It’s in the information

thematrixincode99In this post and his conversational comments Joseph unwittingly opens up insights into the Bible’s foundational verses as the origin of all information: ie. ‘God Said’, ‘In the Beginning was the Word…the Word was God…’ (Genesis 1, John 1 and 1 John 1 – see also Fresh Insights on Jesus’ Role in Creation). Also, the communication of information describes the prophetical nature of ‘divine data’.

In my opinion, Joseph’s “The code is created from the top level downwards…” implies the pre-existence of intelligent consciousness behind the purpose, content and function of information; giving possible tacit support for claims about ‘Bible codes’! (More on this later)

Rationalising The Universe

Any true science fiction fan will immediately recognize the featured image to this post as The Matrix – the late 90s trilogy where humans are stuck living in a simulated reality, which is aptly named theMatrix. In the film we enter a world where all experiences humans have; the taste of food, the feeling of a gust of wind or the solidity of surfaces is nothing more than coding embedded in the Matrix. We are led to the conclusion that once an individual is consciously aware of the existence of the Matrix, it is possible to manipulate the programming to perform feats that defy the known laws of nature on Earth – which is fine when you are living within a computer. One of the main characters, Neo, gains such a deep understanding of the Matrix that he is able to see things for the coding they are, rather than the…

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