A peculiar perspective on Creation – it’s ‘implausible’!

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Click for link to New Scientist 27 Oct 2016 (NB replaces this screen)

Definition of the adjective ‘implausible’:
  • Collins Dictionary: ‘not plausible; provoking disbelief; unlikely’.
  • Oxford Dictionaries: ‘(of an argument or statement) not seeming reasonable or probable; failing to convince’.

Spotted the latest issue of this weekly at the newsagent’s and had to buy it. A month ago the New Scientist’s main feature ‘The Nature of (physical) Reality’ attempted to grapple with six problems to six principles and the possible fix of six solutions, a copy of which may be read here. I referred to its conclusion in closing the glossary to the Introduction to engaging and governing Time.

That conclusion points to scientists’ growing realisation that, “Energy and matter don’t matter – information is where it’s at”!  More specifically, the concept of ‘entanglement’ is dynamically handled by quantum theory at sub-atomic level and, thus by implication, may apply to the everyday macro and cosmic levels of physical existence.

A physical reality only??  NO!  It’s been a spiritual reality for at least a couple of millennia! As mentioned in recent posts, believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are ‘entangled’ with him and our heavenly Father.

Scientists’ claims beg the question (and many more).:

  • isn’t information pointless without any conscious intelligence being available to read and comprehend it?
  • how did random actions of inanimate matter and energy input that universal data within itself and living organisms??
  • how did the basic constituents of this unconscious universe start to generate, store and replicate such vitally important information???
  • or was it all encoded into matter at, or before, the theoretical Big-Bang????

In other words: it must have had a ‘blueprint’!  That is, it was designed that way! Which means there’s intelligence behind and making the information and, sooner or later, many more scientists will have no option but to take the concept of intelligent design a lot more seriously.

Eventually, they may catch up with the truths and deeper aspects of Holy Writ…

Informative reading at Rationalising the Universe:
  • an extended essay Joseph wrote in 2012: The Nature of Reality.
  • Why Skin A Cat At All? a useful discussion of quantum realities where Joseph opens his preference with: “Does reality contain information? Is information reality? I am rolling with the latter; it would appear that truth is nothing more than a set of propositions – information”.

2 thoughts on “A peculiar perspective on Creation – it’s ‘implausible’!

  1. to me, the question is: “is it a PERFECT-BLUEPRINT”? the very idea of god is one of PERFECTION, and, unfortunately, no blueprint is perfect. therefore, ‘evidence’ for intelligent-design is not enough. it MUST be ‘perfect’-evidence, that is, it must be 100% non-falsifiable. I submit that the ‘only’ way to the truth and happiness is 100% certainty, which can only be found in deductive-reasoning, e.g. If nature exists/ And nature is infinite/ Then ‘infinity’ exists…


    • Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. The term ‘blueprint’ is figurative only, ie. indicating our human concept is inadequate in understanding the perfection of the Designer’s design: hence my inverted commas. I suggest your use of them for ‘only’ may also be conceptual for, with respect, that too is limited by intellectual capacity because another way is verifiable experience, such as life-changing encounters with ‘perfection’ (recent posts refer).


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