Prophetic urgent ‘kairos’ warning from Dr Sharon Stone re. Hebrews 12 shaking

Dear friends and family,

I have an URGENT PROPHETIC WARNING and it’s now released and available to watch by clicking this YouTube image:

You are also invited to join me this Sunday, 4th Octoberfor our Prophetic Encounter meeting.

Join us at 6pm for live worship followed by prophetic ministry at 6:30pm. This will be live-streamed on the following platform:

Invite all those who need an encounter with the Lord!  This meeting will be interactive, so be sure to message and let us know that you are with us, on the livestream.  This will enable me to know you are online and I will be listening for what the Lord wants to speak over you! 

You are also welcome to join us on Facebook for the following:

Tuesdays – 6am – Prayer
Thursdays – 7pm – Prayer (this week’s prayer is replaced with my special prophetic warning on Thursday, 1st October 2020)
Fridays – 8am – Prayer

All our prayer sessions are interactive and live through Facebook My Church Windsor, so make sure you log on and let us know you are with us!  It is a joy for us to pray on a live platform with you, with all of us together, using our authority in corporate prayer over your current prayer requests for breakthrough.

We look forward to having you with us tomorrow and this Sunday!

Dr. Sharon Stone 
Christian International Europe


PS (RB): as with regular events this prophecy may also be screened on Dr Sharon’s Facebook and on Prophetic Voice YouTube too. 

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