Need-to-know News – UK gov’t psy-op against public denounced

Now for a couple of items on both sides of the Pond of news relevant to prophecy, the first on British governments’ and civil service’s 12 years – yes, according to this report – psychological operation to control British citizens’ thoughts

Perhaps this is fitting as 160th posting on exposures since my prophetically musing five years ago on the Lord exposing political rot and corruption in UK, USA and the EU. And this doesn’t include the extensive farago of ‘party-gate’, wherein our Prime Minister and staff are exposed in failing to follow and adhere to his dictat of Covid restrictions !

Note the content of these extracts from The Telegraph’s live log of the PM’s appearance before the House of Commons yesterday:

Upon what grounds does MP Steve Baker rebuke Johnson for bullying, shaming and terrifying fellow citizens into “compliance with minute restrictions upon their freedom”? The following and more, as published on Friday, explains:

Amusing that the photo below political correspondent Tony Driver’s report shown above, is of a government department’s completely empty offices!

‘A group of psychologists have written to Parliament’s Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, warning that civil servants and Government scientists used frightening imagery to change public behaviour during the pandemic, in a way they say was unaccountable and unethical.

The letter’s 40 professional signatories – led by Dr G.ary Sidley, a retired clinical psychologist – said they opposed the use of dramatic adverts, which included slogans such as: “If you go out you can spread it, people will die.”  Read in full here.

Here’s extracts from the previous report by Telegraph’s Whitehall Editor Harry Yorke:

Also see my post 14 April 2021 of ‘State of Fear’ report:

Prophesied exposure of rot and lies in UK continues with ‘State of Fear’ report

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