Please consider an interesting instance of similar prophetic words given recently in the UK and in the USA.  Surely it’s not coincidental that they happened a week apart, or that I should be slap bang between them?  220px-Paul_Revere's_rideBoth ‘words’ reminded me of Monday 5th September last when I read Tim Eldridge’s remarks at the Inception Meeting for the Revival Alliance Gathering. Therein, Tim referred to Paul Revere’s preparations for his historically famous ride at the outbreak of the War of Independence. (See Father, let your Kingdom Come and paragraph about Tim in the Gathering’s Report. Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.) Therefore, consider this..:

During Holy Week (this year, the first week in April) I ‘stumbled’ upon a relatively short website UK Prophetic Words that’s been online for just under a year. On Palm Sunday (1st April), Geoff Pick reported upon a series of ten visions some of which struck chords within me, especially the one about a coming change in national anti-Christian culture. Also, I particularly noted that it closed with:

The final picture – A horseman riding towards us I see a horseman riding furiously towards us. He is bringing a proclamation as in Matthew 25. “Get ready the bridegroom is coming.”   Be filled with the oil of heaven, be ready for His return.

Rev John KilpatrickOn Good Friday afternoon we watched the morning’s service live from The Bay Revival, which was on tour in Missouri. Warming up to teach, Rev. John Kilpatrick spoke about  previous talks, one of which was on the glory of God. As he began to speak on this – and only in passing – he sensed the Holy Spirit start to kick in: “You talk about the presence of God and He will come come! – Hohh!”  (he jumped – he usually gives a quick ‘whoop’ and does a little skip when the Holy Spirit gets him fired up).  The congregation got to its feet to praise the Lord for a few minutes, then Pastor John’s tone took on a gravity as though he heard direct from the Lord:

“Can I tell you, right now in heaven…there is a man seated right next to the Supernal God on High? (applause)…and He bears in His body the scars from His earth-walk…and He is alive at this very second as I speak (cheers continue), He is alive – I said, as I speak He is alive (more louder applause). “And if you only knew…what’s going on in the ‘family activities building’ in heaven right now! “The table cloths are being spread, the china’s being set, the horses are being given their oats – the stable doors, the hinges are being greased…(pause) “That man…is about to come back and get His people. I said…He’s about to come back and get His saints – it ain’t long!”

To check this and watch for yourself, click on video below and advance to 1hr3min by clicking on gray buffer bar when it’s about half-loaded.:

My, what words to weigh…the Lord bless you in this. NOW, whatever your thoughts on this you need to get to know for sure who Jesus really is. Time is running short and you owe it to Him (for what He’s done for you), and owe it to yourself (especially for your post-mortem existence – see here), to decide quite quickly. To find out how to become a Christian click on that highlit link and browse the site – thank you Jonathan at Spirit Soul Body for this excellent tip. Or, should you prefer a graphical outline, click here for a short video. (See here for more.) Continued here and then here, (in three linked parts). 

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  3. The Hour is Late and the Time is Short

    I had a dream early the morning of 04/29/2012. In the dream my wife and I were in bed sleeping and it was very late. Our door bell rang and I remember saying to my wife, “who would be ringing our doorbell at this late hour. We both got up to see who it was. What was odd was that each of us had an old fashioned hurricane lamp, the kind you fill with oil, as our light . When we opened the front door, we saw an angel standing there with a jug of oil in his hands. He filled our lamps and told us that the time is short.

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