Are ‘Christians’ leading homosexuals to Hell?

On watch... Thank you to Tembisa for this link, which reinforces Steve Hill’s warning of a spiritual avalanche. It is an excellent analysis of a better approach to unhelpful, even dangerous, attitudes which could promote a false Gospel. Also, Hilary White’s linked article provides some keen insights into the Steve Chalke issue. More about this subject may be found in Gillan Scott’s solid review,  Unconditional: Rescuing the Gospel from gays vs. Christians Debate. There are extensive comments on this and to his related posts, in which I’ve participated lately. I have, however, one ‘off-side’ reservation. It is recommended by Prof.Tony Campolo, whom I saw many years ago. In reading his Conversation about politics at the time of the last US elections, I was concerned over his using Ephesians 1:18-22 to stress God’s action through earthly politics whereas the verses are about powers in heavenly realms. I trust our professor will acknowledge the King’s soon return to rule on earth?

The Tree of Mamre

Life Site News has a good article focusing on the views of Rev. Steve Chalke in the UK, who has come out in support of gay marriage and in acceptance of same-sex attraction. A Christian counselor, Lesley Pilkington, rightly points out that Chalke is not a liberal Christian. Rather, he is an apostate.

There are two strains in the modern church which are leading homosexuals to Hell. The first is a conservative strain which is so busy bashing homosexuals, ostracizing them, and otherwise barring the door to heaven to them that it has forgotten to offer them love and salvation. However, we were not put on this earth to judge: Such people are already under judgement. Rather, we were put on this earth to offer salvation.

As Paul said in 1 Corinthians 5: 9-13:

I wrote you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people. In no…

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8 thoughts on “Are ‘Christians’ leading homosexuals to Hell?

  1. Richard, several things came to mind with your re-blog of the avalanche post yesterday. First it was new snow that was falling. New snow supposedly is fresh clean and pure and untainted. the snow in this person’s dream was following lightly indicating that the deception was happening a little at a time. This deception must be hit head on by Christians as false.. But we all must realize that we will be the bad guys because what is falling is pure and white so what is wrong with that?


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