Symbolic ‘owl’ tells the Time for America – Veronika West


Did you notice the subtle emphasis to Time in Veronika’s posting yesterday about the British and European nations being at a tipping point? Well the USA isn’t missing out! Her latest prophetic word, with recap of previous ones, for America published the day before – 31st March – brings remarkable insights upon Time. Readers of long-standing will recall my fascination with it. [For ease of reading, in view of length, and copied with permission from HKP’s America: Further Confirmation of Trump and 2016-2024.]


So, before you read the following word(s), grab a coffee and get comfortable. Its long but I believe if you take the time to read the following it will provide powerful insight, revelation and much needed prayer strategies in this critical hour.

While these Words speak powerfully to America at this time, they also speaks to the nations of the earth. It is time!

Okay, so during the night I was woken by The Spirit with a sense of great urgency to pray again for President Donald J. Trump.

As I began to pray, I heard these Words, “The eyes of the owl must see what prowls, for the rats are in hiding and the jackals are howling!”

Immediately, I sat up and began to pray and write down what I was hearing.

As I prayed, I saw in The Spirit a golden hour-glass, but it was lying on its side. I could see that the grains of sands within the hour glass were motionless and I heard these Words, “A divine pause, a window of time. So watch and pray, for you must have eyes to see and ears to hear what I AM saying to you this day!”

As I heard those Words, suddenly I saw the two glass bulbs of the hour glass become two eyes, as I looked at the two glass eyes, I saw that they were the eyes of an owl!

As I looked at the two eyes of the owl, I saw that at the very centre of both of the eyes of the owl were the faces of two types of clocks.

The first clock was marked in years — starting from ‘year 2016’ and the second clock was marked in ‘24-hour time.’

Now as I looked at both of the two faces of the clocks within the two eyes of the owl, I saw that the hands in the clock of in years read ‘2024′. And as I looked at the clock in 24 hours, it read ‘20:20′.

As I looked intently at both clocks, I noticed straight away that the hands of both clocks perfectly reflected each other, but one spoke to ‘time in years’ and the other to ‘the time in hours and minutes’ but in (24 hour time)

So as I kept looking at both clocks, suddenly I heard The Spirit say, “Watch and pray, pay close attention in these days. For I govern the hands of the clocks. For time and space are in My hands.”

As I heard The Spirit of Revelation say those words, I saw the hands of the two clocks within the eyes of the owl begin to spin, and then I watched as the two glass eyes of the owl came together and suddenly a beautiful hour-glass stood before me.

As I looked at the hour-glass which was now standing upright, I saw the grains of sands within the hour glass beginning to fall and as the gold grains of sand fell, I saw the numbers ‘2020′ come up before me.

Then I heard these Words, “For the eyes of the owl will see with 20/20 vision and the howls of the jackals will expose the rats that are in hiding!

Note: see here the picture of the two clocks I saw in the vision — the clock of the years and the 24-hour time clock. The time is 20:20…. The year is 2024…..

Both clocks reflect each other.

I also thought it was very interesting and prophetically significant that the ‘clock of years’ starts with year 2016!

Furthermore, what’s even more intriguing, is if you look at the opposite hands of each clock….

Check this out:

The hour hand of the ‘24-hour clock’ reads20and,

The minute hand of ‘the year clock’ reads24..>..2024′.

If you look at the hour hand of ‘the year clock‘ it reads 20 and

The minute hand of ‘the 24-hour clock’ reads 16..>..2016′…SO, 2016-2024!

I find that very significant… especially in light of the dream I share below — Second Word — where I saw the Word…T.I.M.E and I heard “Trump. Is. My. Elected!”

Now as you can imagine, by this point I was wide awake and so I decided to go downstairs and continue to pray.

As I was praying, suddenly it was as if puzzle pieces from heaven began to fall into place as The Spirit of Revelation began to bring together a sequence of powerful prophetic words I have given over the last year, that led up to this moment.

Note, for those of you who follow me closely, you will probably find it easy to see the sequence I am going to share.

But for those who are new let me, try to make it (as user friendly as possible) as I endeavour to show you all the Words that The Spirit of Revelation brought to me.

