Prophetic word and vision: Get suited up Boris!

I’m grateful to Jeroma Davies for kindly permitting my republishing this, as posted today on Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival

Blessings in Jesus name…


Last night in prayer I Saw in the Spirit Prime Minister Boris Johnson standing still in Parliament alone.

I then Saw a brood of Vipers circling around our Prime Minister.
They were Like a whirlwind, black pythons/red and white snakes..

I looked up at his shoulders and face and I Saw a HEAVENLY GLOW as the Glory of the Lord was upon him.

I heard the Father say,



I then Saw these two huge Angel’s armed with Swords of Steel slaying these serpents. I heard very loud squealing as they dropped dead.

As I looked at Prime Minister Boris, I saw him being Armoured up. He had on a BREASTPLATE which was pure Silver. Its brightness was almost blinding.
These Angels were helping him put on also a HELMET also made of Steel, together with the rest of body armour, including a Sword glistening of fine Silver!

I then heard the Father say,

PM BORIS JOHNSON mounted the Horse in Full Body Armour.
I Saw a huge crowd stretching as far as the eye could see, with PM Boris riding across the front encouraging the masses of the great intentions and purposes for Great Britain/Isles.

I truly sense in my Spirit that our PM has the Inbuilt Power to lead the people out of BREXIT, despite the chaos taking place in Government.

The Angels slaying the vipers, those who betrayed their own party.

This is separating the sheep from the goats as Unity is tantamount in a United Force.

The strongholds that have been embedded from inception of time in the Governmental framework is being rooted and cast out as our God is turning the hands of time in restructuring/Restoring our Nation.

The intense Shakings will rear its ugly heads throughout this process but this battle is truly SPIRITUAL FOR OUR NATION AS OTHERS.

Holy Father You Appoint/Set Apart/Tear down according to Your Will.

Thank You ABBA
Your Mercy and Grace be upon the United Kingdom.

Your daughter
Jeroma Davis 4/9/2019

Ref. 2 Corinthians 10v4
For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal
But mighty through God
To the pulling down of strongholds….

Footnote: interesting ‘God-incidence’ in the reference to sword, which is what Geoffrey Pick, founder of PR4UKR, spoke to me about one from his personal perspective and which revived a memory relating to a picture given to me about 10 years ago.

As with all prophetic words and visions, the above is offered for weighing and testing with the Lord and holy writ.

12 thoughts on “Prophetic word and vision: Get suited up Boris!

  1. Last time I posted on this website many months ago i was told to spiritually man-up for asking what I thought was a very reasonable question; how can we define when a prophecy has clearly failed or is wrong.

    Unless we can define a basis for falsifying a prophetic claim then to my mind that claim isn’t very useful. This is the basis on which we all live our daily lives and make decisions. We have in our minds a working model of the world, but if circumstances refute that model we change or discard our original model and have learned something new about life.

    The reason I raise this is because over the last three years we have had all sorts of often conflicting prophecy about Brexit, which usually goes unchallenged. Richard keeps a running score of when “prophesy” is fulfilled, but there doesn’t seem to be the same care taken over keeping score when prophecy isn’t fulfilled – and that might give a very misleading idea of the batting average for prophecy. I don’t think that is just down to confirmation bias – I think a large part of the problem is that it is difficult to agree on criteria for falsifying often vague prophesy.

    So let’s come to this particular prophesy. Apparently Boris is THE chosen man who will deliver us out of the EU. (As recently as the beginning of this year Rev Sharon Stone was saying the same about Theresa May).

    How can this prophecy be either verified or falsified? If we “exit” the EU (and there is a great deal of debate about what Boris even means by that) is this proof that Boris is God’s chosen on a horse of pure white? Maybe – or maybe it’s just a constellation of circumstances that brings us out when Boris is PM and Boris will continue in much the same vein of personal and political behaviour that makes it hard to see him as a holy knight in burnished armour.

    Or maybe, as with Sharon Stone’s prophesy, circumstances will conspire to make the prophesy absurd in hindsight and the current Govt will falter, fail to get us out of the EU and then lose a GE – making it easy to say that this was a false prophesy – at which point we will never hear from this particular “prophet” again.

    I’m not making a personal attack on Richard, the person who made this prophesy, Sharon Stone, Emma Stark or anyone else. What I am trying to say is that I’m not sure that such an indiscriminate and scatter gun approach to publishing “prophecy” on this site helps the good name of this particular gift of the HS, when it is so often vague, random and contradictory.

    I’m sure the Bible says that we should weigh and judge a prophet and this site should do a bit more of that I feel

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    • I take strong exception to the false accusation of your opening para putting words I’d never use into my mouth! Clearly you’ve misconstrued my discussions and therefore I suspect it may be because you want to steamroller your opinion (which is not an unreasonable one) over others. Here’s previous posts, which I think were answered reasonably:

      Your opinion could be discussed ’til the cows come home’ and time’s far too valuable for me as I have to slot blogging into ordinary life. The scripture to which you refer heads up the Fulfilled Prophecies page.

