Prophecies coming to pass in America 1 (F/P #128) – Trump in Rose Garden for SCOTUS Nomination

WE approach 200 examples of prophecies that are moving towards fulfillment, or have been logged as coming to pass in this blog’s Prophecies Fulfilled. In view of the amount of material and time constraints, I’d ask your forbearance with my minimal text and use of hyperlinks for you to read fuller accounts elsewhere.


Last Saturday 26th September was a momentous day in American history – we pray it was turning-point back towards living by Judeo-Christian principles and governing with righteousness and justice. Here’s Monday’s newsfeed of from Bill Koenig reporting the massively attended day of prayer and repentance for not only for the USA but also for the whole world, or ‘solemn assembly’ of The Return. It was convened by Jonathan Cahn and prominent advisors and faith leaders (eg. Revd John Kilpatrick and Anne-Graham Lotz, as known to me).

Christian Post


At an official presentation in the Rose Garden of the White House President Trump announced Judge Amy Coney Barrett of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals is his nominee for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (click image for details/video)

Upon watching this event over in Northern Ireland, Veronika West realised a recent prophetic word she’d been given was being fullfilled, and thus reports on Facebook –Note well what she heard from Holy Spirit:

Read the original dated 27 June 2020 of that extensive word on Veronika’s dream of Jesus telling her, “I AM going to meet him in the Rose Garden” (ie. Donald Trump), in America: Rose Garden Nomination is a Prophetic Sign.

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