replied to a reader, is not her terminology but ‘God’s idea’. According to the ‘principle of first mention’ we – His Remnant – are situated in a special place, covering the holy-of-holies (Exod 26:12 KJV), and relates to Levitical provisions for the priests (Lev 2:3, 14:18) and the 7,000 whom the Lord reserved for Himself who hadn’t worshiped the false gods, as He told Elijah (1 Kings 19:18, Rom 11:2-5).

The Ringmaster prophetic vision fulfilled within days! (#49 = 7×7)

A very quick note to thank Phil View for his comment to Leisa’s ‘Ringmaster’ prophetic vision of Wednesday alerting me to what I spotted in last night’s update from Bill Koenig at the White House – click images for links to read full details (NB not in new windows):

Leisa Ebere: Prophetic messages for the UK and USA

Leisa writes today, ‘Dear Richard, As I was deep in the Presence of the Lord yesterday. I had two visions for two nations and here they are:


given to Leisa Ebere on 18th December 2019

‘I heard bells ringing and then large angelic hands started sounding the alarm with the bells. Then I saw the American Patriot, Paul Revere, shouting,”The British are coming, the British are coming.” Then I asked the Lord, ‘What does this mean?’ and He said:

“My elect are being swept away by a British-centric mindset and are being distracted from My Purposes that will cause needless delays and dangers. Tell them to seek My Face and I will give them instruction in this hour. It is time to go deeper and even underground in order to gather the prophetic remnant who will be used mightily in unity in the days ahead.”



given to Leisa Ebere on 18th December 2019

‘The Lord showed me that there is a hard shift coming to America that will stun the citizens of that country and indeed the nations of the Earth. Then the Lord took me into a vision, and I saw President Trump as the ringmaster of a circus announcing what would happen next, to please the people of God, and yet, when he announced the next act, I saw that clowns came into the circus ring to belittle him, and to belittle the things of God. Then I heard the clowns declare: “This Trump is like the sons of Sciva, he boasts of authority, but he has not yet learned that humility is the key to standing in such authority.”

‘Then the Lord said, “And so I will allow the shirt to be ripped from his back during this testing time, but I will spare him as he learns My Ways.”

‘Blessings, Leisa Ebere

Leisa Ebere: Angelic warning of demonic hindrances

Last Sunday Leisa informed me she’d had a heavenly visitor referring to reactions of the anti-democrats and demonic spirits reported in the media, and which confirms Frank Sui writing about a Jezebelic onslaught, as well as covered here in the Malvern Mashal.

She writes,  “Despite everyone’s jubilation about Boris Johnson and the conservatives being elected recently, it is important we realise the great responsibility we now have to watch and pray over our nation and I had an angelic visitation today, conveying that very message:”


given to Leisa Ebere on 15th December 2019

I saw an angelic messenger riding upon a fast steed, with a warning being given to the Kingdom Remnant within the UK, “That a dark wind of malicious and malcontented voices are arising out of the South, as the enemy seeks to stir up a tidal wave of hindrances against the Lord’s Purposes.”

He also spoke his message and said: “There are rooted animosities from days gone by that have undermined all trust between Germany and the UK, and these demonic hordes have caused much brokenness and unrest, and this shall continue throughout Brexit negotiations and beyond. He further urgently warned that the Lord’s People must declare peace and love their enemies, despite the roots of iniquity that lie deep within the hearts and minds of people in the EU countries and the UK.” For he declared, “True Discernment must be utilised and love not hate shown for hatred has no place in God’s Kingdom.”

He said: “Let there be intercessors and prophetic seers to see and understand trouble arising from prevailing winds of the south” and added: “The Lord is cleansing the UK and the people within it so that they may be advocates of change, as transformation stampedes across the nations of the Earth.” He declared: “This is not a breaking away, but a remolding of dry and hardened clay and the Lord of Hosts is adding the water of His Spirit for all nations, as His revival is close at hand.”

Leisa Ebere: the heavy anvil prophecy

Leisa writes,  ‘Here is the Word the Lord gave me today, post UK election, which will require great sacrifice and concerted prayer strategies from God’s Remnant in the days ahead, in order to birth a changed nation. Blessings, Leisa Ebere.’


given to Leisa Ebere on 13th December 2019

I saw a heavy anvil slamming down on a long piece of metal, and I heard the Lord say,

“My Children have asked me for amendments in the nation of the UK, and so I have granted their requests, despite disobedience in the camp. But I say to you in the days ahead, that hard sacrifices will be required for transformation to come to the nation of Great Britain. For the way will not be easy as they suppose, for many who are within My Body have their mindsets firmly entrenched with the enemy. (!! RB)

“And just as the children of Israel murmured in the desert, so shall many murmur against Me during this age of transformation, for I tell you truly, that disobedience and a religious mindset has brought a need for My intervening hand,” declares the Lord. “Be not fooled, Boris Johnson is not your saviour, for he is only a small breeze in a major wind storm. Look up and get true revelation from Me,” says the Lord, “and I shall guide you through this desert journey.”

Then I saw an hour glass being turned over and I saw the sand running down into the lower chamber, and the Lord said: “The hard sacrifices must be made to birth nations of My choosing, and who will agree to submit to the weights and measures, yet to come?  For I am calling you up to greater heights in Me, not hiding you away in seclusion. It is time to stand, whilst My Anvil reshapes your hearts and minds, and for you to let love and the faithful strategies born of My Spirit, reflect in your lives.”