More~on: social media’s global censorship of free debate

The previous post relating to the prophecy on falling giants in USA and Facebook getting its come-uppance for suppressing the New York Post’s article on the Biden family corruption, raised confirmatory contributions from readers in New Zealand..!

First, as mentioned at close of that blog, is this from Alex Alexander highlighting Fb’s global control of free expression (emphasis mine):

“That is a very important word to me as elections on now in NZ. Facebook banned an entire political party called Advance NZ. Two days ago. They have had to take out full page advertisements in newspapers. (Emphasis RB).”

His compatriot Phil View responds at the foot of the urgent word Neil Mackereth brings …Next 40 days are critical:

“Alex, I feel that Christian Conservatism took an absolute battering in the election. We trust in God…Just another thought, but I have never in my lifetime seen an election where the media covered for Government as has just happened. A university politics lecturer raised concerns with me a couple of weeks ago about the mass manipulation of New Zealanders by Jacinda Ardern. He was proven right last night. A client told me last week he was so concerned about what is going on he is shifting his investments out of New Zealand. It will be interesting to see where we are at in 40 days.”

Moreover, I never forget hearing the late great End-times teacher of Australia, Barry Smith, frequently speaking of New Zealand as being the “globalist’s guinea pig” – as it’s  hidden away outside the wider world’s close attention!


Within minutes of publishing I quickly added this pictorial postscript, but wasn’t able to provide a link to his well-written article at Unherd:

In How Big Tech is fixing the election he writes,

‘…On Wednesday, the New York Post published a major exposé on the activities of Hunter Biden, son of the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden…

‘Since Joe Biden presents himself as the honest candidate in this election, the fact that his family members may have been enriching themselves through their connections is relevant to the decision the voters are about to make.

‘But Big Tech decided that they couldn’t know it. On Wednesday, after the New York Post story emerged, both Twitter and Facebook made an unprecedented move into overt censorship, with the world’s largest social media companies deciding to prevent the dissemination of the story. They did everything they could to stop it from getting out, with Twitter in particular blocking users from posting links to the Post’s article, initially claiming that sharing of the piece violated the platform’s rules on the use of hacked materials…

‘It is conceivable that Twitter might rightfully act if there were knowingly false information being disseminated ahead of an election by obscure or unknown actors seeking to affect an election. But it is quite another thing for the social media giant to decide that the reposting of a story in the New York Post — one of America’s oldest and most venerable papers, founded by Alexander Hamilton — should be cause to suppress the speech of the White House Press Secretary. This is not an attempt to prevent interference in an election — it is itself interference in an election. Interference carried out by Facebook and Twitter, tech giants and monopolies in possession of unprecedented amounts of power…’

Douglas proceeds to another major brazen interference, this time SCOTUS-related:

‘On Wednesday Twitter had as its top story a minor exchange in the confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett for a position on the Supreme Court…

‘…That this story — the most minor imaginable exchange which relied not just on a misrepresentation but a nasty little untruth — should have been the top chosen story on Twitter on Wednesday tells us something. This was not the story which users had put at the top of the site — it was the story that Twitter chose. And it did so on the very same day that an actual story from the New York Post could not be shared on the platform.

‘There have been many eye-opening moments with Big Tech in recent years. The companies have been repeatedly caught out lying, cheating and attempting to exert political influence under the guise of fact-checking. But Wednesday should be seen as a watershed moment — the moment when the last remaining pretences of the platforms were finally shed….’

As you will thus grasp, this is an issue of the highest import, the outcome of which will connect into Veronika West’s prophetic word on the Lord giving Donald Trump, as with David, stones to take down the giants in the land…!

PS – this from Sky News Australia:

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