Revd Dr Clifford Hill on Brexit: great shaking yet a door of hope

I’m particularly drawn to Dr Hill’s reminder of the Shaking of Nations prophesied in 1986 (unknown to me but Hebrews 12:27 was opened to me 10 years later) in his editorial to Prophecy Today UK, and grateful for ongoing permission to republish. Here’s Dr Hill on the causes of the current crisis:


What next for beleaguered Britain?

So Boris has got a deal! But the big question facing Christians in Britain is this – what is God saying to us? Is the hand of God inexorably guiding the nation towards a no deal outcome? Amazingly, Prime Minister Johnson has secured a deal with the EU which everyone said was impossible. But so did Mrs May last year! And her deal was firmly rejected by Parliament. Surely, Boris must know that whatever he presents to our rebellious Parliament on ‘Super-Saturday’ will have very little chance of being given the approval of the majority of our MPs. Even if the Archangel Gabriel appeared with a divinely approved deal, written in Heaven, it would be thrown out by this Parliament!

Having written that, I am well aware that I may have to eat my own words if something amazing happens and the new deal is overwhelmingly approved by Parliament. If that does happen, I would seriously question the value of the deal, as I have no confidence that this Parliament will do anything righteous, or that anything agreed with the European Union will be in the best interests of Britain.

I firmly believe that leaving with no deal is far better than leaving with a bad deal that keeps us partially tied to the EU. We need a clean break so that we have the opportunity to recalibrate all our relationships with God and with others.

Sovereignty of God 

I have great respect for the DUP, who are the only Bible-believing group of Christians in the House of Commons. I respect their judgement – although, of course, they are politicians with a peculiar set of problems, and they are struggling to resuscitate a dormant Stormont. At the time of writing this editorial they are refusing to back the deal, which may influence other MPs and makes the outcome of Saturday’s votes uncertain.

Nevertheless, I am totally convinced of the sovereignty of God – that he holds the nations in his hands as a drop in a bucket, as I quoted last week – and that he will find a way of working out his purposes for Britain. And I am well aware that God can use any of our unbelieving politicians, as he used pagan Cyrus to get the people of Israel out of Babylon.

Shaking and Sifting

Back in the 1980s on Mount Carmel we were told that in our lifetime we would see a great shaking of the nations, which would include a shaking of the natural environment. Well, we are certainly seeing a great shaking of the nations today – and we are also seeing phenomenal storms, earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis and floods. When God shakes the nations, as in a sieve (see Isaiah 30:28), it is for the purpose of separating out evil from good.

The process of shaking is extremely uncomfortable: all the things that appear to be permanent – the pillars of society upon which our security depends – all collapse: everything that can be shaken comes apart. The great shaking of Western civilisation began with the First World War in 1914. There have been many milestones since then: the Second World War, the dropping of the first atomic bomb, the collapse of the British Empire, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the USSR, 9/11.

More recently Western financial institutions began to be shaken at the beginning of October 2008 which, in a single weekend, saw the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Washington Mutual, Watchovia, the Citigroup and AIG. Many great industries and commercial institutions have disappeared in the last generation – shipyards, coalfields, steel foundries as well as high street stores, the latest casualty being Thomas Cook, the travel agent.

The Brexit chaos that is causing such division in Britain is all part of the shaking of the nation that had once a strong faith in God. We will never understand the great spiritual battle that is taking place over Europe (and, indeed, over all the Western nations) unless we recognise the hand of God in what is happening.

Revival or Judgment?

In last week’s editorial I took the bold step of proclaiming that revival will once again visit these shores, in a few generations’ time. It may be necessary to correct some wrong impressions. I certainly do not foresee imminent revival. Britain is a nation under judgment – we have polluted the land with the blood of nine million unborn babies, we have destroyed family life for millions so that more than half of all babies are born out of wedlock; we have millions of children and young people suffering from mental health problems; sexually transmitted diseases among the young remain at epidemic levels; our police forces and prisons are in crisis.

The nation is morally and spiritually bankrupt – and so is a large part of the Church. We can be sure that God is not going to pour out his Holy Spirit upon an unholy Church and a diabolically disorderly nation.

Nevertheless, I do believe that to a large extent God is orchestrating the chaos! And there will come a time when things get so bad that people will start crying out, “Oh God what has gone wrong?” When that point is reached there will be a new openness for the gospel and an opportunity for the faithful remnant to declare the word of the Lord. I have said many times that there will be no revival without repentance. But once there is even the beginnings of a spirit of repentance in the nation there will be a new move of God. God is always quick to respond to penitent hearts – this is the teaching of Jesus’s parable of the prodigal son. I was glimpsing those days when I wrote last week’s editorial so I took the risk of speaking about it, because I’m convinced that God always holds out a door of hope to us his children, even in the darkest hour.

Our task now is to strengthen the faith of believers; “Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees!” (Heb 12:12). We all need to keep our eyes upon Jesus, to watch what God is doing and not to be disturbed by the things that are happening around us. He will bring the Bible-believing faithful ones through the storm, as he promised to each of the ‘overcomers’ facing persecution in the seven churches of Revelation – from Ephesus to Laodicea – messages that are highly relevant for today (Rev 2:1-3:22).

Dr Clifford Hill

18 October 2019

8 thoughts on “Revd Dr Clifford Hill on Brexit: great shaking yet a door of hope

  1. I’ve just made a comment but don’t know where it’s gone.
    Johnn Bercoe has just scuppered Boris’s Deal.
    I have been reminded by what God told me at the beginning, MY HAND IS ON IT.
    How good that our God is with us.

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  2. Thank you dear Richard for sharing this article.
    I know that Clifford Hill is loved and respected by many Christians.
    Nevertheless, I would submit that Clifford’s prophetic vision diverges sharply from that of other respected prophets, such as Veronika West. I will seek to explain.

