Prophets and Quantum Physicists

A thought-provoking comparison that perhaps hints at deep similarities between these apparent opposites. Agree 100% with Franco’s closing point.:

One on one with Franco

"Thoughts and Visions" collage. The prophet's bubble from a painting by Edoardo Rodriguez Caldazo. “Thoughts and Visions” collage. The prophet’s bubble from a painting by Edoardo Rodriguez Caldazo.

Theoretical physicists and quantum physicists are some of the scientists who attempt to pull back the veil and peak into the unknowable. In the Old Testament, that was the role of prophets. What I’m calling the unknowable, could probably be better phrased. Unknowable is not a good word here. What might be a better way to say it is to say that these people, seated in our four-dimensional world, are attempting to peer into the fifth dimension and beyond using the limited tools we have at our disposal. It is clear to me that the creator, through the Holy Spirit, is constantly broadcasting truth, inspiration which some are able to capture with our imagination, mind, and spiritual gifting. Some are aware of this source outside of ourselves, while others believe they are themselves the source. And…

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2 thoughts on “Prophets and Quantum Physicists

  1. Quantum mechanics is easier to study than theology. I am learning that now. The reason for the difference is that QM has proven itself in explaining our universe with verifiable experiments, so everyone agrees with its basic tenets. Theology, on the other hand, and let’s take Christology in particular, does not have widespread agreement. Recently I have been reading Daymond Duck and the Jesus Seminar. They hold completely opposite conceptions of the scriptures. One teaches step-by-step how Jesus will return, the other puts in question the fidelity of the canon scriptures. In some ways this resembles the scientific world of the late 19th century. The ideas that were commonly accepted did not explain the observations. It took QM to unfold the mystery of the matter. What will it take to unfold the mystery of Christ?


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