Healing versus Human Rights ??

Dear Friends – a couple of today’s news items may seem unconnected, but probably not so from the Lord’s perspective:

The Blind ARE Healed – UPDATED in posting 28 March

On Sunday we heard Rev John Kilpatrick speaking excitedly about 8 year old Ashton Parker who received his sight last Friday during a revival service in Dallas and showed a photo of the boy between him and Nathan Morris.

Watch this wonderful healing for yourself on Bay Revival’s ‘Latest Video’ shown below. Ashton is at 3min45 – once loaded the clip can be advanced by clicking in gray buffer bar.:

NB: If you wonder about the preceding call for “fire”, be aware that according to John the Baptist, Jesus came to baptise not only in the Holy Spirit but in fire also (Luke 3:16).

Or, run unedited FULL video and start watching at 1hr 38 min into the 3hr16 recording -click on gray buffering bar when it gets halfway across – but why not simply join with the worship?  This was broadcast worldwide by satellite and, apparently, there are a number of regular viewers in Middle Eastern nations. (Bless them Lord.)

Twelve minutes later Nathan throws the boy’s walking cane away.  It’s astounding to watch over the evangelists’ shoulder as Ashton starts seeing things – and he’s got a doctor’s appointment this week, so it should get medical verification!  NOTE how many surgical operations his mother said he’d undergone in his short life.  (Wondering how Ashton knows colours? Answer: his mother taught him by holding coloured cards up against his eyes.)

NB> as the 1000+ congregation celebrated this healing, at 1hr53-54min, Nathan tells of an important point that Ashton shared with him : what he felt as the sheer power of the weighty presence of God’s glory came upon him. We had noticed Nathan trying to stand at one point and then having to be held whilst laying his hands on the boy’s eyes!

Praise the Lord – isn’t this what TV evenings should be like?

If you love to see and to promote God’s healing love for others, please read Peter Kirk at Gentle Wisdom on Rolland & Heidi Baker’s work in connection with a scientific study of healing, including photo of healed blind baby.

Equality & Human Rights

In the light of recent news, we may reasonably infer that the Advertising Standards Agency and the EHR Commission would be blind to the plain fact of blind children now being able to see. They may not want to acknowledge actual healings because anything religious isn’t relevant to modern society!

Gillan Scott reports upon the Evangelical Alliance’s rebuttal of the EHRC’s recent review of Human Rights in Britain, and which reads in part:

It is disappointing that the Equality and Human Rights Commission have failed once again to stand up for religious belief. The report clearly states in black and white the Commission’s view that religious belief and practice is now less important than other human rights…

This is discriminatory. It pushes religion to the sidelines and relegates it below other rights. The report has failed to pay attention to the widespread concern, especially from Christian groups, that space for religion in public life is narrowing and unequal.

EA director Dr Landrum’s comments on that same link deserve to be read in full.

The more ambitious reader may like to consider my friend Stuart James’ perusal of the review at his Echurch blog.

Thank you Lord Jesus that we are no longer blind and pray that all who work within political bodies may be given spiritual sight, for your glory’s sake. Amen

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