First off, let me just say, I firmly believe these Words are speaking to the re-election of American President Donald J. Trump and to the kairos time we as the nations are now in.

These Words will give insight, revelation and prayer strategies!

Let’s start….

There are (3) specific Words that are key. Here is the first, a Word I shared on 19 April 2019. it was a warning concerning President Trump; owls and jackals. (Please read it get full picture!)
1st Word – given April 19, 2019
“A Word of Warning Concerning President Donald J. Trump”

“Watch and pray! For the eyes of the owl will see those that prowl. Listen and pay attention — for the sound of the howl of the jackals will be heard!”

Often times I will hear a riddle in The Spirit and then a vision will open up before me.

This afternoon as I was preparing a few things before for a meeting, I heard these words, “Watch and pray! For the eyes of the owl will see those that prowl. Listen and pay attention — for the sound of the howl of the jackals will be heard!”

As I heard those words, suddenly I saw American President Donald J. Trump sitting in the Oval Office when a door swung wide open and a large owl flew into the room. It circled the room 3 times, and then proceeded to sit down upon the ledge of the open door.

As I looked at this incredible bird, the first thing that struck me was the size and colour of its eyes. Its eyes were huge and their colour was a deep and penetrating gold. Its chest was as white as snow.

Now the president seemed to be totally unaware of the owl’s presence, but then suddenly I heard a sound in the realm of The Spirit and I recognised it immediately (having been born and raised in Africa and having lived in a wildlife conservation most of my life) the sound was all too familiar.

It was the sound of jackals/ hyenas and from what I remembered, they are filthy creatures and they really smell bad. In fact they stink.

Jackals/ hyenas operate only at night under the cover of darkness. They are scavengers and they feed on dead animals. They are skillful in hunting and they always kill in packs. They are incredibly resourceful and they often survive by stealing the dead prey from other predators.

But they have a distinctive sound. They shriek and they howl and their distinctive sound can be heard from a far distance.

Make no mistake, they are unpredictable and not to be underestimated and they are especially dangerous when operating in packs.

Now as I heard the sound of the jackals howl in the realm of The Spirit. I sensed an immediate warning of danger coming and then The Spirit of God spoke to me saying, “Watch and pray, for the eyes of owl must now see what prowls, for the spirit of the jackal comes under the cover of darkness to devour and to destroy in this hour!”

Friends I submit to you there is an urgency to pray against this “jackal spirit”!

It’s the first time I have heard of this spirit — but as I have gone to the Word of God for confirmation of what I was hearing and seeing, I saw that jackals/ hyenas are mentioned many times in the Bible and in all occasions it speaks of death and destruction.

Interestingly, as I was looking at the meaning of the Jackal in the Bible, I saw this verse in the Book of Job which says, “I am a brother of jackals and a companion of owls” (Job 30:29).

The jackal speaks of death! The owl while also being a nocturnal creature it is symbolic of the apostolic and the prophetic.

The owl lives in the darkness and has eyes to see through the darkness. It can see far into the distance. It can see the smallest of creatures moving in the darkness.

Owls can see what the enemy is planning and plotting. Owls are incredible hunters, highly skilled and extremely accurate and precise and they are powerful creatures. Owls always speaks of great wisdom, revelation, strength and strategy.

In this hour, I believe God is releasing a warning of a jackal spirit that is coming to devour and destroy, but God is also raising up and releasing the owls (apostolic and prophetic) to counteract the wiles and schemes of the enemy.

The owls must be watching and praying consistently and strategically for President Donald Trump in this season.

I believe God is now releasing a greater level of authority, wisdom and revelation. His Owls will see clearly in the darkness.

They will see far into the future, for surely nothing will catch them off guard, but every secret plan and plot of the enemy will be exposed and thwarted.”

2nd Word – given July 11, 2019

T•I•M•E…. “Trump. Is. My. Elected.”

See powerful parallels between last nights vision and this word concerning the year 2020 and the hour glass. See link; 2020: a year for healing, vision, judgment, justice and Trump.

