Monday Newsmix: triple prophecy update (#8) Brexit, Big Ben, Jezebel

First, thank you Tony over in Tucson for pointing out a link in the previous post wasn’t working. So I apologise to readers who were unable to read ‘The Ringmaster’ prophetic message for the  USA brought by Leisa Ebere. My very quick work on a fulfillment of it worked fine and, as usual, I tested the few links before publishing.

Later, however, I decided it needed more prominence and changed the posts featured at the top of the home page but, as my pc was off for the rest of the weekend, I used my phone – only to find it’s too slow and somehow the linked post got binned!  Everything should now be working properly.

The weekend’s news and opinion brought developments in THREE soon-to-be-fulfilled prophecies:


On 6th June 2018 Veronika West published An Urgent Word for the UK, which has a number of confirmatory signs of the original prophecy, which begins as follows:



‘I was taken into a powerful vision yesterday morning where I saw a massive glacier floating on the ocean, now as I looked at the glacier in the Vision, I saw that there was a large iceberg firmly attached to the outer edges of the glacier. Now as I drew closer in the vision I saw that the iceberg was the Nation of Great Britain. As I looked at the Nation suddenly my eyes were drawn back to the massive glacier and as I looked again at the glacier I saw these words, ‘EU, the bloc‘.

‘As I have prayed over this powerful vision and what it means for us as a Nation, the Holy Spirit began to show me that there is coming a COMPLETE BREAKING AWAY FROM THE EU. This breaking away will be a sharp severing of both spiritual and natural ties between the EU and the Nation of Great Britain…‘ (read in FULL)

NOW, BREXIT  CENTRAL’s Newsletter 21 Dec 2019


‘Boris Johnson insisted that Britain would not follow any EU rules after Brexit as he set up a showdown with Brussels over a trade deal. The Prime Minister made clear that he would pursue a hard Brexit by saying there would be “no alignment” between the two sides, defying the EU’s claim that it was a “must” for any future relationship. On a historic day for Britain’s relationship with the rest of Europe, the Brexit “divorce” Bill sailed through the Commons with a majority of 124 on Friday, and will become law on Jan 9, enabling a Jan 31 exit and for trade negotiations to begin in earnest. It brought an end to three and a half years of indecision in Parliament, and “means we are one step closer to getting Brexit done”, Mr Johnson said.’ (The Telegraph)


Charles Shamp reports on 26th June 2017 what the Lord told him whilst in Australia but having a vision of Big Ben,

“My eye is upon this land and my hand upon the nation’s time, a kairos moment is about to come! I will cause a sign to come from Big Ben that will mark the moment that I have changed the time and season for the nation of England and the city of London. Everything will stop and people will turn to see and hear. Tell my people to mark the moment when it comes to pass for it will be sign of great change in the land.”

The nation was surprised to learn that remedial and upgrading works being carried out to the Elizabeth tower housing the four-faced clock and ‘Big Ben’ bells necessitated the silencing of the famous chimes for a lengthy period. This caused quite an uproar and the previous speaker of the House of Commons refused to sanction any remission in that silencing. However, in the last few days the new Speaker in the ‘Peoples’ Parliament’ has stated he has absolutely no objection to MP’s request for Big Ben to ‘bong’ for Brexit on 31st January, when the UK will formally leave the EU.


Thank you to Philip for reminding me of what I’d quickly scan-read but did not appreciate its relevance to the unclean power Frank Sui reveals as operating extensively behind public opinion and politics.

This opinion piece by Zoe Strimpel opens by referring to a ‘sour alert from ‘Jezebel’, the formerly brilliant, funny and feminist website that is now just a sledgehammer of ‘woke’.

The American term ‘woke’ means someone who is ‘alert to injustice in society, especially racism’.

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3 thoughts on “Monday Newsmix: triple prophecy update (#8) Brexit, Big Ben, Jezebel

  1. I would like to point out that ‘woke’ does not mean “someone who is ‘alert to injustice in society, especially racism’.” It refers to the extremist wing of the ‘social justice’ movement who use intimidation tactics to silence critics/ get people fired. For Christians our best bet is to offer verbal/ written prayerful support for those targeted and lift them up to God in prayer. Then we should focus on outreach and evangelism (asking God to show us the way), because all this is a symptom of a godless, lost society and only return to faith can fix it.

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