PM Boris’ political play repeats prophecies; Press again repeats them (Fulfilled Prophecy #45.3)

Now, as in June, August and September, the Press has once again applied, albeit unwittingly, descriptions that had been given in prophetic words about a particular political subject:

Daily Mail headline Wed 11 December 2019

Prime Minister ploughing through wall with ‘GRIDLOCK’ written across it (Credit: Julian Simmonds for Telegraph)

Prophecy Update #5 (June 2019) looked at yet another instance of the Press applying descriptions that had been given in prophetic words. This time the attribute ‘Bulldozer’ was given to Boris Johnson’s actions upon his assuming Prime Ministerial office, which related directly to the prophecy on divine excavations that Veronika West had 5 months earlier upon seeing him standing in front of a JCB.  Her prophecy and the press item both connected into the open vision of a mammoth bulldozer I’d been blessed with 5 years ago.

In August it was repeated again (see Fulfilled Prophecy #45.1), and then in September a journalist described his controversial strategist Dominic Cumming’s role without any realisation whatsoever that her terminology precisely fits three prophecies!

So don’t think, like some pastors, that prophecy should shy away from political matters!

6 thoughts on “PM Boris’ political play repeats prophecies; Press again repeats them (Fulfilled Prophecy #45.3)

  1. On the eve of the General Election with Corbyn’s star appearing to be on the rise – I thank The Lord for His Prophets and their boldness in sharing with us what The Lord is saying to them. I’d forgotten about the Prophesies re the Bulldozer and then yesterday seeing Boris “Bulldoze” his way through a mock wall in a JCB – just as Veronika had seen all those months ago and verified by Richard’s word more recently. I am trusting The Lord to get Boris back into No 10 with a working majority to get things done. Praise God. He has not abandoned us and the UK is still well loved by Him.

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  2. Moria I didn’t think I had any more to add to the debate. But was hoping I would get something definite in this last hour.
    The Lord has just said “LEAVE”.
    Does this mean the Leave faction will win and we will leave the EU.?
    Remains to be seen.
    But the Lord always reveals before as found in Book of Amos.
    Praise the I AM.

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    • Alex I truly believe that The Lord wants us to Leave the EU asap! We’ve been reading about the dreadful corruption in the EU – on BBC News Home page of all places! Then there’s the situation with Israeli goods from the areas they won during the 6 day war. The EU have told it’s Member States NOT to buy any goods from these areas. The UK will NOT agree with that- if Corbyn doesn’t get in, The USA have already stated they’ll carry on buying Israeli goods wherever their origin. If we turned our backs on Israel we would face the anger of God. The EU will crumble as has been prophesied on Richard’s watch. It’s evil.

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  3. Tena Koe Richard,
    I’ve just realised you had the bulldozer vision five years ago, previously to Victoria.
    All the prophets are coming out with same words and visions.
    It is wonderful and even better when media backs them up, using precisely the same words unwittingly one would have thought, unless they are reading the prophets and jumping on the bandwagon.
    No bad idea either.!
    Praise the I AM.

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  4. Richard And Moria,
    I meant to say Veronica in last post instead of Victoria if you are mystified, other prophets as well.
    The British polls said “hung parliament”.
    Completely wrong as were polls on Trump winning in 2016.
    Just watched excellent on Syrian situation.
    Paise the IAM.

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    • I understood who you meant Alex. I Praise The Lord for the amazing results of the General Election – though in my heart I believed Boris would win – and am sure it was God’s Will to do so. I was delighted to read this morning that Big Ben WILL be rung on the day we leave the EU. New Speaker Lindsay Hoyle has overturned Bercows’s ban on doing so. Praise The Lord indeed. Have a Very Happy Christmas.


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