    Clifford says, “In last week’s editorial I took the bold step of proclaiming that revival will once again visit these shores, in a few generations’ time.”

    I would submit that the world does not have “a few generations” left! Prophets like Bob Jones, in his “Prophesying the Decades” spoke of six decades in which the authority of the church would be restored, enabling her to work closely alongside the LORD, to gather the HUGE end times harvest. That prophecy ends in 2060, although Bob said that it could extend further.

    What is very notable about this prophecy is that the 2020’s are the decade in which the Church enters the LORD’s rest ie she will rest from her own activity, and instead be clothed in the LORD’s righteous deeds. Rev 19:8.
    Malcolm Smith recently brought a very graphic word about this: he pictured the bride going down a corridor of doors, but being halted before two very large closed doors, until she had been clothed in pure garments. Only then was she permitted to enter the LORD’s feast, the LORD’s rest

    In the LORD’s rest, the Bride becomes v powerful. Ceasing from her own works, she is now trusting the LORD to do his work in and through her. Thus she becomes clothed in the righteous deeds of God- they become her garments.

    This period in the history of the Church is now imminent. As the LORD very clearly said to Lana Vawser in 2018, “Put out your word for 2019 early, because we have not entered a new season, we have crossed over into a NEW ERA.” I submit this revelation to be a very weighty one, one of the highest importance.

    Next, I wish to draw attention to a second thing that Clifford says here:
    “Britain is a nation under judgement,” a sentiment that I would strongly agree with, but one that requires more detailed examination.

    He says that there will be no revival without repentance, which is true, but he fails to distinguish here between the nation in general and the people of God. Yes, it is obvious that much of the Church is in a sinful unbelieving condition, but a most remarkable change has occurred within the believing remnant within the Church.

    Some 20 years ago, Brenda Taylor had a most remarkable vision of the Star of David, while visiting Jerusalem, one well worth republishing. (Dovetail Shslom have their 3 day prayer and fast in November at Brunel Centre in Torquay in Nov, btw)

    In that vision, nations were marked either for blessing or for curse. Britain was marked for curse. But the LORD said that he had come to warn as a friend, and he told Brenda to call a day of prayer, which happened at Marsham St in 2007. It was packed!

    Since that time, her group has gathered twice annually to fast and pray for the nation, and a remarkable turn around has occurred. During that time, the LORD has raised up a multitude of largely unseen prayer groups. BREXIT is part of the fruit of the change that has now occurred.

    The UK is no longer marked for cursing but for blessing. Were this not to be true, we would not be going through BREXIT. And in the US, another prayer movement has arisen, at the same time. This has enabled the rise of President Trump.

    So we are witnessing in both nations the REVERSE of the CURSE. (This was prophesied at Windsor) We are seeing a new birth in the Spirit realm, bringing in untold unexpected blessing to the Church, empowering her to gather. This will happen even as the LORD continues to judge the wicked ones in our nations.

    We are now witnessing a major roll back in the relentless advance of the New World Order, and this has been made possible by the praying, believing remnant.

    2020 will be the Year of the LORD’s Judgements. We about to see the uncovering of a shocking amount of evil, at the highest level of government, but a glorious pouring out of blessing upon the people of God.

    This, I believe, is the true prophetic picture of what lies ahead of us. So, I am sorry, I cannot embrace Cliffird’s perspective. It is an insufficiently gracious picture of the very rapid change that has now already come upon us.

    Thank you. God bless you. Chris.

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    • Greatly appreciate you taking time and trouble in these most welcome remarks Chris. Have published this because of the author’s sound analysis of the cause of our national problem, as well as reference to consequential ‘shaking’.

      I agree with your opening thesis for Dr H’s website principally covers the biblical grounds for our national situation and only rarely brings any prophecy. Imho this may be a result of his grieving the Holy Spirit because his site persists in criticising the Toronto Outpouring (1994 onwards) – last year I took issue with its authors and readers. This actually was a fulfillment of our PR friend Brett Dewey’s ‘tsunami’ vision, as told in #39 section of

      Also agree with your analysis, on top of which we watch for the interplay of Bible prophecies. Do you have to hand a link to the Malcolm Smith and Brenda Taylor prophecies pls?


    • Thank you also from me – for some reason I can’t get the “like” button to work. Like you I’m surprised that he says “we can be sure that God is not going to pour out his Holy Spirit upon an unholy Church and a diabolically disorderly nation” – it sounds very faintly Pharasaical to me (especially as in the story of the Pharisee and the tax-collector). I suppose we can thank God that he is so much more humble and gracious than any of us is!

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  3. Dr. Hill,
    I like your line “God is orchestrating Chaos” The Sun newspaper put it rather well by calling it “brextinction rebellion”.
    How amazing that the newspapers are echoing God’s thoughts and not parliament.
    Or perhaps we should not be amazed because of prophecies here of snakes and vipers present in that place.

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  4. I agree God can orchestrate chaos, but chaos is also something we inevitably fall into when we abandon God and choose to go our own way. Our own chaos has not occurred overnight, like a ‘suddenly’ when God sent a confusion onto His enemies, but has arisen gradually as our Parliament has passed a succession of ungodly laws and as our broadcasters have persistently propagandised against our Christian heritage and against the ordinary morality that holds any society together. Thus, I believe we have orchestrated our own chaos or allowed it to be orchestrated. But, I also believe that God has not abandoned us to this.

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    • Dear Intercessor,
      Dr. Hill quotes Hebrews 12 .12, strengthen your arms and your weak knees.
      I believe this is the message for Christians.
      What the unbelievers do I don’t know, they must be living in perplexity
      But God always shows himself by confounding the wise.

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