Prophetic visions/words shared by Veronika West – 4: T.I.M.E and Donald Trump

In keeping tabs on political events over ‘the Pond’ there’s ONE prophecy about Donald Trump that I’ve kept in mind and watching how it’s coming to pass – and I’d not blogged it!! (Presumably because there was so much happening and no time to include it)

However, with my focus upon what Veronika West is bringing this week it’s NOW TIME to bring it to your attention. First, we need to attend to what she posted yesterday as it rightly serves as the background leading into what’s been on my mind since the US election:


Therefore, you may wish to read Symbolic ‘Owl’ Tells The Time For America posted on 8 Nov 2020 before proceeding (it opens in a new window without overwriting this screen) as she stresses, “Imp to note; PLEASE CHECK OUT LINK FOR THE FULL VERSION WITH THE PICTURE OF THE CLOCK I WAS SHOWN..”.

Here’s Veronika’s drawing:

Now here’s the prophetic vision the imagery of which (in bold-face) wouldn’t leave my mind since the New Year; as published at HKP’s America and the Trump-Biden Poker Game by way of transcription notes:

  1. This is a rare live video from Facebook to share with us.
  2. Veronika has been praying like us in this season for Donald Trump and the US 2020 Elections.
  3. Based on what we are seeing, we can see that God is in control and is going to give us Victory.
  4. The following two (2) things are what The LORD gave in the last week.
  5. She shares a dream which she received about 1 week before the US Election which was not shared before, as she had so much other things to share.
  6. Dream: she was in a room watching Donald Trump and Joe Biden playing a high-stakes poker game while sitting at a beautiful large round velvet blue table.
  7. The LORD’s Glory and Royalty was in that place. The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD was presiding in that place.
  8. Biden’s admin and campaign staff were standing behind him as Biden held his cards in his hands.
  9. Trump sat opposite, also holding his cards in his hands. His admin staff also stood behind him while his Spiritual Advisor stood beside him with her hand on his left shoulder.
  10. At Trump’s right shoulder was a standing Angel, with his hand on Trump’s right shoulder.
  11. The Angel was assigned by God to Trump for this moment and season.
  12. As the game was played, the atmosphere was heavy — as the destiny of the nation was hanging in the balance, as there was so much at stake.
  13. As Trump played he was praying under his breath and at the same time his administration were praying in tongues.
  14. Biden looked weak and unprepared, but trying to put on a facade that he was in control; that he knew what he was doing.
  15. The people behind Biden were shouting words of intimidation and trying to change the atmosphere.
  16. I was praying in tongues for Trump as the game went on.
  17. Then she saw a mountain of gold coins in the middle of the table which symbolized the wealth of the country. It symbolized the value and destiny of the nation.
  18. The birthright of the nation was sitting in the middle of the table.
  19. The birthright of the nation was being warred over.
  20. The birthright of the nation was being played for.
  21. Then someone said “It is time to show your cards!”
  22. Then Biden put down his cards and the people behind him start to yell and say, “Yes we have victory in this game!”
  23. Meanwhile Trump’s admin are still praying. Then Trump does something very strange and starts to take off his watch. Then he throws it into the middle of the table.
  24. The watch had the word ‘Triumph’ on it — It is a ‘Triumph Watch’.
  25. As the watch hits the pile of gold, Trump lays his cards out on the table and I hear the words, “Full House!”
  26. Immediately, Biden stands up and starts to shout and curse.
  27. Trump then embraces the pile of gold, and as the watch rolls down the pile he puts it back on his write and said to his administration, “It’s time!”
  28. Then the administration help Trump gather in the mountain of gold coins to their side of the table and scoop them up.
  29. The Angel then announced “Victory” and “Triumph” with a raised sword over Trump’s head.
    End of dream.
  30. Then in prayer, she thanks The LORD for giving Trump Triumph and Victory over his enemies.
  31. She was then reminded of the Elephant-Donkey-Piñata dream where the enemy pays back seven times.
  32. There is a warring for the wealth of the nation.
  33. There is a transfer of Kingdom Wealth coming.
  34. She was reminded of a recent dream of a stadium running race — like one of Trump’s rallies — with a heavy sense of anticipation.
  35. When Biden took to the field there was silent — but then Trump walked out the crowd erupted.
  36. Moments before the starter fires the starter’s pistol, Biden takes off and starts to run the race. Trump then starts to run after the pistol is fired.
  37. While the crowd shout “Foul! Foul”, the media shout “Run! Run!”
  38. The race marshal is oblivious to what is happening.
  39. Biden crosses the finish line three steps before Trump and ins the race.
  40. Biden then runs to a table of 9 race officials expecting to be announced the winner.
  41. One official says to him “You may have run the race, but you have been disqualified.”
  42. God showed her that Donald Trump had won the race.
  43. The first dream speaks powerfully to a transfer of Kingdom wealth — so stand your ground and dig your heels in deeper. God is giving us victory..
  44. Now is Triumph.
  45. God is releasing a deliverer’s anointing over the nation of America. He is raising up deliverers in America — a rising remnant.
  46. She speaks many Decrees and Declarations for and over America.
  47. Who are you doing to choose? Baal or God?
  48. The prophets have prophesied that Trump will be re-elected, why do you not believe?
  49. Kim Clements decreed and prophesied 2x terms for Trump.
  50. Veronika then spoke personally to those who have been supporting her, to fellow prophets and to all Christians.
  51. God is bringing Judgment.
  52. Veronika as you to please also read her recent word, “America: A Great Shaking, Separation and Shifting!”

The emboldened parts kept being brought to my attention and I understand the pile of wealth means not only financial wealth but also American’s hearts and minds. Therefore, the symbolism means that, despite all indications to the contrary, Donald Trump will win the hearts of all the people AND the tables will be turned in Trump’s own time. That is, as and when he sees fit to act!

So here’s some news indicative of that movement, ie of the prophetic vision starting to come to pass :


5 thoughts on “Prophetic visions/words shared by Veronika West – 4: T.I.M.E and Donald Trump

  1. The way the owl eye clocks reflect each other seems to speak of 2020 (US election) from two different perspectives.

    24 is at the top of one clock while the minute hand of the other points to 24. Likewise, 2016 tops the other clock and the minute hand of the first points to 16…like two sides of the same coin.

    Minute hands put me in mind of “minutes” as in “minutes of a meeting”, or telling what happened. So the 24 clock speaks of 2020 as past with wisdom to see what happened.

    The 2016 clock sees 2020 from the future, as it will be seen from 2024 when it will all be resolved and corrected.

    Concerning the owl circling Trump in the oval office dream referenced in a link, I once had a dream of an owl circling me. The Lord said it meant, “Wisdom will find you.” If three circles are 3 years from 2019, when the word was given, it would point to 2022 when the door to Trump’s return to the oval office could be open, although it doesn’t mean he would necessarily return to office at that point. Just that the process begins, which could be lengthy.

    A legal alternate may have to be appointed to finish Biden’s term with Trump beginning his rightful term in 2024. Normally this would be the Speaker of the House of Representatives, but that person may also have to be sorted out because of all the corrupt people in place at the moment. This could be why some words seem to point to a 2022 resolution while others point to a Trump term beginning in 2024.

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