Vision and word for Great Britain: no more enslavement to the EU!

Thank you to the Lord, Linda Bennett and UK Prophetic Words for the following, which resonates with two prophetic words shown in my footnotes:

During a prayer time whilst visiting friends in Wales the Lord gave me a vision of Britain from above and as I looked closer I could see many tentacles wrapped tightly around the countries of Britain squeezing tighter and tighter strangling the life out of Britain.

I enquired of the Lord what I was seeing and He said that that for too long Britain has not been great because it had ensnared itself with ungodly alliances which were never meant to be.

He said, “Do I not call nations into being? Did I not call this nation Great Britain? But, it is no longer great because they’ve sold their soul to the highest bidder. What looked like gold to a very few became like heavy brass around the necks of the people to enslave them to a godless agenda.”

The Lord said that Britain was Great because it was sovereign and not diluted by everyone else wanting a piece of her. He said it was time for Britain to be Great again and be the shining beacon He called her to be. No more entanglement. No more slavery to the godless ones. He said that He had heard the cries of His remnant who were crying out for freedom!

And as I looked I saw a man standing in the centre of tangled mess that was Britain. He was standing facing Europe with his hand outstretched towards Europe saying ‘LET MY PEOPLE GO’. It reminded me of the scene where Moses was demanding from Pharaoh to let his people go. He seemed larger than life and grew larger as the people prayed for freedom. Lord, raise up such a man!


In Psalm 2:8 God says ‘Ask of me and I’ll give you the nations as your inheritance’. People, it’s time to ask God to give us a GREAT BRITAIN again for our inheritance.

Linda G Bennett, 12th March 2019

With gratitude to the unknown artist of this superb picture

RB Footnotes:
  1. Rosemary’s comment of last month to Spiritual Nature of Brexit vs EU Battle on the 2005 vision Wendy Alec had of Gt Britain, which “ties in with my recent picture of hordes of people caught in a huge piece of knitting, which is made up of many different badly knitted pieces”.
  2. Neil’s prayer alert of last May To Cut and Cast off the EU’s Tentacles,  I saw that what I’d thought were mooring lines were alive and writhing! The Lord said these are the tentacles of the serpent that seeks to hold Great Britain in the web-like structure of nations that he is creating.

13 thoughts on “Vision and word for Great Britain: no more enslavement to the EU!

  1. Yes – I heard a comment on the apparent powerlessness of our government to actually govern; this, it was said, is because they have simply been rubber-stamping EU directives for so long that they are not used to taking matters into their own hands. Not sure I totally agree with this, but it is interesting! Rosemary

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    • I had similar thoughts too, also that a major part of our negotiating problem comes from having EU do it all for us for decades, Having long lost the experience and expertise we thus have no trained negotiators and had to recruit from Oz and elsewhere – hence reliance upon PM and her Ollie. And now we’re learning all the F&CO is arrogantly anti-Brexit..and of secret dealing between May and Merkel…

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  2. Amen to all of this

    The above is almost identical to what God has been saying to me.

    Please deliver us God!!!!!

    He desires us to be free (completely)

    But there is much intercession to be done.

    Mercy God, I ask for mercy for the nation.

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  3. So much of what I’m reading here chimes with my own impressions that there is a very great need for an overhaul in govenrnment as our ‘leaders’ have become impotent through over reliance on the EU to, in effect, govern us. I believe there is a great need to pray that God will raise up men and women to roles of leadership and that He will not necessarily call those who are seen as already ‘equipped’ (through experience in the ways of the past) but that He will equip those He calls. He will give them voices of authority, integrity and power.

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    • I think to be fair many do – those who I’ve tentatively spoken with in a quiet moment. It’s such a touchy subject that in church it’s not really a popular topic of conversation, but I’ve had a chat recently with a couple of people at my church who – slightly to my surprise – are just as aware as I am of the danger.

      On the other hand I have another very dear Christian friend who doesn’t see it that way at all and thinks we are crazy to be leaving. So who knows!


      • Imho, the complete lack of clarity and direction from church hierarchy on this most vital issue makes me doubt their discipleship because they should be thoroughly familiar with the gift of prophecy and know how to listen, weigh, and discern the Lord’s voice – and thus test the hundreds of visions and words received over many years about Brexit. There’s absolutely no excuse.

        I’ve been in correspondence with a visitor here who’s influenced by an intelligent brother in the Lord, but claiming familiarity with all the pros and cons they lean towards Remain, rather than give prime priority to seeking the Lord for revelation of His perspective.


  4. I have only just read this today Mon 2nd Sept 2019. I believe we are now seeing the fulfilment of the prophecy where the man is standing like Moses saying “Let My People GO! I believe Boris Johnson is God’s man for the time and like Moses he’ll continue to hear the re-moaners cries but he must ignore them and carry on setting the Country free from the evil & corrupt EU. I read just the other day that in Hebrew- BRIT means Covenant and I feel so blessed to be a Covenant Brit. PTL and may He guide our PM as He sets us free and let the Lion Roar again instead of cowering on the edge of Europe. May He give the PM courage & wisdom in the coming days, weeks and months. It took Israel 40 years to reach the Promised Land. I hope and pray the UK gets there within the 59 days to Oct 31st. May The Lord’s Will be Done!

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  5. As I was praying yesterday – 2nd September – regarding the EU and the UK’s entanglement, the Lord showed me this vision.

    Along the Southern coastline of the UK was a line of many ‘strings’ that were fastened to our country and holding us very tightly across the channel to the EU. As i prayed about what I saw, the vision changed and the next thing I saw was a pair if very sharp scissors cutting away each ‘string’ which had held us so tightly, and our Nation was being released so we could be free again to be who we are without any restrictions. I thanked God for showing me what He was about to do through our prayers, then I remembered the posting on your site a few months ago where another had seen a similar vision of a serpent’s tentacles holding onto our Nation, As we call out to Him so He would honour our prayers and bring the UK’s release from Europe. As I thought about what I had seen I got the sense that we had been cut completely free of any restrictions or interference from Europe, and from that sense a ‘No Deal exit’ would seem to be what God was saying to me, but we shall see.


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