‘Triple Twelves’ general election is really ‘Quadruple Twelves’!

You may recall reading, and hopefully not too puzzled by, Triple-Twelve Significance of December’s General Election. I noted the PM’s inspired selection of the 12th day of the 12th month, and which is also the 12th day of Advent, for this overdue political event.

The blog generated a lot of interesting contributions, of which a number brought more insight, as follows:

“Everything is on track, prophetically speaking. Veronika West’s 2 chairs prophecy now enters its final month, ending at end of Nov or thereabouts – Chris Moyler [see below].

“2019 also adds up to 12!” – Wendy Weeldon.

“I am fascinated by the work of the Almighty. I remember sometime ago messaging you that the Lord had one more thing to reveal – I sense this is it and what a surprise – numbers are so important in the works of the Lord. I knew 3×12 was not enough! 4×12 is 48 and the day after, 49 – Jubilee is the day on which the result will be declared. (Emphasis mine)

“Alleluia … The General Election is in His hands – Jubilee – Sabbaths’ Sabbath – the year of release! Alleluia!”- email from Erica.

Also, the Facebook page brought a host of comments. Those on numbering are as follows:

Jeroma Davies: “The No 12 signifies perfection re: 12 Disciples,12 Tribes of Israel, 144,000 made up of 12×12 in scripture. But for us as a Nation God is Releasing a PERFECT FOUNDATIONAL GOVERNMENT!  Amen.”

Maxine Phyllis: “It speaks to me of the three-dimensional New Jerusalem, described in Revelation 21 as 12,000 stadia in length, and width, and height. The wall was measured as 144 cubits in human measurement (v.16-17).

Yvonne Coombs: “The twelve tribes with the four banners! England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales…Success of UK and any other Country is to bless Israel and the 12 relates to the 12 tribes of Judah and there are the four banners of those tribes and this I believe spiritually represents England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, a symbolic alignment of God’s will that correlates with blessing Israel…The 4 Divisions or Groups of 3 Tribes, were headed by the Tribes of Judah, Reuben, Ephraim and Dan, and the principal banners of these four tribes are shown in the East ‐ A Lion, A Man, An Ox and an Eagle. [To this I added links to Vision of Lion & Four Faces of God and Veronika West’s similar vision.

The Facebook thread closed with further, notable thoughts from intercessor Maxine over in Nova Scotia submitted last weekend as follows (extracts only).:

“Today I went to read scripture and the Bible opened at the NEXT chapter (book of Esther). My eyes immediately fell on verse 1 chapter nine, which says “On the thirteenth day of the TWELFTH month, the month of Adar, the order commanded by the King was to be carried out.” There was a period of time between the month of Sivan (called the THIRD month in the Bible) and the month of Adar (TWELFTH month) in which preparations were made to seize the final victory. That’s a nine-month period which lines up with Veronika West’s post about the baby’s head crowning, etc. Not sure of how the Jewish months are calculated but the month of Adar is equivalent to February/March on ours, lining up with the date of Purim in 2020. It comes to me that the time between December 12, 2019 (election date) and Purim 2020 will call for powerful times of rising up and driving the enemy back..

“It comes to me that there are TWO twelves happening with Brexit; one representing the Kingdom of God manifesting on the earth (one which I’ve heard the Lord say “is Jewish from beginning to end”) and one in the New Jerusalem above, who is free and who is our mother (Galatians 4:26). It’s a full circle event in which the fullness of the Kingdom sees both Spirit-led Christians and Jews overcoming the enemy entirely…”

SO, a most hearty and grateful thankyou goes not only to the above but also to all my readers.


The references to a fourth 12 by Wendy and Erica, together with Yvonne’s reference to four and Jeroma and Maxine’s implied references to solidity, served to enhance Chris’ reminder of the dream of two chairs at a meeting of Boris Johnson and the Queen that Veronika West reported on 26th July (see Pray for New PM Boris Johnson).

Those emphatic changes of the election’s date from a triple-12 to quadruple-12, indicate the importance of that dream’s possible manifestation. Study therefore, this extract of Veronika’s posting:

“Now in the dream I saw Boris Johnson shaking hands with Her Majesty the Queen and they both began to chat with one another about the new position of influence that Boris would have in the days ahead in the Nation. As I watched them talk in the dream they both proceeded to sit down together, and as they went to take their seats, suddenly I noticed that the CHAIR that PM Boris Johnson took was a chair that LOOKED LIKE AN OLD ANTIQUE CHAIR, WHICH WAS NOT ONLY VERY EXPENSIVE BUT VERY, VERY FRAGILE, NOW AS I LOOKED AGAIN IN THE DREAM AT THIS OLD AND EXPENSIVE ANTIQUE CHAIR, THE FOUR (4) LEGS OF THE CHAIR WERE IMMEDIATELY HIGHLIGHTED TO ME AS SOMETHING VERY SIGNIFICANT, BOTH the number of legs that the chair had (4) and the fact that THE LEGS OF THE CHAIR LOOKED VERY SKINNY AND NOT VERY STRONG…


“On Hearing those words in the dream, I began to CRY OUT FOR THE NATION ONCE AGAIN..! And suddenly the dream shifted and I saw the Queen stand up and I heard her say these words to PM Boris Johnson, “COME! DO NOT SIT ON THAT SEAT, IT’S NOT VERY STRONG OR STURDY BUT RATHER SIT ON THIS SEAT”..,and I watched as Her Majesty then led PM Boris Johnson to the CHAIR OF WINSTON CHURCHILL… and I watched as PM BORIS JOHNSON THEN SAT DOWN UPON THE LARGE AND COMFORTABLE CHAIR WHICH HAD BELONGED TO SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL!”


