GPS #31.2 – confirmation of the gold signet ring for UK

Now here’s an awesome ‘God-incidence’ of God’s GPS (Global Prophecy Signalling) in action as I now discover Yvonne Coombs had already made it the subject of a special painting, as in the message posted early this afternoon, almost simultaneously with Veronika’s. Thank you Lord and Yvonne for this message:


I had a very simple vision in my service today of the parting of the Red Sea and I shared that I felt the Lord was saying that he is dealing with and shall rid the chariots and horses from attacking yet, it must take a stepping out to actually cross that sea, that unity and a coming together must happen to cross it in fullness. Now in remembering this, I do believe it was for the church members and us as individuals to take those steps, but it must also be for this Country of the UK to step out together and i feel this is to be actioned right now through prayer and fasting, THAT COMPLACENCY IS STILL RIFE AMONG MANY STILL, CONCERNING PRAYER OVER THE UK. We are in a pivotal time and we cannot simply take it as read that God will quickly destroy the enemy chariots, if we haven’t even started crossing in togetherness, to that freedom.
Those who struggle, fasting can be on many levels, but it is all accepted and appreciated by our God, we can part fast, leave out a meal, for it is our movement of obedience that moves his heart and changes atmospheres.

I ask the Lord how it will look if we are in unity of movement and i see a giant gold ring hovering over the Houses of Parliament.I see a blow torch melting the gold from the ring as it drips over the building. “IF YOU CALL TO ME, I SHALL SURELY ANSWER YOU, IF YOU GO TO YOUR KNEES IN PRAYER AND CRY OUT TO ME, I SHALL SEAL YOUR UNITED KINGDOM IN GOLD! I SHALL SET MY STANDARD OVER YOU AND I SHALL GIVE OVER THE GOLD OF THE EGYPTIANS TO YOU AND I SHALL CALL YOU MY FAIR LAND, MY OASIS AND MY ACHIEVEMENT OVER YOU SHALL BE SEEN FROM THE NORTH, TO THE SOUTH, TO THE EAST AND TO THE WEST.”

I felt to paint this image and I saw a sword thrusting into the river Thames.

I believe the gold ring is a wedding band, a covenant promise, so let us say “I DO!”
Psalm 63

Yvonne Coombes, 8th April 2019


11 thoughts on “GPS #31.2 – confirmation of the gold signet ring for UK

  1. I have felt that Leviathan, the sea demon, has been present in the Thames outside the Houses of Parliament. Once from Westminster Bridge I could see in the natural such a powerful churning and turbulence in this river that seemed beyond ordinary and demonic. I believe that the picture of the sword thrusting into the river in the painting accurately depicts a judgement of Leviathan, as promised in Isaiah 27:1:

    “In that day the LORD with his hard and great and strong sword will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, Leviathan the twisting serpent, and he will slay the dragon that is in the sea.”

    The New Bible Dictionary (IVP) claims that Leviathan as the “fleeing serpent” relates to the Tigris/Assyria and as the “twisting serpent” to the Euphrates/Babylon, while in Psalm 74:14 Leviathan refers to Egypt. Thus, it appears that Leviathan is always in service to the ungodly empire of the day, and I believe that the EU is the current one, which the Lord will strike. Thus, I would say that this painting indicates the deliverance of the UK from the EU, which will require that the power of Leviathan is broken off our Parliament. I agree that our part in this will involve fasting.

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  2. The Gold Signet Ring – Bro. Richard,

    This message was confirmation for me as well for several reasons. One being that I’d just had meditation in Exodus 14 and 15. The Lord started me in Exodus 15 with the song of Moses and the dancing of Miriam and all the women. (verse 20-21)
    Then He led me backwards to Exodus 14 shining the spotlight on why they were expressing such jubilation: the Red Sea Crossing…

    Secondly this message also reminds me of a passage the Lord revealed to me in Haggai 2:23!

    “In that day,’ says the Lord of hosts, ‘I will take you, Zerubbabel My servant, the son of Shealtiel,’ says the Lord, ‘and will make you like a signet ring; for I have chosen you,’ says the Lord of hosts.”

    We’re embarking upon an amazing work of the Lord, a spiritual positioning of the sorts. Salt of the earth, Light of the world, City set on a hill that cannot be hidden!!

    Anthony Smith
    (email Mon 8th, 7:01pm)

    “the vision is yet for an appointed time”

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  3. How as Christians are we meant to interpret or understand this message?

    “it must take a stepping out to actually cross that sea.”

    Ok – but a stepping out in which direction? Are we stepping towards a complete severing or links with the EU (as seen in one message on this site last year),or are we talking about the very softest of soft Brexits as described in a prophecy published more recently on this site?

    “it must also be for this Country of the UK to step out together”

    How is that going to be accomplished? A good many Christians one speaks to are keen for us to remain in the EU. Opinion in the wider community appears as divided as it has ever been. So how are we going to step out in unity, either as believers or as a nation, when we are so divided? Indeed it is this division that is the problem – if we weren’t divided then Parliament would not feel free to act as it has.

    This division and double mindedness is very evident in the pages of this site. Charles Shamp and Dr Sharon Stone have repeatedly told us in the last that God has chosen Theresa May to be PM at this time, and yet she has carefully plotted to destroy Brexit and now acts with breathtaking and brazen daring to sacrifice her party, Parliamentary democracy and this country itself so that a new nation called the EU can be born.

    How are Christians, let alone the nation, meant to “come together” in stepping out on a new course when the “prophets” are so confused and seemingly hearing very conflicting messages?


    • Hi there. Thanks for your response and I am meaning a stepping out in obedience, courage, prayer, intercession and all through intimacy with God and therefore, we shall become one, we shall move together with no flagging and then God can reveal His Glory. If Moses had to wait for stragglers so they wouldn’t suffer as the charioteers, this would have been difficult. When people have to wait for their flight to take off because one person hasn’t stepped out the door in time, it isn’t helpful. It’s ultimately about seeking first the Kingdom of God and all else shall be added. I hope this helps in understanding.

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      • No Richard,I wasn’t being satirical.

        The conflict between Leave and Remain isn’t between two competing economic views of what will maximise U.K. GDP over the next 5-10 years. It is a conflict between two sets of patriots.

        On the Leave side we have patriots who support the nation state of the U.K., on the other side we have patriots who support the birth of a new nation state – the EU.

        It is increasingly obvious that supporters of the EU will not accept a democratic or constitutional settlement of the debate and so it has escalated to a conflict.

        Once you remove Democratic, legal and constitutional means for the majority to express their will, then the majority have a choice to make; they must either meekly submit, or adopt “other means” of political expression.

        I am convinced that the U.K. will inevitably leave the EU – that die was cast when we refused to adopt the Euro – a key staging post for the EU’s transformation into nation state. We are clearly never going to walk down that path and so the EU and U.K. have been on divergent paths for 20 years.

        All that is really left to decide is the manner of our leaving. I think most would have preferred that we could have done that peacefully. The EU nationalists ,who are determined to prevent that by every means available to them, have thwarted that option. So now we are in that strange phase of a conflict before either side has come to physical blows. It seems hard to see how violence can be avoided.

        I have heard prophecies of a man of iron, another Cromwell, who will come to purify the nation with fire. Perhaps that will happen. I wish for peace but as a nation I fear we are past the point of gentle remedies and in need of strong medicine, not just for Brexit but for a whole host of reasons.

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