Milestones and crossroads in two disciples’ walks with the Lord

The following is offered on the grounds prominently stated on the first printing of my testimony, upon this blog’s homepage and in About Comments – ie. it is all purely


IN chatting with Geoff Pick, creator of UK Prophetic Word blogspot, about a conference paper being prepared on the prophetic in the UK, we were intrigued to learn a couple of dates marked rather similar events in our long-standing activity in prophecy.

Our personal paths had ‘crossed’ twice and, although marked by spiritual signposts that point out our different, distinct routes, those ‘locations’ were ‘milestones’ marking each crossroad’s significance – perhaps like the altars to the Lord the ancient patriarchs and Hebrews had set up to mark where and when the Almighty had appeared and broken into their lives.

It’s especially amusing that our milestones actually have numbers on them – as dates.  So these milestones indicate ‘space-time’ distance travelled in walking with our Lord..:


Geoff noted that, after the Millennium, most prophetic input was coming from America, or other English-speaking nations, with little from believers across Britain. So in 2004 he started assembling national prophecy and, encouraged by others, launched a website bringing together those prophecies, as well as Facebook group Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival. His UK Prophetic Words public blog on the same theme followed in 2011.

2004 was when I was ‘God-smacked’ with an open vision of the rotten state of Britain, but was unable to discuss it in-depth with anyone in churches until we went the next year to a prophecy school run by a church prophecy team at Bath at three levels to allow for delegates’ abilities. Nina and I daringly plumped for Revd Dr Sharon Stone’s ‘masterclass’ and I sounded her out on that dream. Right away she accepted its validity – then called her students to intercession on it!  Sharon and husband Greg had come to Britain in 2001 to start Christian International Europe under Dr Bill Hamon (based in Florida). 


Seven years later, in 2011, Geoff and I were involved with the Revival Alliance gathering in Westminster, but from completely different angles because mine was a ‘flying visit’ in a dream wherein I ‘saw’ and declared, “The Kingdom is being set up!” Afterwards, when briefed about the event and Bill Johnson musing that “We would look back at 1st Sept 2011 as the day things changed in the UK,” I emailed organiser Christen Forster about the dream.

That prophetic linkage impelled me to go public with my email observations on Bible prophecy and world events by launching this blog on 21st November 2011. 

Only months later in 2012 did I discover Geoff’s website and the 10 Prophetic Visions therein.

Moreover, only in recent weeks have we noticed yet another Biblically-relevant activity in common: an appreciation and understanding of the relevance of numbers!

Contemporary prophecy and ministry is our common interest, but not my prime focus. In view of what had happened in my pre-Christian days, Bible prophecy certainly takes precedence, as well as being the raison-d’etre of my writing.

Geoff became aware of my work on this blog, yet in recent discussion I realised he’s not familiar with the whole cyber-library of hubs and static pages. This would also apply to anyone using a mobile phone unless they choose to see the ‘full site’.  To check that very large library’s content click its aforementioned link.

Therefore, I composed and sent him the following synopsis of my personal history and thought it would interest you too…(Moreover, as the anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 has just passed, I recall its relevance to my journey. Later in the Readers’ Digest I read a lady’s account of dreaming about an attempt upon his life and trying to warn the authorities.)


In summary, here are the personal milestones with associate links to read about them if you have time and inclination to do so:

Mid-1980s – ‘The Invisible Hand’ by Victor Dunstan about ‘ancient seers’ prophecies, as in this blog’s Bio Info, which also gives brief overview of few notable ‘milestones’.

1989 – dream visitation from the Lord as told in I’m FREE [5th bullet-point refers; article summarises my background – 1990, started attending Tilehurst Free Church (Baptist) with its very sound Bible teaching. 1998 healing and deliverance with Ellel Ministries.]

1992dream vision and word re “fall of Islam” – stunning reality of prophetic visions.

1996, 2008, 2009 – THREE personal prophetic words about writing and prophecy

2004 – open vision of Britain being ripped apart as ‘fabric of society is rotten’ but rock of Christ appears, as later published in email of 18 August 2011.

2008-9 – As my Bible explodes I hear “This is ALL about to be fulfilled” and thus began  emailing on End-times. [First is in two-parts entitled The End-game Is Now In Play.]

2011 – a vivid dream connects not only with Bill Johnson’s prophetic word on pivotal point in UK’s prophetic history but also location of his meeting (see ‘Father Let Your Kingdom Come’).

2011 – launched ‘Richard’s Watch: Looking For The Signs  Of Jesus’ Return’ with this Welcome. Posts on False Theology, Eschatology, Prophecy, Why I’m Watching were to follow with my testimony, and this on Biblical/historical/financial Cycles for 2011-12.

4 thoughts on “Milestones and crossroads in two disciples’ walks with the Lord

  1. Thanks for sharing all this, Richard. If a real believer follows the Lord in obedience over many years there will be a timeline. There will be that which we can refer back to and which exists as on ongoing thread. Even if we get off the road from time to time, unintentionally or not, as long as we get back and continue on, the timeline continues.

    I must emphasize that we will travel through new revelations on the way. We only know what we know. If we are not aware of some such truth it is not that such truth does not exist, but only that it does not exist to us at that time. Those believers with legitimate born again experiences have the basic NT truth down early on and then begin to build upon it by staying close to the Lord, reading and studying His Word, and etc.

    Sometimes we are not yet spiritually mature enough for greater revelation but such will come eventually if we keep growing. Sometimes we think we have the truth on a subject but what we really have is partial truth or misinformation, or even disinformation. We must note the signs and wonders that followed the Lord’s ministry and those of the early Church. There was a high level of spiritual maturity there that allowed for those things. Anyone who has experienced miraculous events knows these things are real and undeniable.

    Many years ago I heard guys like Bill Hamon, Bill Johnson, and Kim Clement in person. I’ve met guys like Rick Joyner, Rick Godwin, and Bob Jones. These men had particular anointings that served well at the time. Wonderful things were happening then. A lot of it was fresh. I had begun writing my first book at that time. But I can tell you and your readers, Richard, that my book did not go over so well. It was too far ahead of its time for the leadership of that time to understand and thus accept. Of course, I still stand by everything I wrote in Real Christianity (published in 2001). It was not only ahead of its time but had clear prophetic overtones. I made sure I was not influenced by the Christian culture of that time when I wrote it.

    The point is that we must keep learning and growing in the Lord. You have illustrated your spiritual growth in this post. Again, if we are doing it right there is a timeline. We can go to any time upon it and see where we were then. And hopefully, we can all then see how we have matured along the way.

    Thank you for allowing me to share all this, Richard. You are a great friend. It is exciting to see the spiritual progress in your country! More light is continually coming forth. The Lord is doing a great thing and many are being saved. Keep up the great work.

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  2. I am not familiar with prophetic history so interested to come across Bill Johnson for the 2nd time in a week in unrelated forums. I have just had some dealings with his team at Bethel Church but had no idea he has prophetic leanings as well.


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