Has God’s alarm clock gone off?

Three weeks ago today, 14th March, I received an ‘alarm call’ from Lyn F which fired me up to write about the choice of the new Pope. Upon first glance, her email and my response (Is Pope Francis the prophesied Petrus Romanus?) may seem unconnected but ‘over coffee’ I considered if that prophecy may be of God.

Meanwhile, Lyn has sought the Lord about distributing her brief email beyond a circle of friends and He gave her the go-ahead for me to publish. First, for those unfamiliar with the workings of the Holy Spirit, I should explain that when he communicates with our own spirit there is usually a distinct sense of inward contact. For sensitively attuned folk this can also be felt as a warmth, or surge of electricity, or sharp gasp of breath, or an inexplicable urge to double up as though someone’s hit our knee from behind…These various ways may even be combined for they’re all so individually personal.  We notice, for example, a look of surprise on Lyn’s face as she involuntarily exclaims, “HO!”.

Here’s a copy of the email, with Lyn’s blessing.:

Prophetic Stuff

After something that happened this morning I really feel I must discharge  some of the words I have witnessed to in the spirit recently (in fact since 1st March).

The HO’s! have increased in frequency and volume.  First some of the words –

  • We are nearing World War III.
  • Behold I do a new thing.
  • The world is spiralling into hell.
  • You can’t bargain with the enemy.

Then this morning as I woke up and looked at my digital radio clock. It showed 8.33. I dragged myself out of bed thinking my husband would be up and about but found he was still asleep…He has the exactly the same type of clock, it showed the time as exactly 2 hours earlier than mine!!  His clock was correct.

Very puzzled I returned to bed and listened to a podcast in the hope of returning to sleep but no, another big Ho!  

  • There isn’t much time left.
  • There is such an urgency in my spirit.

Love and blessings

Note: I replied about how and why this had struck my spirit and asked her to seek the Lord about sharing it more widely. On 21st March came her reply:

Looks fine Richard. You may wish to add the latest – 

  • There isn’t much time left. It’s later than you think.               

Oh my, no wonder there is such a sense of urgency!      

RB’s Observations:

1. The email’s content met with resonant confirmation in my own spirit (per Acts 15:28), mainly in grasping the significance of the 2 hours time difference between alarm clocks. Lyn was awakened and thought her time was correct but found it ahead of the actual time. This suggests she should be awake and alert before everyone else because they are on ‘ordinary’ time, and their ‘clock’ will wake them to what’s going to happen as they all begin a new day. In other words, God’s waking her up in advance to alert others that something significant is to happen, about which He’s already given her clues!

2. Here was a twelfth reference to God doing a ‘new thing’, but the tenor of these brief words confirmed the next post I’d started writing only the day before I got Lyn’s email. That draft is headed ‘Is God baring His arm?’   Also, I was struck that this must include the election of the new Pope – as in the proverb, ‘A new broom sweeps clean’.  Perhaps radical changes are in store for not only the Roman Catholic Church but the whole body of Christ?

3. When we first met Lyn and her husband in February 2012 she confided about three sightings of naval activity and sensing the Lord saying “War” each time. As she had no knowledge of current developments I told her about the massive build-up of American, NATO and Russian fleets in Persian Gulf, Red Sea and eastern Med that had featured in latest intelligence reports published by Debka in connection with Iran.

So, I recognise Lyn’s gifting and sensing international tensions with the Lord’s warnings of war. North Korea has threatened the USA with nuclear attack and declared a state of war against South Korea.  Its military is now authorised to use such weapons!

John McTernan’s North Korea Watch Update provides informative background links on this dangerous issue, as well as scripturally relevant events in the States. In my opinion, their stance is directly connected to Iran’s development of nuclear weapons and its ally NK’s bellicose threats are probably designed to counter western strategies for dealing with Iran; which can now respond ‘check’ to its opponents’ strategic options in this chess game.

< Update 9 April – Iranian state TV announced yesterday their president had unveiled 2 more uranium-processing facilities in central Iran…In case this show of defiance is lost on the West, Tehran is also threatening to follow its North Korean partner and withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in the wake of the failure of latest negotiations in Kazakhstan. These broke up without any date for resumption after Tehran refused outright to curb its enrichment program in exchange of the partial easing of sanctions, demanding world powers acknowledge the Islamic Republic’s right to enrich uranium under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)…Its exit would mean the nuclear watchdog would no longer have monitoring access to Iran’s known nuclear sites and, like N Korea which expelled the inspectors, could carry on enriching uranium and developing its nuclear weapons program without international oversight. Such steps plus NK’s restarting its nuclear facilities last week and missile tests further boost the nuclear collaboration between both nations – see Debka report.>

4. The above words suggest not only military battles but also battles for souls because so many deceptive doctrines are spreading through the western church – see my earlier posts on the spiritual avalanche of false teachings (eg. on grace) and the possibly dire effect upon homosexual believers.

5. In the event of either 3 and/or 4 we cannot, nor should we, compromise with the enemy!

As regards the significance of the time-lapse, this was confirmed inadvertently when our friend forwarded a link to James Nesbit’s prophetic painting – Arrival. (Click for gallery of ‘Bridal Collection’.)  It was inspired 105 weeks after its predecessor, Awaiting the King.  The astute reader will espy and understand the sequence in a theme which is directly relevant to todays’ times and troubles as we approach the Great Tribulation.


Lyn advises that her husband has found definitions of Ho! on the internet, viz:

This seems to fit exactly as I thought but he can’t find it now > ‘an affirmation of Jehovah (of what has been or is about to be said)’.  Albert Barnes notes on the Bible – ‘Ho! The word is designed to call attention to the subject as one of importance (the words are not of the prophet, but of the Lord)’. Mathew Henry commentary – ‘Ho, take notice of it’.  [Interesting!]

3 thoughts on “Has God’s alarm clock gone off?

  1. I keep hearing over and over in my spirit that the Lord is doing a new thing. Also, I do have the sense that it’s later than we think. I was just having a discussion on my blog about how the Daniel 70th week interpretation of a 7 year peace treaty and the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple may be incorrect. The Bible says in so many places that the Time of Jacob’s Trouble is 42 months or 3.5 years, and the only 7 year reference is one that is less than crystal clear in Daniel. Many thanks for this post.


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