Does the present really exist?

Physicist Mekhi’s scientific definition of ‘now’ augments my previous post on Justin Abraham’s outline of relativity and time. Also, the diagram is helpful in illustrating his description of slices of time and ‘before the beginning’, or pre- and post-Genesis. Don’t overlook the ensuing discussion from readers.

Rationalising The Universe

Firstly a warm welcome to all new followers; we were fortunate enough to be featured on WordPress Discover recently which gave a wonderful flurry of new support. We endeavour to stay in touch and interact with as many of you as possible; and hope that science and mathematics continues to be an area of interest for everyone. The pool of human knowledge is after-all our most valuable asset, which we share collectively.

Now for our second exploration of time (if you missed the first you can find it here). The theory of relativity is our best theory of the macroscopic world. The theory of Special Relativity was introduced by Einstein in 1905 brought about a wide range of insights into the nature of reality including length contraction, time dilation, a universal speed limit of the speed of light and the relativity of simultaneity. It is the latter that shall…

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5 thoughts on “Does the present really exist?

  1. The present is a bridge which connects the future with the past. However, that bridge is not wide enough to allow living beings to jaywalk for long. It is like a mirage which is seen without being present; likewise the ‘present’ is felt without any access to its presence or recourse to its retrieval. In short, the present is transient, the distant future is never in sight, and only the past is confirmed, yet out of reach.

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  2. The day before the Glasgow Prophetic centre (12th October 2016) word about time recently God gave me a vision of a brand new golden wrist watch in its box. He gave me this as many years ago I had burried my fathers broken watch a year after he died, as my way of saying goodbye to him, and he has been releasing me from that more recently (I hadnt gone to his funeral as I was a child at the time). Not only was God saying I am replacing what was broken, but also giving me a new beginning and replacing what had been stolen all those years ago as many dreams were burried that day for me symbolically too.

    I don’t think there is any coincidence at all that the word from Glasgow prophetic centre about heavenly time management on the 12th October came the next day following the watch vision. I have personally experienced time becoming “elastic” when I and my christian and non believing colleagues in my business moved offices acouple of years ago. I started joking I would need to start paying them per item they were making, instead of by time, as God gave us so much extra time to get settled in that it was a witness to my non believing colleagues. I know from experience that time can indeed become elastic. It lasted for most of a week, starting the afternoon we moved our office next door. I think we managed to move the whole office including desks and belonings in a couple of hours (totally God helping no way we could have done it otherwise) and we had a break in the middle too!!

    I couldn’t sleep last night yet, I have never had a night go so fast (which is great nothing worse that a long sleepless night!), Im sure this was God too, just showing me that he can speed up time as well as slow it down when I need it.

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