Leisa Ebere: Prophetic messages for the UK and USA

Leisa writes today, ‘Dear Richard, As I was deep in the Presence of the Lord yesterday. I had two visions for two nations and here they are:


given to Leisa Ebere on 18th December 2019

‘I heard bells ringing and then large angelic hands started sounding the alarm with the bells. Then I saw the American Patriot, Paul Revere, shouting,”The British are coming, the British are coming.” Then I asked the Lord, ‘What does this mean?’ and He said:

“My elect are being swept away by a British-centric mindset and are being distracted from My Purposes that will cause needless delays and dangers. Tell them to seek My Face and I will give them instruction in this hour. It is time to go deeper and even underground in order to gather the prophetic remnant who will be used mightily in unity in the days ahead.”



given to Leisa Ebere on 18th December 2019

‘The Lord showed me that there is a hard shift coming to America that will stun the citizens of that country and indeed the nations of the Earth. Then the Lord took me into a vision, and I saw President Trump as the ringmaster of a circus announcing what would happen next, to please the people of God, and yet, when he announced the next act, I saw that clowns came into the circus ring to belittle him, and to belittle the things of God. Then I heard the clowns declare: “This Trump is like the sons of Sciva, he boasts of authority, but he has not yet learned that humility is the key to standing in such authority.”

‘Then the Lord said, “And so I will allow the shirt to be ripped from his back during this testing time, but I will spare him as he learns My Ways.”

‘Blessings, Leisa Ebere

9 thoughts on “Leisa Ebere: Prophetic messages for the UK and USA

  1. Dear Richard

    Thank you for these sobering recent posts – spot on and a vital reminder that our relationship with the Lord is more important than even the answers to praye that He allows. It is indeed a time to go deeper and I have been feeling/ thinking that while so much of our national church (whatever denomination) is colluding with the enemy over sexual matters, let alone anything else (I include gender within that category) there is a dangerous trap to new believers & old within the very place of what should be refuge and home.

    Therefore we must be on guard for the times ahead are perilous indeed

    You may enjoy the Christmas poem I’ve penned for this year – and yes use it more widely if you feel right to do so

    Rejoicing in the gift of God’s own dear Son love & prayers Elaine


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  2. I have been reading about the Christianity Today editorial yesterday saying they support the removal of Donald Trump from office and mentioned their founder Billy Graham as if to suggest that Billy would have approved. Franklin Graham has today declared his support for Donald Trump and said his father voted for Trump in 2016. I went and read the editorial and did also spot an article giving support to evangelical Christians in the UK on how to cope with Brexit. They suggest that evangelical Christians are remainers by a significant margin.

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    • Tried replying by phone but it’s so hit and miss Phil, it disappeared. Like all stats those quoted are questionable. A reliable source I may have quoted a couple of years ago showed that across church denominations (note!) Referendum voting mirrored the general population EXCEPT for Anglicans who where 2:1 in favour of leaving – despite what the disgraceful way its ‘bishops’ tore into Leavers!! But then they’re apostates in the main.

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  3. Thank you for posting the Ringmaster Prophecy. I thought something was wrong with my laptop as I couldn’t get onto it. There are testing times ahead for the USA & The UK but I am so thankful that The Lord has it all under His control. I was relieved to see Franklin Graham rebutting the statement made re his Father’s stance re Mr Trump. I was also thrilled to read that the new Speaker Sir Lyndsay Hoyle has overturn the last Speaker’s statement about Big Ben ringing out on 31st January when we officially leave the EU. They’ll chime out at 11am which is such wonderful news. Your mention of “Apostasy” within the CofE couldn’t be more relevant by the choice of the next Archbishop of York. His beliefs of same sex marriage and acceptance of homosexuality is totally against The Lord’s Word. My Husband and I are both members of the CofE and are very angry with this appointment. Thankfully, not all Anglicans go along with this but I believe they will stand and fight from the inside. There are a huge crowd of witnesses whom I am sure are praying hard about this issue.

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    • Thanks Moira – and I have working problems with Fb on phone as it’s pages manager can’t cope with my having a personal profile as well as blog page.
      We’re so pleased we got out of the CoE a few months ago and on those grounds. When I read The House of Bishops’ guidelines on baptising transgenders I noticed how they perverted and twisted the scriptures to justify their actions! It’s beyond apostasy: pure heresy

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  4. This sits very well within the parameters of the recent word concerning the three nations of Israel, America and the UK. The Scriptures that come to mind are ‘Do not be unequally yoked with unbeleivers’, and ‘How can two (three in this case) walk together, lest they agree?’. It has the feeling of a necessary realignment, and re-calibration . To adjust us all until we are ready to become the three-strand cord which cannot be broken.

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  5. My Husband and I are both very disturbed by the appointment of the new Archbishop of York. We’re members of the CofE though because of health and mobility problems I’m very rarely able to go to church. The Vicar does come to give me Communion now and again – at my request. Ron is a Churchwarden so works closely with the other Leaders in the Church. I was brought up as a Roman Catholic but left when I was around 21. I came to The Lord in a Charismatic CofE moving strongly in The Spirit in 1982. Ron followed a few months later. I fell very ill just before Christmas in 1988 and have had very little contact with the Church since then though we moved away from our Home church in 1995. I cannot see Ron leaving the CofE for several reasons one being it’s better to fight from the inside. All I can do is pray. That’s my job for The Lord. Someone online asked if God would show His anger when the new Archbishop is consecrated such as what happened when the Bishop of Durham was consecrated in York Minster. Nothing would surprise me. I wish a Happy and Blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones. Moira

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  6. Sorry to learn of your situation Moira and I appreciate Ron’s position as I was a deputy warden until some months ago when we decided to leave the CoE, despite having a Spirit-led vicar. The new AoY is yet another who refuses to follow Christ and His word in its fullness but brings the leaven of deliberate sin into the body of Christ, and which thereby affects everyone. As previously blogged, its another example of Anglican apostasy and incontrovertible sign of End-times. Perhaps you’ve read my testimony, what happened after I left the RC and how Jesus rescued me and exposed my erroneous understanding of Christmas? https://richards-watch.org/am-free-true-story/


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