Party politicians ‘Do God’

liberal-democrats-do-godMy attention has been drawn to a new book about Christians within politics, Liberal Democrats Do God. (NB: I don’t support any party.)

There have been many reviews, but  I would suggest your reading Gillan Scott’s attempt to get beyond all the sensationalist headlines on his well-informed blog here.

This reminded me that the Lib Dems president, Tim Farron, took a lot of stick last year in supporting Healing On The Streets against the Advertising Standards Authority. They were determined to prevent churches in Bath offering to pray in public for anyone who wished to receive prayers for healing. Eventually this reached Parliament, where HOTS  Bath gave a presentation to MPs, as I reported in Healing in Parliament.  For personal reasons, the early months of this blog were spent supporting my friend Paul Skelton’s struggle, which eventually resulted in victory (here, also see tags below).

As regards the book, Gillan is of the opinion,

The greatest achievement of this book is to give Christians in the Liberal Democrat party an opportunity to confidently stand tall without being ashamed of their faith. It says, ‘Look we’re Christians, we’re not embarrassed and we have nothing to hide. We believe our politics is better for it and not worse. We believe we have something that is of great value and we’re not going to water it down.’

and he concludes with a challenge:

What surely ought to follow from this is a similar exercise from Christians in other parties. David Cameron has made it be known that Conservatives ‘do God’. Are others willing to publicly join this declaration that Christianity should be firmly at the centre of politics and not just an onlooker from the sidelines?

Hopefully, we will see many more believers standing on the Rock in this ‘new season’  (open vision refers)! In respect of which, Glasgow Prophetic Centre delivered this ‘Lion Bite’ on Monday.:

The Rock

Come to Me – I am all that you need.

Though people and circumstances shift all around you, I am your Rock.

I am steadfast and I am faithful.

Come stand upon Me child and you will feel safe and secure.

As you stand upon The Rock you will gain a heavenly perspective of yourself, your circumstances and your life and it will become clear that I am all that you need.

Psalm 18:2 The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my saviour; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.


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