Pure breathtaking mathematical beauty

This post by Joseph ‘coincided’ with the mathematical analysis of Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1, as reported in my previous post (which is better read first).:

Rationalising The Universe

My personal silence is broken; I must apologise for the low level of activity on my part I have been very busy finishing up the first year of my second degree – this is now behind me and I am on to the second year of my second degree! That is not easy to read.

You may have noticed that I now have a co-author Mekhi; who I reblogged some posts from previously. I am very excited to now be part of a team (if not a little intimidated by the quality of the team-member!); hopefully in the coming months you will be getting more regularity from Rationalising the Universe. After all, if something isn’t worth doing habitually it isn’t worth doing at all.

Today I write a short post about something close to my own heart; and to so many others in the field of mathematics which is the…

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