Personal PS to Miracles in the UK’s item 80

The prime purpose of my personal profile on Facebook is to circulate items on this blog to regular users of that social medium. There’s also a Fb business page that I started soon after launching the blog, but its automatic connection for posting blogs no longer functions. So I have to copy-paste interest addresses from each blog into both my Fb accounts whenever I have time to do so.

Therefore, my WordPress readers may be unaware that Malcolm Sim (Fire Ministries International) commented on my Fb copy of ‘Miracle 80’, “WOW, SO POWERFUL”.

I replied, “Upon attending (and later associating with this church outside Haslemere) its Tuesday ‘Refresh’ mornings we were pleased to learn they know Christopher and his wife Rachel, whom we’ve known for some years and are prophetically very gifted.

“The current Refresh series is on ‘God Speaks In…’ with Christopher speaking on ‘…Signs & Wonders’.  As he drew to a close before inviting folk to respond, he walked over to me and whispered that the Lord is saying my watching is to get “louder”!  Next, Nina went forward at ministry time, got floored by Holy Spirit and surprised to be given a word from Chris that proved to be key to healing a buried issue in her childhood.”

[Readers may recall a connection with him as recounted in ‘Jigsaw Pieces’ Portray 27th June’s Significance in Prophecy.]

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