Vision of The Rock in Parliament

Have just received the following email from one of my lead contributors of material on the EU. Dave Chapman informs me,

“We had a gathering here last Thursday and one sister who was very encouraged from the ministry time had a waking picture/dream the next morning. She is a trusted friend and  woman of God. I felt it to be quite significant and have her permission to send on to you for encouragement and use if you choose.”

The Vision:

‘This morning as I awoke, God gave me a picture of a small rock that was thrown into the meeting chamber of the Houses of Parliament and it knocked the Mace to the floor. The rock was grey and spherical but I had the word ‘cornerstone’.

‘The rock then continued to grow and crushed the pews where the MPs sit and then it outgrew the chamber and crushed the walls of the Houses or Parliament to the extent that people who came to see the Houses of Parliament could see the rock poking out of the building.’

The Explanation:

‘The Rock is Jesus and God is not only shifting and shaking Parliament but He is also dismantling it and He will rebuild it. The rebellion and disobedience over Brexit has caused this and He is humbling Parliament and taking over this and the UK through our rebellion and disobedience.

‘The new Parliament and His glory through it and this nation will be attractive to many over the World. This will go out from the UK – both His rule and reputation over what He’s done here to the nations in parallel with the Gospel.’

Dave adds, “The Mace in Parliament is the symbol of royal authority and without it neither House can meet or pass laws. The House of Commons’ mace is a silver gilt ornamental club of about five feet in length, dating from the reign of Charles II.”

So we praise and thank you Lord for all You’re doing and about to do…

This vision immediately brings to mind king Nebuchadnezzar’s very troubling dream of a huge statue demolished by a small rock, and of OT prophet Daniel’s Holy Spirit-inspired full account of the secret dream and its meaning interpretation.:

“…You watched while a stone was cut out without hands, which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay, and broke them in pieces. 35 Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver, and the gold were crushed together, and became like chaff from the summer threshing floors; the wind carried them away so that no trace of them was found. And the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth….”

2 thoughts on “Vision of The Rock in Parliament

  1. The part about dismantling and rebuilding the house reminds me of a picture someone had on this site about a house being burned down and rebuilt. The Lord is using this v uncomfortable process to refine parliament

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  2. The above vision reminds me of this:

    George Fox–An Autobiography
    By Rufus M. Jones
    Chapter XII
    “Great Events in London”

    “But it was a time of great sufferings; for, besides imprisonments, through which many died, our meetings were greatly disturbed. They have thrown rotten eggs and wild-fire into our meetings, and brought in drums beating, and kettles to make noises with, that the Truth might not be heard; and, among these, the priests were as rude as any, as may be seen in the book of the fighting priests, wherein a list is given of some priests that had actually beaten and abused Friends.”

    “I wrote to Oliver [Cromwell] several times, and let him know that while he was persecuting God’s people, they whom he accounted his enemies were preparing to come upon him. When some forward spirits that came amongst us would have bought Somerset-House, that we might have meetings in it, I forbade them to do so: for I then foresaw the King’s coming in again. Besides, there came a woman to me in the Strand, who had a prophecy concerning King Charles’s coming in, three years before he came: and she told me she must go to him to declare it. I advised her to wait upon the Lord, and keep it to herself; for if it should be known that she went on such a message, they would look upon it to be treason — but she said she must go, and tell him that he should be brought into England again.

    “I saw her prophecy was true, and that a great stroke must come upon them in power; for they that had then got possession were so exceeding high, and such great persecution was acted by them, who called themselves saints, that they would take from Friends their copyhold lands, because they could not swear in their courts.

    “Sometimes when we laid these sufferings before Oliver Cromwell, he would not believe it. Therefore Thomas Aldam and Anthony Pearson were moved to go through all the jails in England, and to get copies of Friends’ commitments under the jailer’s hands, that they might lay the weight of their sufferings upon Oliver Cromwell. And when he would not give order for the releasing of them, Thomas Aldam was moved to take his cap from off his head, and to rend it in pieces before him, and to say unto him, ‘So shall thy government be rent from thee and thy house.’

    “Another Friend also, a woman, was moved to go to the Parliament (that was envious against Friends) with a pitcher in her hand, which she broke into pieces before them, and told them that so should they be broken to pieces: which came to pass shortly after.”

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