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    • I am unaware of some of the particulars to which you refer, but agree with the substance your general points. In fact, I recently posted, saying much the same myself.

      A guideline for prophecy is given by Paul in 1 Corinthians 14: 29:
      “Two or three prophets should speak, and the others should weigh carefully what is said.”
      The norm for New Testament prophecy thus is for it is to be given in the setting of a congregation of believers. This allows more than one person to prophecy and a number to weigh the prophecies, which would put an end at least to the problem of seemingly contradictory prophecies.

      Weighing a prophecy also involves discerning its source – whether it is the Holy Spirit or the flesh or worse – at the moment when it is given and not just by later finding out whether subsequent events would seem to fit it.

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      • Mark, my previous reply was of necessity brief, being done via phone in very brief time available and so I couldn’t provide this link > You may have noticed the brief ‘prophecy protocol’ appears at the foot of posts appearing on mobile phones and I’ve now inserted a reference within the invitation to comment.

        Yes that was the norm in NT times, but until late 20th Century prophecy had vanished across most of the Church. Thankfully, it has been reintroduced through anointed and gifted ministers and has become fairly widespread, especially digitally. It also helps that Holy Spirit’s giftings are now widely in evidence and words and visions can be weighed and tested in the NT manner.

        Nevertheless, unless ministers have some personal experience in the prophetic and hear the Lord easily, that due process may not be achievable. For example, I cite the highly respected individuals referred to in today’s posting on The Shaking and The Rock, both of whom gave me a blank look. Also, both leaders at the new church we attend were unable to advise on Amos 7:7, maybe because they had not yet got to know us; yet a few weeks ago my wife was permitted to give a brief word she’d heard during worship from the front, which deeply affected and was accepted by one of their leading members.

        Online we don’t have the luxury of personal and regular contact with individuals. Therefore, there’s no option but to leave assessment to readers’ own relationship with the Lord. As in my reply to another, my special gifting recognised by leaders is that of ‘connecting the dots’; hence frequent blogs on God’s ‘GPS’ and invisible jigsaw. So I watch and report for information purposes and assessing, as with OT prophet Habakkuk, and occasionally have the luxury of time to note ‘sightings’ that have proven accurate.

        Many readers continue to be very supportive in helping in that task by notifying me of developments.


    • I clicked “like” on your post which wasn’t my intention. I don’t have an opinion on your comments as such so neither like/dislike.
      I now live in New Zealand where Brexit is often portrayed as a battle beween Christian Conservatism and Liberalism. Of course in the media here Liberals are the good guys. In NZ we are having our own David and Goliath battles at the moment over Liberal agenda on abortion, euthanasia, drug liberalisation, deplatforming “rightwing” speakers, divesting Israel, removal of Jesus from parliamentary prayers and more. All of which are supported by the EU. David in this case being much maligned Christian advocacy groups. Boris Johnson becoming PM was regarded with horror here by Liberals (even though Boris seems quite Liberal himself). He has been described frequently as a very dangerous man but never any description on what they fear he is going to do.

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  2. There are spiritual forces of evil standing against Brexit, lurking behind the humans who are opposed to God’s work. Although our struggle is against the principalities and powers, we should remind ourselves that most citizens of the UK are not Christians.

    They are not our people; they do not belong with us. We would like them to; we pray that they will; and we preach the Gospel But they are not our people and we must bear that in mind as we pray.

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    • I beg to differ with your comment that most citizens of the UK are not Christians. A lot of people still call themselves Christians even though they do not attend a church. Yes there are a section of citizens that identify as agnostic/atheist, but there are still a large number who are Catholics, we also have a very diverse group of people who identify as other religions. By stating ‘they are not our people; they do not belong with us’ (sic) you sound very arrogant and not very Christian, to my mind, whatever happened to not judging people?


  3. FROM Roger J:

    Hi Richard, I wonder if Jeroma’s prophecy about Boris being suited up in armour has a link to the miraculous sign about to happen in Big Ben – also undergoing restoration?

    Extract below, passage underlined:

    “The strongholds that have been embedded from inception of time in the Governmental framework is being rooted and cast out as our God is turning the hands of time in restructuring/Restoring our Nation.”

    God bless you


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  4. There is a possible link here to the words that came to myself & others – “Behold I will slay Leviathan…the serpent….” However I feel that we all need an attitude of humility as well as wisdom when we test these prophecies, also an openness to discussion. Over and over again in the Bible we are warned against false prophets – not, I think, just those who are deliberately deceitful, but also those who may be yearning for peace, and who are speaking from their souls rather than from their spirits.

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