Developments in the prophetical #2 – South-east England (Inter-Prophetic Alliance)

The latest news from Robin and Nyema Jegede-Brimson is on the establishment across the south-eastern corner of England of an Inter-Prophetic Alliance. As mentioned on this blog’s re-posting of his invitation to The Throne Room weekend’s worship time Whitstable I had an interesting meeting with him at one of Dr Sharon Stone’s days, and now note his connection with Clifford Hill, managing editor of Prophecy Today UK. Robin writes: 


Dear friends and leaders,

robin-nyema-jegede-brimsonAfter meeting together for many years as friends, acquaintances, mentors and mentees, colleagues and lovers of GOD in all sorts of places across London, in Kent, in East Sussex,in Bedfordshire and in Cambridgeshire we came together on Wednesday 8th of February in obedience to The LORD. Out of this meeting was birthed a new prophetic alliance for the nation (and ultimately the nations). This fortuitously took place in the offices of PROPHECY TODAY & ISSACHAR MINISTRIES (possibly the UK’s longest serving and most historic prophetic ministry).


To be a relational body of leaders of prophetic & intercessory ministries who GOD can trust to be a voice to the nation(s)”.

Since meeting in Ashburnham Place in November 2016 there has been a mounting sense of a birth about to take place; through the sovereignty of GOD this was eventually to be in the company of non other than Rev Dr Clifford Hill. We are most thankful for this connection with a true father to the prophetic movement in the nation and nations.

In this meeting the INTER PROPHETIC FORUM transitioned to become the INTER PROPHETIC ALLIANCE…

Click here to continue reading the full announcement. 

Also see Developments in the Prophetical #1 – Scotland

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