Big Ben arises with continual ‘wake up’  

Mulling over the recent midnight theme, including the dream from o’er Pond, I’m struck by Saturday’s follow-up from Tony that may prophesy the result of voting on the Article 50 ‘Brexit Bill’ in Parliament today, threatened as it is by those not aligned with God’s will (see Telegraph link and Big Ben & Midnight – the dream to which Tony refers was flagged up in Visitation Time – I Am Coming With My Power Like Fire).

My Dreams and Visions

In August of 2016 I had the following vision.

I saw a vision of Big Ben being struck at its base by what looked to be a missile. Then I saw it fall just like the twin towers did in the 9-11 attack where the towers, instead of falling over, crumbled to the ground. Big Ben’s clock face was now on the ground but was undamaged
The morning of 03/11/2017 I had another dream about Big Ben only this time I saw it arise from the clock face on the ground to its original height, perhaps even taller. I remember hearing it bonging, however, it did not cease as one would have expected when it had chimed the hour of the day but was a continual bonging. Then I saw people in beds asleep and I perceived that the bonging was to awaken from slumber those who were sleeping.


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3 thoughts on “Big Ben arises with continual ‘wake up’  

  1. Am impressed with not only the sequential significance of this dream but also its meaning in connection with the historical use of church bells as public alarms and for celebrations eg Turning point in WWII, VE Day and its 70th Anniversary, 800th anniversary of Magna Carta and Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, about which I blogged especially on significance of bells being heard in heaven >

    In view of my recent meditations on the scriptural references to midnight (eg. in the parable of the virgins awaiting the groom’s coming, Matt 25) and taking both dreams of Tony Puccio in sequence, they may also indicate the soon coming of the King of Kings especially as, according to Revd Dr Sharon Stone, we’re now entering the season of The King!

    For anyone wanting links >


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