Faster than the speed of light

Second of two really useful re-blogs re prophecy and time, especially on the Lord’s ‘always now’ nature.

Sons of Issachar

Mike Parsons
with Jeremy Westcott

albert-einstein-401484_1280Einstein was working on something curious when he died, and many mathematicians went back to the last two blackboards that he was working on, to try to disprove what he had found (he had been trying to disprove it himself).

What he had found was that there appeared to be a particle faster than light; such a particle ought not to exist, but his equations seemed to indicate that it did. Eventually, a mathematician named Feinberg, having failed to disprove Einstein’s maths, proposed the whole idea of tachyons.

Tachyons are theoretical subatomic particles that run faster than the speed of light, and they are a theoretical particle that quantum physicists hate because if they go faster than the speed of light then they can’t measure them. If you tried to set a computer to measure them at 12 o’clock it would have…

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2 thoughts on “Faster than the speed of light

    • Ta Tim! Amazing account that reminds me of Heidi Baker telling about when she and her team were in their truck and it got stopped by a large gang in a Mozambique street. They had to mount the pavement (aka sidewalk) but it was too narrow to drive all the way along because of a lamp-post and adjacent solid wall – but then the vehicle somehow got squeezed and they miraculously got through!!!

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