“2020: A Year for Healing, Vision, Judgment, Justice and Trump”

    • The year 2020.
    • The Sands of Time.
    • The year of greater vision.
    • The Army of God arises.
    • The year of greater glory.
    • Outpouring of new wine and great harvest in the earth.
    • Trump is God’s elected for 2020 and
    • The Judgement and Justice of God coming to the House of God..!

Some of you may have listened to the video I put out yesterday concerning a powerful dream/ vision I received last night about the year 2020.

I felt the need to write out the dream for those that prefer reading, than to listening to an audio. Here goes…!

Greater Weightiness of His Glory on the Earth..!

So, just after midnight, 12:12 a.m. to be precise, I was caught up a powerful dream/ vision where I found myself standing in what felt like a holy and sacred place.

From this realm of The Spirit, I could see all the nations of the earth.

As I stayed watching in the dream, suddenly I saw the numbers ‘2020’ come up before me and the numbers were made of solid gold.

Now as I looked again at the numbers (2020), I could tangibly feel in the realm of The Spirit the weight of the solid gold numbers which were very, very heavy, and then I heard these words, “The year 2020 shall be a year where an even greater weight of My Glory will be released into the nations of the earth!”

Kairos Time of God; Action and Kingdom Advancement…!

Then I watched as the solid gold numbers began to shift and the numbers 2020 were completely rearranged and changed.

I saw the numbers becoming a solid gold hour glass (see; picture drawn of what I saw).

Then I heard these words, “Watch! The Sands of Time stand over the nations, for the year 2020 shall be a kairos year, a time of action and Kingdom Advancement in the earth.

A year where things will come to a head, a season of divine appointment and a time of great birthing in the nations of the earth!”


As I heard those words, suddenly I saw the sand within the hour glass turn to seed and I heard these words, “The year 2020 shall mark the beginning of the greatest harvest of souls, a year to reap that which has been sown into the earth.

Yes! A year of full maturity and a greater manifestation of My Glory in the nations!”

Then again the dream shifted and I saw the seed within the hour glass turn to wine. I then heard these words, “Watch! For now the old wine skins shall be replaced by new wine skins.

2020 shall be the year of the greatest outpouring of new wine upon the nations of the earth!”

Eyes of the Prophets and Watchmen… The Blind Eyes will be Opened…!

On hearing those Words, suddenly the dream shifted and I watched as the hour glass was yet again, changed/ dismantled, and then I saw the two ‘0’s, which were the two glass balls of the hour glass, coming together to form what looked like two eye balls/ two eyes ‘00’ which appeared over the nations.

I then heard The Spirit say, “The year of the eye. The year of 2020 vision. For the eyes of My prophets shall be enlightened and they shall see as I see, and the eyes of the eagles shall behold My Glory in 2020.
“Watch for signs, wonders and miracles as the eyes of the blind will be opened!
“Watch! As My faithful watchman shall receive 3-dimensional sight, for now I AM releasing new strategies, greater wisdom and understanding of the times and seasons to My Watchers on the earth.”

Then I was shown the ‘two eyes’ again and I watched as the two eyes moved to and fro across the nations of the earth as I heard these words, “My Eyes shall run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to give strength to the blameless, and to those who are walking righteously.”

The Year of the Wheel and the Key; Revelation and Governmental Authority!

Then the dream shifted again and I saw that both the “2’s” had also come together to form the ‘number 22’, and I heard these words in the realm of The Spirit, “Now watch and pay attention!
“For 2020 will be the year of the Wheel and the Key, and the Wheel of Revelation shall spin with great acceleration and the Governmental Key of the House of David will be turned unlocking the door that is shut!”

Time; Trump is My Elected 2020…!

Then suddenly I saw the word “TIME” come up before me and I watched as the Finger of God moved upon the word “TIME” and He wrote, “Trump. Is. My. Elected.

And then I saw the numbers 2020 appear once again. Then I heard seven (7) loud blasts of a trumpet go forth upon the nations of the earth and a great Army began to rise up from the nations at the sound of the trumpet blasts.

Latter Rains shall be Greater than the Former Rains..!

