Turkey and Iran – a conflict of interest?

According to Reuter’s report of Wednesday, a mutual concern over the rise of al Qaeda in Syria (and Iraq) spurred hopes for this week’s Turkish-Iranian rapprochement.

But couldn’t that claim be ‘dis-information’? Al Qaeda is Sunni Muslim whereas the mullahs running Iran are Shiite and Turkey is a secular Islamic state, although PM Erdogan favours Islamist extremism.

And let’s not forget that even at the height of the Iran-Iraq war between adherents of those two opposing forms of Islam, elite units stopped fighting one another to rehearse the storming of Jerusalem! (See The Invisible Hand Re-appears.)

I’d humbly suggest, therefore, those facts should be kept in mind when considering today’s news of Al Qaeda bases operating openly in Turkey, as reported by Israel’s military intelligence chief. DebkaFile opens its ‘Special Report’ as follows:

Al Qaeda has set up its first bases in a NATO member-country. Wednesday, Jan. 29, the day Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan sat down in Tehran with President Hassan Rouhani, Israel’s military intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Avivi Kochavi revealed that Al Qaeda adherents fighting in Syria had established their first training facilities in Turkey…

The strong impression gained from Kochavi’s briefing was that Turkey is not just home to three al Qaeda training facilities and bases, but that its borders are left open for them to cross in from neighboring countries…

In reading the Intel Chief’s 5-point summary, it’s interesting to note the first refers to the PM’s agenda for “linking the two non-Arab Muslim nations in a new strategic alliance for regional domination” – emphasis mine. This fits the Gog-Magog coalition prophesied in Ezekiel 38.

Also, he stressed that both nations permit, even provide a springboard for, al Qaeda to conduct terrorist operations. Therefore, “Neither of the two new allies…would have any qualms about using al Qaeda terrorism to promote their agendas.”.

His other points on Palestinians and Iran, fallout from the US-Iran nuclear accord and  vulnerability of Europe from attack via a fellow NATO member, are well worth noting.

It’s no wonder Chuck Missler’s Strategic Trends analysis refers to this modern-day alliance as ”The Treacherous Trio of Ezekiel 38″ !

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