Senior Jerusalem official states White House tried to unseat Netanyahu

obama-netanyahu4Announced yesterday, and published on World Watch Daily this morning is confirmation of US meddling in another sovereign nation’s internal affairs: that the White House participated in a bid to oust Prime Minister Netanyahu.

A senior Jerusalem source says Obama wanted ‘revenge’ over Netanyahu’s Congress speech and declaration there’ll be no Palestinian state.

According to The Times of Israel,

‘The White House was directly involved in an attempt to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in last week’s general election during a nadir in ties between the Israeli leader and US President Barack Obama, a senior Jerusalem official said Tuesday.

‘The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told The Times of Israel that “it’s no secret” that the Obama administration had attempted to influence the outcome of the election, having been partially motivated by a desire for revenge over Netanyahu’s polarizing speech before Congress earlier this month, which sought to undermine the president’s key foreign policy initiative – a nuclear deal with Iran.’

Continue reading article here, and which reminds everyone that PA president Abbas has already – twice – torpedoed peace negotiations without any US complaints!

As for the Iranian nuclear issue, Israel is not alone in objecting to being railroaded by Obama. Britain, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states have serious objections too. In reporting that France balks at the US-Iranian deal on five counts, DebkaFile offers this perspicacious opinion:

This raises an interesting question: Why does Washington respect France’s right to balk at its nuclear policy but disallows prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s objections in the name of Israel’s security?
The answer is simple. It is easier to put the squeeze on the Israeli prime minister than the president of France or Gulf rulers. Obama has hit on the presentation of Netanyahu’s hawkish attitude as the main hurdle in the way of a nuclear deal as a useful tactic for dealing with the spreading opposition to the deal in Europe and the Persian Gulf.

All this hints at US skulduggery, does it not?

Not noted for its friendly stance on Israel, The New York Times published this by Jodi Rudoren, Remarks from White House risk buoying Netanyahu. In linking to that op-ed the ICEJ noted,

Israeli analysts are now suggesting that Obama and his aides might be overplaying their hand, inviting a backlash of sympathy for Netanyahu, and that they may not have clearly defined what they expected to gain diplomatically by continuing to pressure the Israeli leader. The president’s harsh words have been deemed by some to be patronizing and disrespectful to the voters who rewarded Netanyahu with a resounding mandate for a fourth term.

1 thought on “Senior Jerusalem official states White House tried to unseat Netanyahu

  1. I am so sorry our President is such a little baby that if he does not get his way he gets revenge. What is he going to do when he stands before God to answer to HIM as HE is the LORD of LORD’s and the KING of KINGS. The whole world will be ruled by a Jew. HIS name is Yeshua / Jesus Christ.


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