My readers’ references to ‘improving’ 3 x 12 up to 4 x 12, appears to confirm Veronika’s repeated emphasis upon 4, especially in changing chairs from one of weak legs to one of four very sturdy legs for governmental (ie: No. 12) purposes.

+  +  +

Addendum – An Objection

A reader queried my including the date within Advent as being the third 12 because, “Advent in terms of the Xmas feast is not a biblical feast according to scripture…I’d therefore agree with all else but that…”

I thanked her and replied: “Nevertheless, it’s inclusion is justified on the grounds that it was a vital part of my personal rescue by the Lord Himself and which led to my salvation and His shattering of my satanic shackles !! He alone is Lord of Lords and King of Kings and thus overrules and uses any part of ‘churchianity’. Therefore, you may like to reconsider after checking out my testimony at 1st Sunday in Advent and a Personal Foretaste of Jesus’ Return

Moreover and almost simultaneously a reader brought their personal testimony too. Elaine Venning made this valuable contribution uopn the original blog:

“May I add another insight re Advent and the week in which this vote will fall. Under the old ordering of Advent when the last 4 realities were examined, the second Sunday was when the reality of Judgement was to be explored while the third Sunday of Advent, often called the Gaudete Sunday for the introit sung then, was for the reality of Heaven…..

“I well remember back in 2008 when, with some of my Catholic friends, I found myself “living” through a sense of these old realities, it was a time of transitus for my dear Father. He was in his last few earthly days and the missing piece of the jigsaw of his life was revealed in a remarkable way. The upshot was twofold. He died on Gaudete Sunday at precisely mid-day with a smile on his face – he knew where he was going, home to heaven – secondly, by that act of letting go on that 12.00 hour he gave me my marching orders without a word. He had fought the concept of prayer changing things all his life and had been both an instructor with the RAF and a communications morse code operator during WW2. During that conflict the noon of the day was that time when the nation was to say the Lord’s Prayer together and I believe it was read on radios. To me it was the simple command to pray for this nation in the light of this victorious heavenly reality…”

11 thoughts on “‘Triple Twelves’ general election is really ‘Quadruple Twelves’!

  1. I agree with Elaine Vennings concept that we should pray at noon as they did during the war.
    As I have mentioned before my alarm clock goes off at midday without me setting it.
    This has been happening for several months..
    I have never set the alarm for midday I have had no reason to.
    Does God have a reason though?

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  2. Richard, talking about 12. 12 years ago we had a severe flood round Yorkshire. We’ve just had a repeat occurrence. Yorkshire is central in England, so I’m expecting a flood of the Holy Spirit in this area. Hope this encourages your readers.

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  3. Tena Koe Richard,
    I awoke with this thought so I will pass it on. Is God taking over mechanisms?
    Mechanisms that have worked the same way for centuries and have now stopped completely at different times.
    As mentioned on this blog I think by Victoria West the stopping of Big Ben and the Tower Bridge incident.. Can this also apply to the mechanism of Governments.? We are told to “watch and pray”.
    The very timepiece we wear at our wrist is called a WATCH.
    This has just been revealed to me by HS though it seems obvious.
    And it has TWELVE numbers on it when I last looked!
    Praise God!

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  4. Tena Koe Richard,
    I’ve just watched a Christian Speaker Charles Stanley speak on TV and it ties in with the FOUR if you like.
    The four legs on the chair, the four faces of God, and the four twelves.
    I have had Pharoah “let my people go” as regards Brexit on my mind anyway, but Stanley says God said to Moses I AM THE LORD – FOUR times regarding God’s reassurance to Moses that God was in charge.
    God also says to Moses by GREAT JUDGEMENTS I am going to do it.
    Why should it be any different for Britain. We serve the I AM.
    Praise God.!!

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  5. I am no fan of Donald Trump and don’t follow American politics that closely. When I pick on information it is probably common knowledge. It was therefore a revelation for me to read today that the Democrat (Adam Schiff) going after Trump has received in the past financial backing from a man who has considerable ties to Ukrainian defence contracts and also further funding from another man who is a well known Hungarian. There are various jigsaw pieces here. Man with significant Ukrainian business interests funded a Democrat trying to impeach a President. A President threatening to withhold military contracts in relation to the whereabout of copies of the Democrats server. The Democrats didn’t let the FBI look at their servers but used a company half owned by a Russian. (That Russian himself not just an average IT company owner but a man who appears appears on lists of influential global people).

    The dubious business dealings of the son of a presidential contender and the influence used to get that son off the hook. There are many conflicts of interest coming to light. I get the impression that God is outing something significant here and at this stage we can’t quite see the wood for the trees. (This doesn’t even include the Uranium One saga which is a whole other story of murky dealings). Trump is no angel but it just seems that he is a sub plot to the real issue playing out.


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