Prophecies coming to pass in America 2 (F/P #25.4) – Storm is brewing, giants will fall

Now, we need to read two more prophetic words that Veronika received TWO YEARS AGO TO THE DAY, before checking how they’re playing out this week. You will please need to read and note carefully in preparation for part 3 of this posting:

Last Sunday, 27th September, Veronika was reminded:

The full word, originally published on 27th September 2018, reads as follows:

Listen!  The sound of thunder will be heard, the reign of divine justice is now falling upon the land….!

America, its time to rejoice.  The reign of divine justice is now falling upon the soil of your land. I see; new lifenew lifenew life beginning to emerge from the place of darkness, that which has laid dormant will now come forth..!

Late last night, I was awakened by the sound of thunder in the realm of the spirit. As I opened my eyes, I immediately saw in the spirit the nation of America and I saw heavy dark clouds rising in the east.

As I began to pray, I heard The Spirit say, “Tell My People its time!

“Lift up your eyes and see!  For heavy dark clouds are now rising from the east.

“Tell My People to go up quickly! 

“Listen!  For the sound of thunder, the sound of heaven invading the earth, the sound of a supernatural shifting will now be heard going forth across the land.

“Tell My People to take cover, to batten down the hatches, to remain under the canopy of My Covenant, for a violent storm is brewing.

“Watch and pray!  For the reign of My Justice will now fall upon this land and that which has laid dormant will now come forth.

“Watch!  For the waters will rise, the fires will burn and My winds will blow across this nation.

“Open your eyes and see!  For a divine work of purging and purification has begun to take place in this nation.

“Watch!  For My Hand will now pass over you and those who have been marked in blood, will be protected and preserved in the midst of the storm that must now come,” says God.

Next, this one revisited yesterday 30th September:

This full word, originally published on 29th September 2018, reads as follows:


“Watch and remember Hamon, for the giants will fall in the land!”

Last night I’m sure like many of you I felt literally driven by the hand of The LORD into a place of divine warfare for the nation of America, and for the great battle that is raging in this hour. Now after a time of fervent intercession, I went to bed where I received a powerful dream concerning the nation of America.

Please bear with me as I try to share what I saw and heard in the dream!

In this dream encounter I was standing in the Courts of Heaven, where I saw a woman bowed down weeping bitterly before the King of kings.

The sound of her cries echoed through the realm of the spirit like mighty thunder.  The sound of her weeping shook the very foundations of the heavens.

Now as I drew nearer in this powerful encounter, the only sound that could be heard was the sound of the desperate cries of the weeping woman.

As I listened and watched intently, I heard the cries of her heart going before the King, “If I perish, I perish, if I must die, I must die.”

As I looked at the woman again in the encounter, I saw that she was dressed in pure white with a glistening gold crown upon her head. As I looked again, I saw her tears falling upon the feet of the King and again, I heard the sound of her weeping bitterly.

Then suddenly The Spirit of Revelation whispered to me, “Listen!  For the sound of the weeping bride of America now shakes the heavens.”

Then suddenly a silent hush came over the heavens and I heard these words, “My beloved, fear not!  But remember Hamon, for the giants will fall in the land.”

As I heard those words going forth, the heavens shook violently.  Then suddenly, the dream shifted and I saw the nation of America before me.

I saw that there were many giants walking upon the land.  As I looked at the giants, I saw that they were made of mud and clay. They towered over the people of the nation; the giants walked the length and breadth of the land.

Then suddenly I heard again the sound of thunder and the sound began to shake the earth and dark clouds began to rise from east over the nation.

Then I heard these words, “The reign of My Justice will now fall upon the land.”

I watched as the rain began to fall upon the nation.  The rain came down in torrents.  The waters began to rise over the nation.

Then I looked again at the giants of mud and clay and I watched as the giants began to run to and fro across the nation. They ran frantically back and forth and back and forth trying to take shelter from the rains that fell, but they could not hide from the rain or from the rising waters.

I watched as the giants began to fall and crumble upon the land.  The rain fell and the waters continued to rise and rise and rise.

As I stayed watching intently in the dream I heard these words in the realm of the spirit, “Watch!  For the giants will crumble as the reign of My Justice now falls upon the land!”

The dream ended.

While praying this morning over this amazing dream, it was again quickened to me by God to share a powerful word he gave me two years ago – Please see November 7, 2016 HKP post:  “America!  Haman Shall Hang Upon the Gallows!”

I believe it confirms this dream and it confirms what we see taking place in this hour.  It was posted 1 day before President Trump was elected.

News indicative of these prophecies moving towards fulfillment is in NEXT post >>

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