Is Christianity supernatural? Is Jesus imperfect?

We’re taking a break for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, readers may like to mull over some meaty morsels, and to ponder the possibility of a recent prophecy having been fulfilled in Egypt!

Is Christianity a supernatural religion?

One blessing from the prolonged problems with WordPress in July was contacting a couple living eastward along the coast from our favourite haunt, Chichester harbour. Keith Lannon writes with an unusual grasp of not only theology and history but also psychology. His in-depth articles about Apostle Paul’s ministry may be found under Management of the Miraculous.

I’ve always known Christianity is intrinsically a supernatural life yet, in my humble opinion, many believers have little comprehension of this fundamental fact. After outlining Holy Spirit’s activities in the Church’s first decades, Keith writes:

This whole historical trawl, that I have only half glanced at, is for no other reason than to make the point that the miraculous is the New Testament norm. Cryptically expressed, the supernatural should be natural to the Christian. Christianity is naturally supernatural.

Keith’s Christianity has the Supernatural in its DNA is a thoroughly good read and I can highly recommend it.

Was Jesus Christ Imperfect?

T E HannaAfter being challenging by a Muslim, T.E. Hanna considers the above question. He ably digs into and unwraps this provocative paradox in Embracing An Imperfect Jesus. You may wish to reflect upon his brief, yet sound, consideration of the conundrum of Jesus’ humanity and divinity. It has generated interesting reader comments.

A prophecy causes pause for thought

Koenig’s Eye View from the White House reports upon last week’s International Institute of Counter-Terrorism Conference in Israel. It mainly covered Syria but included Egypt  under its military leader Gen Al-Sissi. The first couple of points in Bill’s notes reminded me of what I’d heard from a delegate at Dr Stone’s Mentoring Day on 11 July (as under ‘Coffee break’).

According to that Institute, Egyptian President Morsi was imitating the Islamic template Turkey’s PM Erdogan had established to dismantle his secular military and arrest its generals.  Egypt’s Al-Sissi beat Morsi to the draw in arresting him and ‘decapitated the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood…’ (emphasis mine).

That reminded me of Kim Clement’s prophetic song and word about Queen Esther, Mordecai and evil Haman, wherein he prophesied:

A head will roll during the summer; I said a head will roll during the summer!  There will be a decapitation of a mind that is evil, a mind that is sinister. (Emphases mine: see link)

That was published on 22 June and Morsi was ousted less than a fortnight later on 3 July (details may be read in Guardian). In spite of US administration’s protestations and liberal media’s biased reporting, well-informed folk were aware of the great dangers Morsi and his MB posed to secular societies and Christians, not to mention Israel and Jordan. So it seems Kim Clement heard correctly from the Lord.

Courtesy of Gilbert and Beers

2 thoughts on “Is Christianity supernatural? Is Jesus imperfect?

  1. Richard,
    Thank you so much for your complimentary remarks concerning one of my blogs. I really appreciate it. I also appreciate very much what I read in your blog here. I believe that by our sincere compliment of each other we also complement each other in what we write.

    God bless you. I give you Philippians 1:6, and pray increase on your life.



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