It’s a coincidence, right?

Further to my post on ‘implausible’ but observed properties of the universe, mathematician Joseph conveys scientists’ amazement at its ‘finely balance parameters’ without which it – and ourselves – would not exist. He considers a solution that shows sciences’ slow tendency toward the holy scriptures, based as they are upon the foundational premise that the universe and mankind exists only because of the conscious intention, decision and act of creation (and held up) by the Creator’s own powerful command (Gen 1:1-3 & Heb1:1-3).

Rationalising The Universe

A coincidence is generally considered (by the dictionary) to be some sort of event which happens without a causal connection. Hopefully diligent readers of this site have started to learn that the dictionary lies. Experience tells us things generally happen in two ways; with causal connection we know how to define, or with apparent randomness. In this last scenario, it seems reasonable that randomness is an illusion created by imperfect human information. To call upon a simple example; if I know the initial conditions of a particle (location, velocity, acceleration, time) I can predict with perfect accuracy the trajectory of the particle under classical mechanics. Conceal some of these initial conditions from me or introduce a force I am unaware of and my predictions are wrong. Is the particle moving with random motion? Clearly not – this is a trivial example to highlight the introduction of “randomness” as a result of poor knowledge…

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