Prophetic pictures of 2012 of four emblems for nations of the UK

Thank you to Martin Perry for permission to share the following for he says, “Please be free to use as you are led, these words are not mine, but His.”

He emailed on 8th October but now seems a fitting time for publication, especially after hearing what Emma Stark and Jennifer LeClaire brought on Scotland only days earlier, as in the previous post

Martin writes,

‘I was given this word just prior to a day of prayer in Edinburgh September 2012 I have felt prompted to offer this to you for your thoughts. I wonder if this is part of the work needed to bring the UK, together and out of the Euro Zone?

‘I am not pushing this as an agenda, just that the prompting to send this was strong enough for me to do so.

‘I offered the word to the leaders that day, and was given permission to speak it out to the gathering. Also, I spoke it out prior to that in my church at that time.

“I saw four emblems of the UK:

‘Of the Dragon of Wales, I felt God say He was going to close the Dragons mouth and extinguish the fire that burned in the belly of the Nation of Wales. From this a new spiritual Godly power would arise and rule the land.

‘I saw the Swords of war held in the hands of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and I then saw the Lord come and bend the swords into a bridge between Ireland and England.

‘I saw for Scotland, the forces of a huge army marching towards Hadrian’s Wall, and facing England, they carried as flags and banners representations of every ill they had received from England, via King, Parliament, Aristocracy and individuals. They were united in their anger against England, and no sound could be louder than there cries for reparation.

‘I saw a stillness descend on to the massed cry, as a roar of a Lion spoke over them, and silenced their anger. Soft words He spoke and met their complaints word for word. They were appeased by the truth of the Lion’s words.

‘Hadrian’s wall stood as a border, not as a war defence against each country.

‘All the above were dependent upon England apologising as an act of national repentance to the three countries for the historical wrongs England has done against these countries.

‘This was not a small action, but crafted and serious and deliberate in all ways.

‘During the Day of Prayer, I apologised to the city of Edinburgh and Scotland and also to Wales and Northern Ireland.

‘We prayed for this freedom to be established in the UK. Beyond those actions I am unaware of any further follow up. Hoping I have heard God in a useful way.’

More recently, Martin has another vision for Britain and Europe that will be appended to the next post.

PS. I note the dating of the original word as 9/2012 and again 2-12 features and the time lapse is 7 years 3 months, or 87 months, which two numbers I was told in a prophetic word are of significance personally (Fun with ‘God’s numbers’… refers).

3 thoughts on “Prophetic pictures of 2012 of four emblems for nations of the UK

  1. Dear Richard,

    Thank you so much for your blog and ministry to the Body of Christ! The Lord bless and guard you. Num 6:24-26.

    Lots of love and Shalom, Jean Brits

    Let anyone who is thirsty come to Me and drink. John 7:37

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  2. England is the greater, in size/population that is and as hard as it is to read this I acknowledge the sins of my ancestors although I also declare the other nations have dodge too but we in England as the most powerful have taken advantage of that albeit much in defence as for example Ireland was allied to Spain our enemy and Scotland to France our enemy but evn as a union we have taken advantage. I am a former English nationalist turned British by meeting good Scots and Welsh who hold no anymosity or hatred towards England and are pro union, you dont hear about these folk on the news. I love the idea of this national repentance towards our beloved British brothers and sisters and I look forward to it coming through some office or authority, it really should be the government. May the Lord give Bozza the ways and means to do this as the Lord Himself puts the healing balm on the wounds and binds us together with unbreakable cords as He brings a great revival in our land bringing healing between our divided communities and mutual respect for each other under the rule of Godly law, also just pointing out that Hadrians Wall is in England and 60 miles from Scotland, it runs alomg the Tyne in Newcastle, hence Wallsend. Southerners always give Northumberland to Scotland. its in England. 🙂

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