The ‘Cornerstone’ and Georgia Guidestones and HG Wells ‘Men Like Gods’ – notes by Amanda Grace

My eyes were drawn, as though by unseen hand to make me read a notification of a new item from Leo Hohmann. Somehow I knew it had to be priority as it could be re-blogged quickly.  It reminded me of an article I’d dismissed as I live  in Britain – but now I dug out a buried print of what Amanda Grace had written on the Georgia Guidestones. Obviously, I knew it needed, and was inexplicably compelled to give it, very earliest attention for publication.

Unusually being evening, I could do that. After the draft was done I found the reason for urgency – but STOP!  I must delay timing of publication; NOT now but in 12 hours! Why?


LOL! NO such thing as coincidence!  It was an unusual paper and left me a somewhat uneasy! However, as I was checking her gifting I wanted to know which prophecies may have come to pass, or be in process of fulfillment.

Amanda opens these ruminations with a focus upon outbreaks of various infections and quotes two words from the Lord, the second of which IS HIGHLY APPOSITE. I can cite extracts only so click the title to read in full – all emphases below are mine:

An Outbreak, the Guidestones and Men Like Gods…How All This Relates Now -June 28th 2021 

‘April 8 2021 Word of The Lord:

An outbreak of an antiquated infection shall emerge and shall point to a sinister plot says the Lord of Hosts.’

May 24 2021 Word of The Lord:

I the Lord God am going to take their cornerstone, I am going to knock it out of joint, says the Lord of Hosts. For the Cornerstone of the plans of the wicked is compromised down to those who constructed such a wicked foundation for a plan that has manipulated, constricted, and IMPLANTED Fear into the nations says the Lord of Hosts.

The IMPLANTS the molecular code and construct, the molecular chain shall be dissected more and more and the secrets of not only the wicked and corrupt, but drug companies, health organizations, billionaire backers and secret scientists that are within labs within a lab, a heavily guarded area that is removed, separated from the rest of the lab, there shall be more than one exposed, says the Lord of Hosts this day

So this is how this portion of the word relates to things happening in the past few days..’ [ie. June-July 2021]

Page 4: ‘…There is experimentation going on using the public as control groups to see which IS going to be the most destructive and effective to their purposes…

This now takes us to the Georgia Guidestones.

As I was on the phone with Barbara about all of this for days she kept hearing the Georgia Guidestones.  This is where these connect the dots is going to intensify so stay with me on this…

Known as America’s Stonehenge let’s explore this for a moment.

Remember Georgia is one of the states that were intensely caught up in the election and audits, and it was one of the 2 states named in the dream I had before January 6 when I heard a voice that said “call the capital”…’

Amanda then covers some historical events of 1959, the year planning began for these stones, tells of their construction and how it relates to Freemasonry and the stones 10 engraved ‘principles’. The person who ordered and paid for these stones claimed they’re needed “because he was building a monument that could withstand the end of the world. Human civilization was about to destroy itself, he believed, and his monument would provide instructions for whatever was left of humanity after the apocalypse!”

It is no surprise that Georgia is one of the states that is steeped in suspicious activity and corrupt behavior with what happened on November 3, 2020?

Hitler also believed in eugenics and manipulating the creation of life and destroying what he so horrifically viewed as a “cancer” – the Jewish people.

The fact there are 10 “guides” is another counterfeit of our commandments also written on stone tablets when Moses climbed Mt Sinai to be in the presence of the Lord and receive THE LAW.  [RB: I’m reminded of what I’ve termed Trump’s ‘Mt Sinai Sojourn’]

Everything to do with these counterfeits what the Lord has set forth for man, under the guise of being “good for humanity” as satan comes as an angel of light which turns to darkness and bondage as time goes on and he has lured one into his “guides”, his web of deception…’

[1Peter 5:8 and 2 Corinthians 11:14-15]

‘As I’m looking at all of this I am reminded in my spirit about a book I had to read in middle school called Brave New World, I felt lead to google it which took me to something the Lord wanted me to see, a book written by HG Wells titled MEN LIKE GODS!!

Hmm where have we heard this term before… The garden of Eden [cites Genesis 3]

‘The enemy takes a little bit of truth and mixes it in a tonic with a whole lot of lie..Why is this book so important for now? How does it tie all of this together?

Men Like Gods was released in 1923 so 98 years ago [99 years now] – The writer, freemason, and intelligence agent Herbert George Wells became a member in February 1903. That Wells was a freemason was made clear in the magazine The American Mason (October 2001, p. 24)….

The book we need to focus on here with all that is happening is Men Like Gods and why is this book so crucial for now and what’s happening and what has happened?

If this is not what’s happening now I don’t know what is!

A secret society that thinks they are far advanced than the “earthlings” – A controlled population.

