PS to Wendy Alec’s prophecy on Obama – and on Netanyahu!

A brief PostScript to my earlier post on another development in the Obama prophecy.:

Those who read the full text of Wendy’s word may have noticed a second fulfillment could be found in the other event to which I referred.  (During his first term as Prime Minister, Netanyahu had difficulties with Bill Clinton and his bias in favour of Yasser Arafat. Perhaps his wife, as Obama’s Secretary of State, made matters worse?)

The original link via GOD TV’s webpage is no longer available but in January 2018 a copy was placed on this blog’s Prophecies & Visions hub. Wendy’s prophetic word of 2008 on Benjamin Netanyahu may now be read by clicking/tapping this link:

A few regard Wendy as a false prophet, but here we have two proven prophetic words.

Bibi’s personal friend Dr Mike Evans, gave him a word as a young man from the Lord that he would have two unbroken terms of office as Prime Minister and recommended him to then PM Begin. This was well before he went into politics!

By the way, in view of the circumstances and thanks to William Koenig, the meaning of Benjamin Netanyahu’s name in Hebrew is interesting:

Benjamin: ‘Son of the right hand’.

Netanyahu (derivative of Nethaniah): ‘Given by God’, or ‘gift of God’.

(For more information click here and here respectively.)

Read also – 2. Obama vs Netanyahu in Politically relevant gov’t news from UK & USA

UPDATED – March 2015 Israeli Elections:

Now Bibi’s won a 4th term and confounded critics, doubtlessly by the hand of God.

8 thoughts on “PS to Wendy Alec’s prophecy on Obama – and on Netanyahu!

    • Thank you Tim, I’m aware of that one from around the time the Alec’s promoted Lakeland. I hold Rory and Wendy in high regard yet, as with all prophecies, what she brings needs to be weighed and tested in time. For example, those regarding Israel’s PM seem solid yet what they’re announcing about Durban (rather 25-30 mls north) has been happening for quite some time and built upon the sacrificial lives of many, not just an American itinerant evangelist! Along with Mozambique, perhaps it will indeed burst into southern half of Africa. Perhaps nothing destructive has happened yet in California in keeping with the Lord’s response to intercession?


      • The Lord had me hitchhike all over the United States for the past 16 years as an intercessor. I have lived in northern California now since November of 2012 (maybe my hitchhiking days are done). I keep saying, “Why does the Lord show so much mercy on the United States?” The United States still legally murders pre-born babies, we have a President (Obama) who is pro-homosexual, pro-Muslim and anti-Israel. So maybe the intercession of the saints is holding back more severe judgment.

        “This is Sodom! This is Sodom!”

        “A Thumb and a Prayer”


        • I trust so Tim for many believers would be imperilled. Some time ago I heard the notion that Satan was trying to knock God’s plans off schedule by forcing end-time events. I don’t know the full rationale for this but am sure there’s far, far more up God’s ‘sleeve’ than is apparent in scripture. For example, raising up of Sons and Daughters of God as the fully functioning Bride and our entering a ‘new season’, for which there’s well over a dozen prophecies I know of. One such I haven’t yet published but is by a well-recognised voice here who’s spoken about the Shaking for 27 yrs but is now hearing about this new message and change.


          • “but am sure there’s far, far more up God’s ‘sleeve’ than is apparent in scripture.”

            Amen. “We see through a glass darkly.” “God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts.”

            The Lord has everything under control. Satan is still merely a puppet in the Lord’s hands.


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