The Throne Room – this weekend’s worship at Whitstable, Kent…


What on earth would it be like for heaven to come to earth?

5pm Saturday 17th – Tuesday 20th October 2015

At a mentoring day last Saturday delegates were blessed by wonderful worship led by Mandy accompanied by Michael on keyboard. The Lord blessed me later with a prophetic word about his calling and skills. Finding out he’s from south London and then separately meeting Robin Jegede-Brimson from Whitstable, I told him Michael should play there. But I didn’t know they were already connected and that he’d done that!!  Therefore, I endorse and publish Robin’s pre-printed announcement.:

NIGHT of WORSHIP this Saturday…
Very much in my spirit to have a night of worship starting at 5pm on Saturday the 17th October 2015 . . . .
Leading worship with us will be Mandy Brown Ojugbana, Michael McKenzie, Darren Winder and others . .
We had an awesome time with several healing miracles, people being set free, experiencing a whole new level of worship & being touched by the power of GOD at The KING’s Voice (see ‘A few stories’ below).
I don’t as yet know when this night of worship will end
..…. but I know that this is going to be a truly remarkable time
interacting with The HOLY SPIRIT…..
“We ask for the fulness of all YOU want LORD!” 
… and introducing the ministry of

John Shiver

from the USA
We’ve an opportunity for us to host a truly remarkable man of GOD by the name of John Shiver. This will be on the three following nights; I and the Whitstable Tabernacle Team will also be ministering.
John has an incredible ministry that has taken him to five continents and scores of nations around the globe.
He moves in remarkable demonstrations of GOD’s glory and power with signs following . . .. GOD has placed a great love in his heart for England and this will be his 35th time of coming to bless this nation. He will be ministering along with myself and the Whitstable Tabernacle Team from Sunday to Tuesday night.
He is being sent to introduce us to another level of “SHEKINAH” GLORY – the manifested tangible power of GOD (more about John here – johnshiverministries)
….together with informal daytime meetings
These will take place from 11am – 2pm on Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th October
Book your place….
Free registration at eventbrite

Robin & Nyema Jegede-Brimson

A few stories
from The KING’s VOICE (Aug 20 -24) …
…. this was really Geoff’s very first experience of high praise and worship.

At first he didn’t quite know what to make of it but when we got home, following day, all that kept buzzing around both our heads was Sinach – I know who I am! Wow! (Iris, Margate)

….. I have been on crutches for five years and unable to walk without pain, at KING’s VOICE as I was prayed for I got healed! I was able to dance around the hall which I have not done for all these years! Glory to GOD! (Marilyn, London)

….I was only able to make Monday but what an awesome day, the presence of God was powerful and overwhelming! I had my hearing restored, Praise God!

…..During the evening worship Robin got up and said it was a time of breakthrough in salvation and healing-then I heard him say’ I see a young/little girl walking’ …I want to share with you that I have a 6 year old granddaughter who was born with spina bifida, The consultants that see her say she will never walk, she has a wheelchair and crawls about when she is at home. Her right leg has no feeling and does not move and her left leg from the knee up has sensation and movement which make it possible to ‘crawl’ but she cannot stand. My daughter phoned me on Tuesday and told me that …. (my granddaughter) had crawled into the front room during the evening on Monday and said to her Mum and Dad, ” Look, then she said “left foot move ” and it moved, then “right foot move”, and it moved! this has never happened before. also when ……. (my daughter) checked her legs she had feeling in both her legs right down to her ankles. I felt like leaping for joy. I believe this is the first sign of her complete healing. Praise God, He is awesome! (Alice, Maidstone)

…. This is was the best conference I have ever attended (BJ, Aberdeen)

……. On the last day when Noel called us out and we prayed for more signs and wonders on each other I began to feel very uncomfortable as there was like an electric currant passing through my left foot, it made me grimace.. after praying as I walked to my seat, a lady called out to me and said, “the electric currant in your foot is an anointing for healing”. She said I should start laying hands and praying for the sick . . . she said the LORD had insisted she tell me . . I was shocked cos how did she know about this experience I’d just had? Since then I have prayed for people and experienced more of this surge of power and like and electric currant pass through me as I pray . . (Patricia Longman, Margate)

……Yes the conference was a resounding success, and we will have to wait till we get to heaven to see the full impact, and fruitfulness of what was released over those first four days. It is my opinion that the Greatest Breakthrough, was when there was Prophetic declarations/decrees over the nation’s, and then the anointing mandate/commissioning of those who wanted to be used of God to go into a nation in the future; even if it was only one mission trip etc The impartation for that was quite extraordinary, thus we will only see the full impact of that in heaven (Ian, Southampton)

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