Leisa Ebere: vital for church leaders to teach God’s Ways in the reprobate UK and USA

The absence of preachers who can speak with the Lord’s anointed power and authority into our satanically duped society and stand against the pernicious evils of our day has been bothering me over the weekend. 

So I’m pleased to read Leisa’s second notable email sent before the weekend but read today, for she writes,

“The Lord has given me a Word today calling to Leaders ‘to stop leading from the back’ and to teach the people His Ways. This Word seems particularly focused at the nations of the UK and America. Here it is:


given to Leisa Ebere, 5th December 2019

The Lord spoke and said: “There are many I have called to leadership, but they are now transposed and leading from the back, whilst untrained and blinded masses are led to the slaughter by the enemy. It is not My Will that My People be sifted like wheat. Claim your birthrights bought by the precious blood of My Son and position yourselves in a place of Authority, and teach others My Ways, for this I have purchased for you through much pain and much sacrifice,said the Lord.

“Murders and power struggles, and sexual deviance and pride, have injected brutality and uncleanness into nations, such as the UK and America,’ declared the Lord. “And so, these nations which are still destined for a totality of an immersion of My Spirit, have now reached an impasse which will require prophetic eyes and strong hearts to resolve. I will not leave such nations paralysed by these evil influences, but My requirement must be for you to break out of natural mindsets and to enter into My Courts. Throw away all apathy and take action, My People, for surely I am bringing transformational change that will defy all logic. For I Am that I Am,” said the Lord of Hosts, “and My Will shall not be abolished, though it has been delayed for a time.”

1 thought on “Leisa Ebere: vital for church leaders to teach God’s Ways in the reprobate UK and USA

  1. Leisa and Richard,
    I agree with you, there are not many who will speak out. It seems to be left to the more secular people like Trump and sports stars and celebrities.
    For instance an Australian rugby star has just settled out of court with Rugby Australia for supposedly offending a whole list of sinners who were mentioned in St.Paul’s letter to the Corinthians.
    Israel Folau’s comments were broadcast widely and still are.
    Now Kim Kardashian’s musician husband has become a Christian.
    The Kardashians have supposedly a billion followers on social media.
    God invented social media a long time before Silicon Valley were aware of it for such a time as this.

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