Their savior died on a wheel, a circle 5 points within a circle. Well that sounds like a pentagram doesn’t it? 5 principles of liberty, 5 points, 5 noble orders, 5 pillars of Islam, see how this is all connecting?!!

Divided into 3 parts, same book 3 parts, sounds like a counterfeit of “they are 3 but they are 1” attempting to counterfeit, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, this could also be hinting at 3 phases or blocks of time to accomplish the goal of this new world order or “Utopia” the Earthlings are quarantined on a rocky crag after infections they have brought cause a brief epidemic in Utopia.


Gee where have we seen this before, 2020-2021 NOW, and this book was written 98 years ago!!!!’

In Book III, Mr. Barnstaple longs to stay, but when he asks how he can best serve Utopia, he is told that he can do this “by returning to your own world”.[6] Regretfully he accepts and ends his month-long stay in Utopia. But he brings with him back to Earth a renewed determination to contribute to the effort to make a terrestrial Utopia: “[H]e belonged now soul and body to the Revolution, to the Great Revolution that is afoot on Earth; that marches and will never desist nor rest again until old Earth is one city and Utopia set up therein. He knew clearly that this Revolution is life, and that all other living is a trafficking of life with death.”[7]

He belongs soul and body, so he sold his soul to this order that is a REVOLUTION to take over earth and set their UTOPIA up as the ruling body

If that’s not what the wicked and corrupt are doing now with the enemy attempting to speed up the clock and race to the new world order I don’t know what is, and there are recruits who have been implanted into society to move that along just as Mr. Barnstaple

So now we know they had been planning this for a very very long time.’

Therefore, it strikes me the explosion destroying at least one of the Guidestones is a clear confirmation that our Almighty God is dealing with satan and its henchmen. It is a clear sign their world and plans will collapse – just like ancient Babylon like a “house of cards” as in God’s rebuke of the Pope and Nancy Pelosi, and note well this part:

When the Lord said that I said, Lord those are pretty strong words. He saidWhen you see what I have seen them do, then you would understand my words’. He said, “There are many who are a part of this world reform that think their plans cannot fail but I say; you have already failed when you chose to come against me the great I am. You, you cannot contend with the God of the cosmos and expect to win for I will put a hook in your jaw and lead you where i want you to go and not where you want to go says the lord of hosts.”

PS. It’s totally demolished on safety grounds:

4 thoughts on “The ‘Cornerstone’ and Georgia Guidestones and HG Wells ‘Men Like Gods’ – notes by Amanda Grace

  1. From Nova Scotia: It all serves as a confirmation to me of the Kingdom of God manifesting in Canada, in ways that go largely unseen and which are related to receiving it with the faith of a child. Jesus said ‘unless you receive the Kingdom like a little child you will never enter it.’ Such things about the Georgia Stones and the globalist agenda remind me of a powerful vision I once had from God wherein the things built by the hands of humans looked like toys – like creations made of Lego blocks. Then I sensed His heart for all that is man-made and was built by those He loves and who love Him. In much the same way that a father would value a Lego creation from a beloved child, they had value but didn’t constitute what HE HIMSELF had built and established in His Kingdom. The destruction of these stones reminds me of a Lego block creation of a child being dismantled and the blocks put away for the night. In the end the man-made creation comes to nothing but that which is built by the Father is still here.

    I also find it coincidental (?) that this happens in Georgia at the same time one of the prosperity preachers in Georgia repents of preaching false doctrine. Creflo Dollar has come out and now says he was wrong to promote the concept of tithing. IMO he hasn’t actually repented in the sense of showing any genuine remorse over what is tantamount to idolatry, as the Bible refers to greed as idolatry and he has prided himself on living in obscene luxury at the hand of God. There is no sense of understanding the extreme pain and hardship caused to believers who staked their faith on his teachings only to be disappointed. As I listened to his talk about his change of mind, I heard the voice of the Lord say ‘Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.’

    Then I felt the Lord was pointing me as a Canadian Kingdom-hearted believer to look away from the stuff of the prosperity gospel coming from USA and contend for the faith as it came out of the Great Awakening from the UK and USA, back in the days of John Wesley, George Whitefield and more. I felt almost a caution from God that part of staying in child-like faith is about guarding against getting a wrong focus where I go down every proverbial rabbit hole trying to expose all the things of darkness. I believe He showed me that HE will do that, but as for the Kingdom-hearted believers we should give higher priority to the words of Jesus who said “When you see all these things stand up and lift up your heads, for your redemption is drawing near.” It says to me ‘don’t go any deeper looking into any possible connection between Creflo Dollar’s change of mind in Georgia at the time these stones are demolished. Just recognize he was using Lego blocks to build his ministry. Otherwise we would see the signs of the Kingdom – driving out demons, healing the sick, raising the dead.

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