Now as my eyes looked at this great Army rising up in the earth, I heard these words, “The latter rains shall be greater than the former rains. Behold! My Latter Rain Army now rises in the nations of the earth!”

Then I saw again the Spinning Wheel and the Key appear over the rising Army, and the Wheel was set blaze by Fire and was spinning round and round with great speed.

Then I heard the sound of turning and I looked at the Key which had begun to turn, and I heard these words, “My Latter Rain Army shall carry the Governmental Key of The House of David upon their shoulders, and like the Spinning Wheel of Fire, they shall move and advance with great acceleration and momentum in the earth.
“For these are the days of My Glory and My Heavenly Government being established in the nations of the earth!”

The Smoke/ Glory will fill The Temple; Judgement and Justice comes to The House of God; Two Doors…!

As I stayed listening and my eyes looked again at the Spinning Wheel of Fire, suddenly I saw smoke rise up in the midst of the great Army and I heard these words, “And the temple was filled with smoke from the Glory of God!”

Then again I heard the sound of turning that could be heard in the realm of The Spirit and I looked at the Key and the Key of David was being turned.

Suddenly I saw two doors appear before me in the dream. The first door I saw had the words “House of God” written above it and I heard The Spirit of Revelation say, “For the time is come. Judgement must begin in The House of God.”

Then I watched as the first door was opened, and again I heard The Spirit speak, saying, “For the time is come — Judgement must begin in The House of God.

Then my eyes were drawn to the second door which had also appeared before me and I saw the words, “Most Holy Place” written upon it.

But as I looked at the door, I saw two flaming swords ⚔️ which formed a cross (x) standing over the entrance of the door that led to the “Most Holy Place”, and the door remained shut.

Then I heard The Spirit of Revelation say, “Watch and pray! First must come My Justice and Judgement — then the Door that leads to the Most Holy Place shall be opened!”

The dream ended.”

3rd Word – given March 23, 2020

See HKP word: “As Grain Silos Become Harvest Stadiums!”

For the sake of space I won’t post here again (Please click post title of use this link) and see as grain silos become harvest stadiums!

This Word was shared just a few day’s ago where I saw about seeing rats being driven out of grain silos, by little dogs that were being used to seek out the rats and drive them from their hiding places.

The silos of grain then become stadiums of harvest!

The Spirit of Revelation shows me a powerful parallel between the little dogs and the owls.

I believe the little dogs and the owls are speaking symbolically to ‘the prophetic and the apostolic and to the watchmen’ that need to be fully awake, alert and sounding the alarm at this critical time in the nations!

The rats and jackals speak to the powers of darkness that are operating in the hidden places, rats speaks to; sickness, diseases, famine and destruction.

Jackals (jackal spirit) speak to; a spirit of death and an assassination of God’s Plans and Purposes.

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

4 thoughts on “Symbolic ‘owl’ tells the Time for America – Veronika West

  1. Interesting prophetic words that this will all be over by Passover, including visions of angels pouring healing over the nations. The only way this can happen is if drugs are found that can defeat the virus which over time is the only answer anyway. Self isolating delays but doesn’t defeat the virus. Could it be that the drugs needed to defeat this virus will be found by Passover so no-one else need die and we can be back to normal? Then the ourpouring can begin. We are in exciting times. Look up!


  2. Hello Richard, It is interesting to read this prophetic sequence of words now (2023) and see how accurate they are but with a very different interpretation than originally thought. It seems clear that the 2020 vision relates to what we are now able to see of the rats and jackals who have come out in to the open following the stolen 2020 election. We also see how the Church has become intense in its prayer for repentance, exposure and justice. I am sure many felt the prophetic words were a bust after what happened in 2020 when in reality they were a warning. The 24 hour clock and clock of years prophecy really lays it out clearly that from 2020 to 2024 there would be a period of revelation of the rats and jackals. Mark Jenson

    Liked by 1 person

    • Indeed Mark, and my personal schedule has yet to let me to dig into it BUT last week’s blogs and later confirming news spoke to me of two bicycle wheels and reminded me of the owls eyes. Hope to blog asap but being Monday am working through many personal and house tasks.


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